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Note: possible minor spoilers on previous DA games and novels; one “who survives?” spoiler on DAI


Was going over the blog and noted your note at the end of recent post re: what if you were an elf or dwarf and did the ritual with Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins. Now, I was a human, and did the ritual, so it didn’t stand out that Morrigan’s kid looked human. I wonder, would he have looked different if I wasn’t human in DAO? You’re past that spoiler point, hit the wiki.


Good point about the wiki…OK, there’s a note on Kieran’s record saying he’s ‘potentially the first half-dwarf ever encountered.’ But nothing about potentially half-elf, suggesting that we’ve encountered half-elves before? I don’t remember ever meeting or hearing about any, but it could have been something in passing that I didn’t catch. Or OK, apparently ALISTAIR is a half-elf, but in Thedas half-elves are always human rather than elven. Elf genes must be extremely recessive.

There’s a brief list of known half-elves on this page: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Elf-blooded (no spoilers if you don’t start clicking links).

Thanks, wiki! We apparently would have learned about Alistair’s mother being an elf in something called “Dragon Age: The Calling.” Which was a novel, which I did not read. All right, then.

Anyway, people say Kieran doesn’t look any different based on having been fathered by different wardens. Interestingly, it also says that he can exist even if you don’t do the ritual, since Morrigan can get pregnant by sleeping with the warden at another time. In this case, he’s there, but doesn’t have the Old God soul, he’s just a human (or half-human?) child. This seems to be the default world-state if you don’t set your choices in the DA Keep, because Mr. O’ didn’t do the keep and he didn’t get a particular bit of storyline that I did. We can discuss later.

It says there’s also a world-state in which he doesn’t exist at all, if the warden didn’t romance Morrigan or do the ritual in DAO. That would have been my first DAO playthrough.

Fun trivia: apparently the voice actor for Kieran is in fact the son of the voice actor who plays Morrigan.


Hmm. Frankly, I’m still bummed that Hawke wasn’t Morrigan’s kid. What? She goes through some portal. Could be time travel. Ah, well.

Man, I HATE when you have to read some novel about something. Hate it. I like to think that shit isn’t really part of the story, you know? It’s like glorified fan fiction. I pretend it doesn’t exist.

I did notice in the DA Keep that a choice was “Morrigan had a human baby,” and I remember asking you something along the lines of “Wha…..? How could THAT happen?” (This is a piece of storyline I have yet to encounter?) Hmm.

It is interesting that sticking with someone in DA doesn’t get you far. Morrigan and I moved on, Merrill wound up fixing elves somewhere instead of banging Hawke…. So sad. So transient.

Weird that he can exist without the ritual. Isn’t he important?


Yeah, you’d think he’d be important, but apparently he’s either not very, or they have some workaround for doing whatever it was he might do. We’ll discuss…things. In a bit.

I remember the ‘human baby’ question too, and wondered what the hell that meant. I guess now we know. Thanks, wiki!


Ah, so there are things. Of course there are things. He IS sort of important, right? And Morrigan stays important in the franchise, he asked again, nervously.


I don’t know about important, but Morrigan is going about her business at the end of this one, so she certainly COULD be important in the next one. With or without Kieran, apparently.


She better be. I swear, she better not die.