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A PC gamer before being lured to the console side by the PS4, Butch occasionally struggles with feelings of longing for his old love


So this laptop still has no period or enter key (not bad, the blogging I’m doing with them, eh?) so I went online to look at new PC laptops…..

And they had these gaming models that….looked just like the ex only prettier……

Stay strong.

Who needs enter?


Sure, a cute new model seems like a good idea, but it will only suck money out of your pocket and spend half its time helping Mrs. McP with homework so you couldn’t game anyway.

Stay strong! The PC is a great option, but not right for you at this point in your life. In your heart, you know this.


I do. And I did the kill-seeker-Lucius bit and entered a relationship with Sera just to remind myself.

STill no western approach. Still level eleven. But I gots me a lady!


You’re in a relationship? Damn it, no one will even flirt with me lately! What am I doing wrong? Is it the horns? The scary face paint?

More likely, the fact that I spend all my time wandering around hunting darkspawn and collecting shards, instead of chatting people up at Skyhold. My priorities have gotten all skewed.


Remember, I AM a BE(really)BHBB*. Irresistable. Haven’t fooled around (on camera) yet, but got the option that said above it “enter an exclusive relationship with Sera.” I’m sure that I can break it off, but she’s fun, and she’d appeal to a BEBHBB who spent her whole life sheltered in a circle tower.

Your priorities are indeed skewed. What’s the point of being 16th level without a love interest? Hmmm?

*Blue-Eyed Black-Haired BioWare Babe