Puncherson_64   Ah, the developer using the “hardest to implement” thing.  Why so hard? 

It is true that I have made the shift from PC to console recently.  And, I freely admit I was the type of gamer that hit the quicksave button as often as I fired my weapon.  I think I wore out f5 on three rigs.  There were even times I quicksaved, then made a hard save to “make sure.”  While that is a bit extreme, why not make the same thing available to console players?  There’s a lot of buttons on the controller.  Give me one that saves the game. 

I also, as a player, feel the need to respond to something you implied, and something I think developers get wrong.  You use the “before an unskippable cutscene” example as a “bad” save point.  In internet comments, this comes up a lot.  Some players don’t like having to repeat something.   For me, it’s the other way around.  The bad save point is one that makes it practically impossible to redo/rehear/replay a certain part of the game.  Assassin’s Creed 4 was rife with such save points.  It would save right before one of those “follow Blackbeard” bits where Blackbeard was talking about the plot, then save again right after he was finished.  If you missed it because of anything, you were out of luck.  Try to reload, and there you were, right after the part you wanted to rehear.   Your only recourse was starting the whole memory over.  If I had a quicksave button, as soon as I saw the words “follow Blackbeard” I could have (and would have) hit it, and I would have been able to…. you know…. follow the damn story!

It’s sort of bonkers that developers spend so much time making each part of a game, then assume that players want to speed through it as quickly as possible, and never would ever want to see a bit more than once.