As usual: DAI discussion, spoiler about the nature of a significant plot branch


I didn’t play last night–it was Mr. O’s turn. He’s been even more thorough than me about doing every single thing before moving on: he doesn’t have that much less playing time in than me so far, but he only just got around to making a choice on the mage/templar branch. I wanted him to pick the templars so I could see what happened, but he picked the mages. He said he didn’t like the templars and it didn’t make character sense to go after them.

And if a WARRIOR character doesn’t care about pursuing the templars, who the hell is going to pick that branch of the story? It just emphasizes my general sense that the game is kind of weighted in favor of the mages. Nobody likes the templars! You’d have to basically go into the game with a character already strongly disposed to favor templars (and/or to dislike mages) in order to overcome the fact that the mage plot just seems more interesting when you get there.

Although…I did have the templar OPTION before the mage option showed up, so I guess maybe people looking to play through the game fast would be more likely to pick templars just because they’re there first. Hmm…maybe the more detailed mage plot is actually cleverly designed to compensate for the templars’ “got there first” advantage.

“We know a lot of people will just pick templars because it’s the first thing they see, so we need to build up the mage storyline a little more to entice people who wait”? And that results in overall roughly equal numbers of people choosing both branches?

I want to see your numbers on this, Sony!


WHAT?? Dude, he’s gotta let that shit go. If he’s going all completionist, he’ll burn out before he romances anyone!

It’s true. I think they went a bit overboard with the templars. I mean, Cullen is a sympathetic character, but he LEFT the templars.

They do have some nice tricks, though, the templars. I remember Alistair having some great anti-mage shit in DAO.

The timing might be it. I had that green cloud thingy LONG before I went to talk to people. And there are a surprising number of people who don’t take their time. We’re the weirdos. Must remember that.

In other fighty news, one thing I love is the magical descriptor: “Shocked.” This happens with Chain Lightning. I get this sense of all these demons, mouths agape: “Oh……. my……. Gerd…..that is SO the Inquisitor.”


I also like “STUNNED.” Everyone just standing there, unable to comprehend the awesomeness of the death that is about to befall them. “What…what…I can’t even…”

Nope. You can’t even.