Context: we’re still playing DAI. As we will be for approximately the next decade.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Hey I found this piece of a moldy, moth-eaten flag.”

“I STRONGLY approve! Have sex with me!”

“Oh, and I’m pledging the support of my vast, powerful, and probably holy army to the service of the order to which you have dedicated your life.”

“Meh, whatever.  Got any more of that flag?”

Minefields, bioware relationships.


Ha! They are indeed minefields.

Though to be fair, that moldy flag was AWESOME.


Must’ve been. Cuz I found a piece of it and Blackwall practically ravished me. Calm down, Blackwall. I dig sassy nuts elf chicks. How to get on her good side……..

I’m just a heartbreaker.

Well, in retrospect it may not have been the flag. I am damn fine, and he has been alone in the wild for a long time, if you know what I mean.


He has. He has been alone a long time.

Wandering, lonely in the wild, searching for a moldy flag…


He also totally has low self esteem.

“I choose to be alone. People don’t like me. So I walk alone. In a lonely way. Probably my beard. Or my past. Which is bad. So bad I don’t even want to talk about it. So bad I joined a bunch of outcasts. Then cast myself out of them. Just because I felt bad.”

You take that, then of COURSE when a totally fly BBEBHBB* (the extra first B there is for “British”) hits the heart dialog choice, he’s totally smitten.

And when I break his heart, he’ll never be seen again.


Lonely. Sad. Outcast. Terrible secret in his past. He’s a classic tragic romantic figure, waiting for the love of a good woman to heal him. Just his bad luck you’re not that woman.


Maybe he’ll stumble on a large horned qunari lass. He’ll be desperate and heartbroken. All set.


That’s some complex parallel-universe-crossover madness there.

*Blue-Eyed Black-Haired BioWare Babe, i.e. Morrigan and Miranda: Butch’s not-very-secret weakness