I have never played on anything but a console, so this quick save of which you speak (presumably Ctrl S or the like?) is foreign to me. I am accustomed to saves that require a pause and a bit of loading, which is possibly why I don’t remember to do them as often as I should.

But I am much more in the “I hate winding up back on the front side of this unskippable cutscene” camp than the “I hate not being able to rewatch that cutscene,” because sure, maybe sometimes I’d like to rewind a bit to catch what that guy said when I was saying “who’s that guy?”, but much more often I’m just dying in the middle of trying to get something done, and having to watch that guy saying that thing over and over and over every time I die gets old.

So yes, put me down for “save point after cutscene.”

Sorry, Butch. But let’s compromise: autosave after cutscene, intentional save option before cutscene?