Some discussion of romance plot in DAI


I have not finished DAI, but I won’t lie, I’m running out of things to do in the various areas. Landmarks have all been claimed, regions found, quests completed. I’ve talked to everyone until they stopped saying anything (and started rolling their eyes whenever they saw me coming). Pretty soon I’m going to have to follow what must be one of the last main plot quests.

I finally hooked up with Blackwall because no one else but Sera would even flirt with me, and Sera, well, she’s YOUR sweetie. Although I do like her. Playing pranks with her was fun.

I was trying to snag Cullen, or Iron Bull, or somebody, but nobody would give me nothin.’ It’s like Blackwall’s moody brooding (mooding?) cast a pall over all other romance options once I flirted with him the first time. Ah well. I still dig his two-pointed beard. We can build a relationship on that strong enough to hold us until the end of the world as we know it or the defeat of Corypheus, whichever comes first.


You didn’t pace yourself, did you? What’s your hour count? You know….May. Though The Order went gold. You binge played this game like hell, didn’t you?

I will endeavor to catch up. I want to play tonight. Which will put me only six weeks behind you.

So you see the racy, huh? What a pose afterward! Yowsa! Put on some burlap lingerie! You’re lying in hay! The pranks bit did it for me.

Racy, bioware. Your move, CDPR.

Though that was about as racy as the first five minutes of TW2. Seriously.

Cullen shafted you? In my measly 44 hours and not even DONE the abyss or Orlais, I got BOTH the “enter a romance with” from Sera AND Cullen AFTER I entered one with Sera. All I did was play chess with him and he was all…mmm.

Next time, play a hottie. And romance yourself.

Wait….are there MULTIPLE hook up scenes with the SAME person? Bioware…where was that with Morrigan? Oh, wait, there was that with Morrigan. Ah, ok. Sigh.


Damn it!–I played chess (or whatever that game was) with Cullen, I supported him with his…issue that he had (I don’t know if you’ve done his little story yet), I chatted with him…but no heart dialogue option! Nothing!

I wonder if it really is the horns and the scary face paint? I mean, if Solas will only accept romance from elven women, and Vivienne’s heart belongs to another entirely, maybe some people just don’t care for qunari.

Either that, or I accidentally said or did something that caused him to totally rule me out as a romance prospect. Probably the way I handled the judgment for that guy who threw the goats. Ha. And Iron Bull, maybe he can’t see me as a romance prospect because I tore him away from the qun or something.

Who knows? We will, later, after we read the wiki! But right now, it’s all speculation.

Anyway, romancing Blackwall led to quite the drama (far over and above the reclining naked me, on the prickly hay and apparently with breast implants, but whatever). I’m not sure if it will come up without romance, it totally might (it has to do with his dark secret past, of course), so I’ll say nothing to avoid spoilers.

I don’t know anything about multiple hook-up scenes with the same person…I mean, there was a scene with a kiss and then there was the “enter a relationship?” option, and if you did there was a later option to “go somewhere private” (like…uh…a hay-strewn barn with big open windows, I guess, rather than my quite nice private quarters), but that’s it. So far. I should go back and talk to him again, and who knows? Maybe it just gets racier and racier! But probably not.


Did you play fair? You have to play fair.

Maybe it’s that you’re a qunari. Though Sera LOVES them. She even says “Well…you’re not bad for someone who isn’t all big and horny.” HA! Sera.

I still got a heart option after I went to see Bull kill his two would be assassins. Maybe you’re just not very likable.

Ooo! Blackwall spoilers for me, too? Cool. But yeah, racy! You go bioware! See, My Inky needs no implants. You’re a flat chested horned giant with face paint? Yeah…uh…..might side with Cullen here.

It might get racier and racier! Though not CDPR racy. I don’t bioware can handle that yet.

But yeah, I’d be pissed if, after picking the style of my bed, the drapes and the blankets, my squeeze just wanted to stay in the barn. I worked on that love nest, man! That’s the only point of HAVING quarters!


