Note: random DAI-related conversation, no particular spoilers


Ok, something occurred to me that I wanted to mention: There’s parts where, if you’re not a rogue, you’re screwed. I’m a mage. When I did the ball sequence, and I was wandering around, alone, looking for clues, there were locked doors. I tried to open them and it said “requires a rogue.” Well…..shit. That’s kind of cheesy. I mean, there’s no chance at all to open those doors unless you’re a rogue.

Those weren’t the halla doors. I never did open the halla doors. What’s in the halla doors? I bet Buttons did them.

That just pissed me off cuz there was a halla statue up on a beam in a storage room, and I spent God knows how long getting that, as I kept falling, and I finally did and I STILL didn’t have enough statues. But I’ll always have that statue to remind me of my dedication.

Also: http://kotaku.com/dragon-age-inquisition-used-to-be-a-way-different-game-1684304172

I totally forgot all of that.

It seems odd that they code all that then just scrap it. Must’ve been a lot of work to get those features in, and a lot of time, person hours and, therefore, money.

Buttons, what gives? Seems like bad business to invest enough that you can demo it only to scrap it later. I find it hard to believe that’s all marketing crap, and none of that was ever intended to ship. Is this common? Cuz if it is, I’m starting to understand why so few games make money.


Interesting that they made a bunch of stuff that they didn’t wind up using, but if it tested badly or something, you must sometimes come up against the decision to either scrap a lot of hard, expensive work, or ship a product that you’re not satisfied with or that people in test groups haven’t enjoyed. Plus, I always like to say, it’s not that the effort is truly wasted–you’ve learned from that, and you can apply what you learned in other contexts. Maybe some mechanic will work great in a different type of game.

As for the gotta-be-a-rogue issue…hey, you gotta be a rogue! All the cool people are! Maybe that’s where they balance out making you spend inquisition points to upgrade rogue skills?


Just a quick update…

Cleaned out just about every area except for the Western Approach; I think I only have two things there and then I’m back to the main quest…
At 96 hrs, Level 23, Power 323, got all the shards and finished all the doors, 7 of 10 dragons dead and OMG, Silverite. Once I finish the western approach I’m going to outfit everyone in silverite and finally pay attention to the crafting system and will forge everyone new badass weapons. Then I’ll finish the main.


Silverite, huh? Gotta get on that.

When I play again which will be never. EVER!

Man, fuck snow. And germs.


Silverite is nice. I also made some good stuff with dragon bones and scales. You can definitely make worthwhile weapons and armor, sometimes way better than what you find lying around. I found that towards the end of the game for some reason I could NOT loot good shields or bows, so I would just make new ones for Cassandra and Sera every once in a while. I made some very nice daggers, too. I never really got into buying schematics, so I think there were some things I never got around to making.

Also, it was kind of a hassle that you can only upgrade unequipped items, so have to take things away from your companions, work on them, and then give them back. A bit of realism, I guess, and it only means a few extra clicks, but it made upgrading JUST enough additional work that I rarely did it, where if I’d been able to upgrade equipped OR unequipped items on one screen, I would have had everyone bristling with add-ons and runes and such.

Sorry, companions. I’d really love to wanna help you have awesome equipment, but…


I seem to have about 12 billion schematics. But then I fill a couple of requisitions (though not many cuz I’m stuck at 38 power) and then I got nothing left. Sorta like when I equip potions. Nothing.

I think you can upgrade if they’re equipped so long as you select the character that has them. I’ve upgraded Bianca like that.

So power. Muddled about in Emprise for a hour or so last night and was what I THOUGHT was productive. Cleared out a quarry full of really bitchy red templars, died a lot, had no potions, rescued a whole lot of French Canadian villagers, found a murder confession, put a dying woman’s note in a tree, and exposed the mayor of shittytown as a fraud. Not half bad, I’m thinking. That took a lot of work, I’m thinking. Productive, I’m thinking.

My net? TWO power. TWO. I’m up to 38. TWO! Got a bunch of influence, but who needs that?

Seriously, people. Give a girl some power.


You know what’s not on that list of achievements? Requisitions. I’m telling you, that’s where the power is.

Although influence is also good, since it adds up to inquisition perks. Don’t knock the IPs. You can buy influence, though, and you can’t buy power as far as I know, so I understand your focus on the latter.

Re. qui. si. tions. It’s not glamorous, but it gets the job done.


I haven’t found where to buy influence. But then, there’s supposed to be a store by the stables, as it shows up on the map, and I STILL can’t find it. I find the Orlisian in the stall there, but not the other one.

I’m always one thing short. I still have four diseased tissues. Need five.


Too few diseased tissues. Man, if I had a nickel…