Limited ball-related spoilers for DAI


So finished the ball. Still like it.

But for story’s sake: Saved Celine, used the info to support Brialla, spared Gaspard. Wound up dancing with Sera.

Very, very good segment, all told.

So now I’m back, Morrigan’s in the garden, the head nun wants Leliana and Cassandra (intrigue!) and I still have a lot of talking to do before I go whup Venitori, Emprise de Lion, and the Hissing Wastes, all of which I have not seen.

Back to zapping!

There is still a lot of game left, isn’t there?


I also saved Celine…I was really tempted to support Brialla more actively than just by saying something positive about her afterwards, but I just couldn’t see standing by and letting an assassination take place. I dunno, it just seems wrong. But in a weird way: like, I’ll kill people myself, or send my companions to kill people, or let Leliana and her minions do Maker knows what in dark corners, but just kicking back while someone ELSE kills someone is beyond the pale.

I mean, who’s Celine to me, really? And elves have had a raw deal for hundreds of years, this could have been a chance to DO something for them, and I as an outsider in human culture myself felt very strongly inclined to help Brialla’s cause. But not to the point that I could just relax, let Celine’s cousin kill her, and then make my move. It’s an interesting moral question.

I did use the info to support Brialla as best I could “she was a huge help” or whatever, and I didn’t spare Gaspard. I was more “whatever, man, you do what you want with him, he’s none of my concern.” Which was a little harsh, given that he did invite me to the ball in the first place, but…I was grouchy by then. Trying to have a good time and help people out, wind up in a brutal battle in the gardens, get blood all over my fancy clothes…it’s enough to try anyone’s patience.


I was also swayed by the fact that the duchess there, who was working with Coryphyous (however you spell that) seemed pretty damn convinced that Coryphyous WANTED Celine dead, and I figure that if he wants it, I don’t. He IS the bad guy, after all. Why sit by and allow something he wants to happen happen?

It was an interesting question, though. Maybe had I been an elf, I would’ve done more. Sera still approved, as did Solas, so ok. But why, after all that, did COLE Greatly disapprove? What did he care?

Ah, see, I didn’t spare Gaspard for moral reasons, I spared him because, at this point, any potential ally is a potential useful ally. Spare him, he owes me. And he might have pull with knights and shit that might come in handy. Same reason I spared goat man.

I still got to dance with Sera. But that scene took place after the Morrigan on the balcony bit, and Sera is walking out as Morrigan is going back in. The look Sera gave Morrigan was amazing. (Maybe she knows…..she must know.)


True, one does want to interfere with Corypheus’ plans whenever possible. That’s kind of the mission. So if he wants someone dead? Better save them! I have no idea what Cole was on about with his disapproval. It’s impossible to predict that guy. Maybe he wanted Gaspard dead. Or really wanted Brialla to have power.

Sera’s a funny one. She’s not really that into elfhood as an identity, it seems. I think she identifies more with her class (the little people) than her race. She’s seemed rather disparaging of the Dalish, and has expressed the sentiment that it doesn’t really matter who’s on top, the little people on the bottom are still going to get squashed. So maybe she doubts that Brialla would be that much different from any other person in power. She may be right: Brialla certainly played The Game ruthlessly.


I know! Damn, Cole. Chill.

If Coryphyous had wanted to save Celine, would’ve killed her.

Yup, Brialla did play the Game. And when you find that elf who’s about to be killed, set up by Brialla, Sera makes one of her “saw that coming with the bitch” comments. Plus she just loves me. She’s a great character. Was really cool to see another side of her at the ball. Great sequence, that.

Now announce ME4. Or whatever it’s called.

You start a new game last night?


ME-whatever! The next thing we want.

I didn’t get started on anything last night, as I was sleepy and only had about half an hour free by the time the kid was in bed. Half an hour’s OK to putter around and get a little bit done if you know what you’re doing, but if I’m starting Life is Strange from scratch, I want a little more time. Maybe tonight.