Note: some minor character-plot spoilers for DAI


Ok, so is the wastes that “Stop Ventori Activity in the West” bit? Cuz that’s the only thing over there. I haven’t done that yet.

I did, however, finish up at Skyhold and wound up just barely unlocking the Emprise bit. So that means:

Met my SON! What? That’s interesting. Weird little dude. But Morrigan seems to love him, and even Leliana said that the son seems to have “dulled some of the sharp edges.”

Did the very interesting bit where Dorian goes to meet his dad. Did you do that? Cuz, if so, that should be discussed.

Here’s something we can discuss: Morrigan’s son. Now, we played DAO, so that was an “Oh snap” moment. A “Holy shit that’s MY kid” moment for me, but not for you. But here’s the thing: all these people who are NEW to DA (I’ve heard there’s a couple) did NOT go “oh snap.” And these people are NOT thinking “That’s my kid in this world, but it’s Allistair’s, and thus the HEIR TO THE THRONE OF FERELDEN in Feminina’s.”

So given all that, those newbs had to be given a default world state. This interests me, as the default world state may shine some light on what the folks at Bioware think the world state should have been, and maybe where they’re going. Take, for example, the ability to kill Leliana in DAO, yet the fact she WAS coming back, somehow, someway for DAI. They’ve GOT to have ideas as to where this is going.

So I wonder, idly, what the default world state is. If DAI is your first game, who is this kid? What’s Morrigan’s feelings on the Hero of Ferelden? Who’s King of Ferelden? I could go on.


I think that’s the Wastes plotline, yeah. But it should totally have its own area name on its symbol, unless your game has a weird glitch.

I just last night saw Mr. O’ do the bit with Dorian’s dad, and it was “what the hell? Where was that?” I never had that option. Maybe I should have flirted with him more? Anyway, you can discuss, but I really got nothin,’ because I never did that part.

I’m not sure who’s the father of Morrigan’s son in the default worldstate, but yeah, in mine it’s Alistair, and hello kid, nice to meet a potential claimant for the Ferelden throne. Judging from Mr. O’s game, since he didn’t bother to set up a worldstate in the Keep, the kid does exist in the default state, but he doesn’t have the Old God soul resulting from the Ritual, so he could be from any random dude Morrigan happened to take a fancy to, I guess.


I didn’t flirt with Dorian! But I did become friends. It starts with Mother Giselle getting a letter.

It was interesting. Basically, you learn that his dad kicked him out because he was gay. He’s angry, but the way it ends is with the father apologizing, and them reconciling. What was interesting about it was that it didn’t have anything to do with….well….any type of fantasy anything. It could have been any gay son and any dad. It didn’t matter a whit that they were Tevinter, mages, anything. Could’ve been modern day.

Which, considering the lead writer is gay, is interesting.

Yeah, see, in my world Morrigan’s kid isn’t a claimant. That’s a major difference.


Maybe that’s how I missed Dorian’s plot…I didn’t talk to Mother Giselle all that often after the first few times we were introducing ourselves and such. I don’t remember any letter.

Man, you even have to make sure you chat regularly with the minor characters! I probably missed something awesome because I didn’t talk to scout Harding more than a couple of times.

Yeah, this is a very inclusive DA game. Are you familiar with Krem’s story (speaking of having to chat with even minor characters). And it kind of says hey, people have these kinds of problems, struggling for acceptance, trying to live with their families or find new families (that family theme again)–even in a fantasy world, there are all kinds of people living their lives.

It makes me sick, of course. Just another sign of the inevitable downfall of civilization.


Oh stop.

It was hard to miss. After I talked to both Cassandra and Leliana about the whole Divine thing (I prefer Cassandra for it, but I don’t really want either) an exclamation point popped up right in the main hall there by the throne. So I checked it out and voila. There was Mother Giselle.

Scout Harding doesn’t have much to say, though. Just the gossipy stuff. Unless I’m missing it, too.

Kinda bummed you missed Dorian’s plot, cuz it was family all over the place. Directly. And yeah, I met Krem. It’s very interesting that they decided to make the Qunari, what with their very restrictive religion, so tolerant. Maybe it’s just Bull. I mean, they fucking HATE mages. Remember that poor dude in DA2 with his mouth sewn shut?


I wonder what I did or didn’t do that I never got that option? I damn sure would’ve gone to talk to Mother Giselle if she’d had an exclamation point on. And I talked to Dorian plenty. Hm. Oh well…maybe he didn’t want to share that part of his life with a qunari.

The qunari seem sort of tolerant and sort of intolerant. There’s some conversation between Bull and Cassandra at one point where he says that female qunari are not warriors, but sometimes qunari who seem female want to be warriors, so they’re just considered to be male. Solves that problem…sort of.

So his acceptance of Krem makes sense (dude wants to fight, dude’s a dude). On the other hand, he seems to have a harder time accepting Cassandra (and, presumably, me) as both female and a fighter…although he’s a pretty good guy, so he doesn’t put the burden of that difficulty on her (me). You get the sense that he recognizes that different people do things differently and his viewpoint is not the only valid one…and THAT might be where he departs from the qun, in being really very tolerant of all kinds of total weirdos (from his perspective).

The qun in general does not seem particularly accepting of alternative viewpoints. And yeah, the way they handle mages does make the circle seem kindly and humane.


I got the approval really high. He did his “I’m glad to call you friend” thing right after that. I’ve made my peace with not getting any real sidequest for Solas. I just don’t care.

Qunari are complicated, that’s for sure. I mean, the Arishock in DA2 did not seem like a paragon of tolerance.

Though it is interesting that Bull lost his eye protecting Krem when Krem was being bullied by other humans. He was willing to sacrifice for social justice. And yet…who’s there for the mages?


Solas liked me pretty well. Solas is…challenging. He’s a complicated guy, you know? Perhaps more similar to Blackwall than either of them know.

I suppose perhaps in qunari theory mages have allied themselves with demons, and therefore surrendered their claim to social justice? I don’t know, though. Bull doesn’t say much about the topic.


Gloomy dudes. Blackwall should loan Solas some of his hair.

Bull didn’t say much to me, either, which is odd cuz I’m a mage. Everyone else can’t shut up about that particular fact. But then, maybe he IS anti mage. His mage charger kept denying she was a mage.