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Minor spoilers for a romantic plotline (Sera) in DAI


My kids, who had a two hour delay cuz it was cold (da fuck is that?) insisted on listening to ALL THE AC SHANTIES on youtube.

Just wanted to let you know Lowlands Away holds up. The feels.

Played some last night. Went back to Skyhold. What? Had to spend power to get over those sulfur pits. Had to do that from the war table. So I did that. And the only folks I talked to were Cassandra (who’s friends with me now) and Solas. Cassandra, when asked what I should get Sera, said “A purpose? A real job?” Not helpful. But better than Solas, who a) disapproved (what?) and b) said “She’s no more an elf than I am a horse. I’m sure she wants something human and fleeting.” Bastard.

Still have to talk to Vivienne, Dorian (that should be fun) and (gulp) Blackwall. Poor, poor Blackwall. But back to the approach to do the warden thing that I’ve really been meaning to do for, what, three weeks? I’m on it. I’m on it.


AC shanties on YouTube is awesome. I don’t know why they don’t sell that album.

Nobody gives me relationship advice. Even unhelpful advice. No wonder I can’t find love. Sniffle.