I did play fair! And nothing! And I got no heart option after Bull’s would-be assassins!

Why do people hate meeeeeeeeeeeeeee???!!!!!!!! I try to be nice! I get “approves” as often as “disapproves” from people, as best I can tell! I should be doing all right. Bull and Cullen, in particular, haven’t given me “greatly disapproves” for anything that I can think of offhand. I thought I was doing OK with my people: on good terms with everyone, holding the group together…Cullen even seems to like me, just not LIKE like me.

And yet no one will flirt.

If anyone asks why I stuck with Blackwall even after the terrible secret of his dark past was revealed, it’s because no one else would have me. Sniffle. Even a scary-looking giant with big horns and an apparently terrible personality needs love, and if he’s the only one who’ll give it to me, so be it.

With his dark past and my incredibly offputting nature…it’s a perfect match! We’ll finish up this Corypheus thing and then go live in the wilderness, far away from society or contact with any intelligent races. It’ll be great.


I got that flirt option. It was all ‘I like you just how you are, bull’ in my dusky, trilling British accent. I’m fucking irresistable. That’s right. Still flirting. Because I CAN. And I’m only 13th level! Maybe they’re just intimidated by you.

Hey, it’s gotten a little awkward with Cullen. Josephine, too. Maybe that’s why Leliana isn’t romanceable. She knows better. I’m sure she’s all talking to Cullen and Josephine saying “Look, guys. Ten years ago, I romanced the player character. It….it never ends well. I see you going down that road and I just want to warn you because I care. What? How do I know she’s the player character? How do I know she’s not like us? Well, does she sometimes jump two or three times before she loots something? Yeah, I feel your pain. But move on.”

HA! What are you with HIM for? I’m DESPERATE ok? YOU could have had me! Don’t judge!

Poor Blackwall. “I have finally found love.” “Uh, actually, no one else would have me and I needed the romance trophy to platinum the game.” “I am going to go be alone in the Hissing Wastes.” “That’s fine, I got the trophy already.”

Poor, poor Blackwall.

You’ll go off into the wilderness and have really, REALLY normal kids. I’m sure, in DA4, there’ll be a scene where Morrigan (who I STILL have not met) will roll her eyes at your kids and say “And they thought my demon old God baby was weird….”


Hmm…maybe you DO have to flirt with people/do their stories early? Like, I’ve waited too long and gotten too powerful and people have moved on?

“Yeah, I thought she was cute at first but she was so busy with her career that I knew it wouldn’t work out, and I got into other things”? (Like attractive servers at the tavern, or maybe dirty magazines.)

In real life, you’d think spending more time with people and getting to know them better would be GOOD for romance…unless the better they get to know you, the more they realize you’re boring and smell funny, which is probably what happened to me.

“Whew!–dodged a bullet with the Inquisitor. I was flirting with her early on, but the more we wandered around killing demons together, the more I realize she’s obsessively nitpicky and annoying and wears this nasty Deepstalker perfume that makes me cough.”


I’m on excellent terms with Cullen and Josephine right now, just not romantic terms. Maybe that’s the trade-off. You can be friends with them, or flirt and have it turn awkward. From a business standpoint, I made the right call.

In fact, I’m going to go with “I’m just too busy thinking about what’s best for the Inquisition to get entangled in a workplace romance that might not turn out well, and could complicate all our working relationships.”

Look what happened when I got entangled with Blackwall! Dark secrets turning up all over. I’m my own damn object lesson.

Meeting Morrigan…that IS the thing you’re missing out on by not proceeding with the plot. But you’ll get there.


HA! Look at her! I knew her when. So sad, really.

Always looks for shards, picks herbs. She seemed so exotic but no.

Maybe there’s like three people waiting in the bedroom you can’t find. You never know.

I just feel weird about Cullen. I didn’t want to break his heart cuz, you know, he’s vulnerable and I HAVE to deal with him. It’s not like Blackwall where I can just leave him in the barn. Cullen, we have business.


