Puncherson_64Oh come on, I finally figured out the moon shot.  I don’t suck that badly.

As for preorders/loads, a question: One criticism the gaming public levels at pre order bonuses, as well as DLC, console specific content, etc., is that you don’t get “all” of the game, to use your words.    I tend to think of all this extra content differently.  To compare it to movies (which I know you hate), you go to a movie and spend your ten bucks and you get the movie that the director/producers thought was the “whole” movie.  If you love the hell out of it, you spend the extra money to get the blu ray, you get all the deleted scenes and commentary and extras, and if you don’t want all that you’re happy that you saw the “whole” movie.

In games, however, people seem to think that if they don’t get the equivalent of the deleted scenes and the commentary and all that right up front, they’re somehow getting gypped.  No one yells and screams that their ten bucks for a movie ticket doesn’t get them the whole package.  So what’s the difference?

As a developer,  do you think that my sixty bucks gets me the “whole” game in that it gets me the complete vision (or at least the final vision) of what the creators think the game should be?  Or do I really have to spend all that extra money to get it “all?”