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Context: Feminina has finished DAI, and we haven’t really talked about that yet. Or about what to play next! 

Note: Minor spoilers about Morrigan’s presence in DAI.


Was it good? At least tell me it was good.


It was! I was pretty happy with it. And man is there ever going to be a DA4 (or whatever). They left so many pieces to turn into another plot! Not things that are unsatisfyingly unfinished with THIS plot, though, it’s not that there were a ton of loose ends, it’s just that you learn things and then think “man, we need to know more about that!”

Damn you, BioWare. I want another DA now!

I mean, even having just finished it, I would still be happy to keep playing it if there were more there, you know? Few games leave you that way.


Ok, good. But good once DA4 is announced. Nothing sucks quite like having loose ends and wanting more and then having no sequel cuz it didn’t make money.

Ok, no spoilers.

Remember when we worried about how we were going to blog about a game we were going to play “at the same time” because we’d have to be so careful not to spoil each other? Ha. Ha ha.

Shit, I’ll take a nice, rushed smaller game like DA2 if it comes out fast. Gimme fast! I don’t want to wait four years!

[Later–referencing long-ago speculation on whether The Order would be a good next game]

So, no way, fuck the Order. Remember, Grim Fandango is out! Grim Fandango is your chance to right an old wrong, one of the games you completely fucking missed because you lived in the damn woods.

Go get it.


I’ll consider this “Grim Fandango” of which you speak.

Although I do already have two games at home that I haven’t started yet.


Wait, which two?


AC Unity — which I actually read a review of recently that said now is the time to play it because they’ve finally fixed most of the glitches — and Uncharted for the Vita. Although I confess I’m not exactly champing at the bit for either one of them…

How long is this Grim Fandango?


Not long. It came out in 1998, when the world was a different place (AND GAMES WERE SO FUCKING MUCH BETTER CUZ IT WAS BEFORE CONSOLES FUCKED EVERYTHING UP PC MASTER RACE!). Sorry, don’t know where that came from. Must have been 1998.

A nice little remastered slice of history. That everyone should play.


Well, all right. I’ll have a look.

Though how are we supposed to blog properly if we’re not playing a game at the same time? Ha.


Hey, you binged. I can’t help YOUR lack of self control.

Life is Strange (the new one from the Remember Me folks) is out, too.


Oh, right, I was intrigued by Life is Strange. It looked like something that would not have giant robots in it…therefore promising.


You know, Grim Fandango and Life is Strange and maybe the Order are making me want to not stretch this to May.

We worry there’s nothing to play (except Ubisoft games) then there is.

Ok, I want one spoiler: Do they leave the door open for Morrigan in DA4?


That would be a big hell yeah.


Don’t tease me. If you say that and she dies or something, I will kill you with my hands.


Dude, I wouldn’t mess with you on this. When I say hell yeah, I mean hell yeah.

At least in my game. I dunno, possibly you can kill her off in YOUR game if you try (which you wouldn’t), but I kind of doubt it.

I stand by my hell yeah.


Ok, good. There are some things even old friends cannot joke about. Not ever.

I am not going to kill her. Jesus.

But then, you could kill Leliana and she came back. Behold the power of really hot bioware babes!

Ok, two spoilers: Is there a lot of her in DAI? Or is it just a cameo?


There’s a good bit of her. It takes a while to get to it, but she does have a significant role.


And she’s set for a comeback. Good.

And…just as you finish DAI:


Just to get you ready for the next bit.