Ha! I did leave Blackwall in the barn for weeks while I tried to drum up some romance somewhere else. It was great: no awkward meetings over the war table first thing in the morning. I can see how it could get uncomfortable with Cullen or Josephine, though.

This is not like DAO, though, where if companions had something they really wanted to tell you, they’d just ambush you when you went back to camp. “We need to talk. Now.” There, Blackwall wouldn’t have stayed in the barn, he’d have come looking for you at some point, wanting to know: “hey, are we going to have a broody romance, or not?”

“Well, see, the thing is, I want to keep you on the hook in case I can’t find anyone else, but I AM still actively looking elsewhere, so can I get back to you? Hey, we’re still cool, right?”

No, these folks are more like “if she wants to talk, I’m here for here. Otherwise…I’m still here, but I guess not for her.” Not pushy, no pressure. I like that.

Although in some ways I also liked it when people would come to me, since that way I didn’t miss anyone’s issues. Here, I forgot to visit Cole for about a month straight. Conveniently, everyone’s issues wait for you, so it’s not really a big deal, but I could theoretically have forgotten about him completely and never even gotten that little side quest.


It would be awkward. And really, the last place you want to have issues with a jilted lover is over a war table. That can’t be good.

Barns. Barns are ok.

I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that people don’t come to you with stuff. It was true that DAO forced your had to some degree, and, at times, that wasn’t so welcome (not just romances. There were other side quests, too), but then, if there was something pressing you’d know. You didn’t have to schlep around talking to everyone making sure. I mean, Iron Bull’s in the same place, in the same pose, whether there’s nothing going on or incredible intrigue with another empire. Sometimes some cues would be welcome. Saves the wandering.

Lay low for romance, come find me about that empire shit.

What side quest? WHAT SIDE QUEST? I just talked to Cole. I like how all those notes about oddities become relevant.


You’re just going to have to remember to go back and talk to Cole again when he feels like sharing his side quest! And you will never know when that is, so you’ll have to remember to go back and talk to Cole again a lot, just in case.

I agree, there is a lot of wandering around checking in with people just to make sure nothing has changed, because you never really know when something is going to. I don’t know if I need them to be coming up to me like in DAO, but maybe the exclamation point popping up if they had something new to say would be nice. The requisitions officer does that in camp, you’d think they could manage it in Skyhold.

I dunno, I feel like maybe they’re intentionally going for the “you MUST intentionally walk around talking to people if you want to know what’s going on with them” thing, and that’s fine, but I actually DO want to know what’s going on with people, and yet it’s easy to lose track of whom you’ve talked to lately, or to just be kind of too busy to feel like going out of your way to get to someone right this minute (I talk to Varric ALL the time because he’s right inside the doorway…Solas and Dorian frequently because I pass them on my way to drop off creature research items. Other people, not nearly so much, especially Cole and Cullen, and so these characters kind of get lost in the shuffle even though they are potentially interesting).

An exercise in resource management, considering information about people to be a resource, I suppose.


I will. Cole is kind of cool. “I’ll talk to you later.” “How do you know?” That’s great.

The price we pay for good tech and a lot to do and showing off of good tech is a BIG fucking homebase to run around finding people in, even if they DO have exclamation points. DAO’s camp was fine. Everyone nice and around, except Morrigan, which was good, cuz privacy, and Sandal (who I REALLY miss. I don’t want to do my own enchantments. Resolve that shit!), and that dude selling the DLC. Nice. Could do everyone really quickly.

And Bodhan. He gets no props. In Sandal’s shadow.

Yes to talking to some people a lot more than others. I do the same. I talk to Bull cuz I’m up flirting. You could even lose Sera. She’s off the beaten path, up there in her apartment.

An exercise in resource management, but maybe next time let’s keep it smaller. Hell, I thought the Normandy got a little….roomy.