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No spoilers for anything


I was going to start Life is Strange last night, but then I found it hadn’t downloaded yet, so I started inFamous: First Light instead. Played for about 45 minutes. So far, enh. I don’t love or hate it yet. Some fun powers, nice graphics. Female lead, which is interesting.

Life is Strange finished downloading, though, so I’ll probably do that next time I play, since it’s supposed to be short and it will give me a sense of whether or not I want to buy the next 4 episodes as they come out.


Did Mr. O’ play the stand alone Infamous (second son was it?)? Cuz first light is the stand alone DLC, yes? I think you summed up the reviews: Meh, female lead which is interesting, nice graphics, fun powers. And nice setting. I hear setting is nice.


He downloaded it for free, but then it got erased somehow in the vast Sony Server Hack and he never got around to getting it back. Stand alone DLC, yeah. Kind of nice of them to not make it dependent on the main game, so we can think “what the hell?” and give it a try. Setting IS nice: very detailed Seattle.


Man, fuck winter.

And now I’m not getting mail. The mailman just didn’t even try. Rain and snow and gloom of night my ass. I TRIED to dig out the mailbox, but it’s a fucking iceberg out there. Even the snowblower couldn’t hack it. So now I have to go get one of those extenders in the time I don’t have.


Who needs mail? It’s probably just bills. Not like you’re expecting a PS4 or anything.

Mail: if it’s not presents, it usually sucks. And it’s usually not presents.



Gunned up FEZ for the first time since the PC days. More fun with a controller. Huzzah for PS+ indies!


Ah, FEZ! I never did finish that. Or Limbo. I have a hard time finishing small games on the Vita, apparently.

I just have a hard time bothering with the Vita, period, is really the thing. It doesn’t feel as much like playing as it does on the TV screen. I mean, it feels like playing as opposed to working, but it doesn’t feel like “I totally want to settle down and play my game right now!” Not like DAI.

Plus both FEZ and Limbo got to points where I became frustrated with the particular puzzle I was looking at, and then when you think of playing you think “frustration” and that’s not appealing. I dunno. I kind of want to like the Vita, but I just can’t really get into it. I think maybe portable gaming is not my thing. I mean, prime playing time would be my train rides, right? But that’s when I read books! I still want to read books, and I don’t have infinite time, so…I read books, and I don’t play Vita.

Just like I play PS4 on my TV, and I don’t watch movies. Trade-offs for the use of limited time.

Maybe Kid O’ will enjoy the Vita when he’s older.


FEZ is fun on a big TV, believe it or not. And the controls are far sharper than on the keyboard. Easier to see with these old eyes.

The Vita is a weird little machine. Too powerful to be casual, but then, if you’re not casual, you want to play it on a TV. It’s basically too good for its own good, which is weird.

But then, it isn’t really aimed at us. It’s aimed at Asia. Japan especially is batshit obsessed with that sort of portable stuff. 3DS, Vita…console sales are way down, portable is way up, so Sony feels the need to make one, it being a Japanese company and all, but there’s never been much of a Western market. The 3DS does well here cuz its games are more kid friendly. Get one for Butch Jr., give him Mario something, done. But I’m not going to give Jr. Uncharted.

It’s one of those things in gaming where you say “Why do they make this?” and the answer is “Japan.”


Japan. Say no more.

I can see FEZ being fun on a big screen. Lots of room to enjoy the scanning out over lots of nodes. Everything is kind of small and cramped on the Vita.

And yeah, no real major kid games on it. Hm.


Yeah. I fiddled around with a vita once, in a demo at Best Buy. I think I did the Uncharted game you have. And I said “Wow. The graphics are great! The controls are sharp! And this game is really good! So good, in fact, I want to play it on a TV.”

That and here’s the other thing: I like my games loud. You know my thing with headphones. I am likely giving myself terrible hearing damage (at the very least I am hearing load screen voices). That’s fine when you’re camped on the couch out of harm’s way. Not so much if you’re on a subway platform.