Puncherson_64It is an alpha, I’ll give it that, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he is awesome (I could make a joke here about his powerful, gripping performance in Underdog, but that would be cruel).

But it isn’t just this as a data point.  Liam Neeson in Fallout 3, Matthew Perry and Kris Kristopherson in Fallout: New Vegas, Aisha Tyler in Watch Dogs, the list goes on.

Indeed, I’m currently playing Tomb Raider, and one of the many talking points from that game is the fact that Camilla Luddington (a TV star) gives an amazing performance, which is so rare that you have to notice.  I have a feeling that part of the reason that performance is so engaging is that she also did the motion capture and was able to engage the character more like a “real” actor would.

Hiring a “known” name must be a huge expense.  With a large established list of voice actors who know what they’re doing and who probably work far cheaper, why not stick to them?  And not just Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale.  They can’t do everything.

Go get the likes of Claudia Black, Corinne Kempa, Steve Blum, Doug Cockle, the like.  Save money.  Make your games better.