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Note: some banter and character spoilers for DAI, ending spoiler for inFamous: First Light


Mr. O’ is playing AC: Unity. He finished DAI a couple of days ago. Turns out that in their infinite wisdom, the Unity developers set it up so you can only have one game going at a time, so I will not be playing it until he’s done, if then.

That seems like kind of a jerk move, doesn’t it? I mean, limited game slots is one thing (Life is Strange only allows three), but to say “sorry, one player at a time”? Why do that?

Yeah, we’re going to rush right out and buy another copy so we can both play at once, sure. Basically all you did is discourage one person from playing it at all. Whatever, dudes. Not as if they’ll miss my stats that much.

It does look very pretty. Climbing around on Notre Dame must be cool. But, meh.

I finished inFamous: First Light yesterday, and played a bit of Transistor. Which is…weird. Pretty. Disorientingly dreamlike. I’m not incredibly anxious to get back to it, so I didn’t find it super compelling, but we’ll see. Female lead! Sort of. The ‘transistor’ is arguably the actual lead, since it does all the talking, and it has a male voice. But the silent character you play, wielding the transistor, is female.

First Light was OK. It did have some fun bits, and the story was moderately interesting by the end, although I was slightly dissatisfied with the conclusion.

Basically, the end is that the character “has embraced her rage and become a true killer.” Um…OK. Yay? I guess? I didn’t really know that that was my goal throughout this thing? But I suppose if they want to feature her in another game where she shows up as a ‘true killer,’ it might make sense. Maybe this was the origin story of someone I’d meet in another context if I bothered to play another inFamous game. Which I probably won’t, it was fine but not enthralling.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.


Wait, what? There’s some kind of DRM thing? You could install two copies of it? Jeez. One would have thought that sort of thing is the sort of thing the internet would be upset about.

How do they do that? One save slot? That is pretty annoying. Like me some save slots.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a game requiring, or even LETTING you install two copies. Only Ubisoft.

Re: Transistor, As you’re pretty new to this whole “indie” thing, weird does pop up a lot. I prefer “experimental.” It’s sort of like, a AAA game is like going to a movie. There’s certain conventions. Often, indies are like going to a modern art museum. Some things you dig, some things you say “oooookaaaaaay” but it’s all out there doing it’s thing. But someone’s gotta take the chances, right?

Yeah, First Light sounds like an origin story. I find that even more annoying in DLC. Cuz that’s not really MORE of what you just played, it’s like a preorder bonus for something else.

You sure you’re feeding your kid? Dude. You’re tearing through the games. You’ve finished DAI, Life is Strange, and First Light, and I’m at 60 hours. Barely. Did a bunch more in Emprise last night, fought a couple of REALLY bitchy rifts (fucking Pride demons. With the laugh. I hate the laugh.) to get up to 45 power (whoo hoo), and now I’m standing outside the keep, ready to kick some ass so I can sell some loot. Decided that Evelyn, Bull, Sera and Cassandra is a pretty kick ass party. Sera and Cassandra’s banter pretty much rules. “I think they see a Seeker on the side of truth.” “Nah, to little people it’s AAAA! Seeker! AAA! Templars! AAAA! Mages! AAAA Tevinter! AAAAA Hungry! That’s how they think.”

And tell me you were with Bull when you saw the statues in Emprise. Just do.


Yeah, sorry, didn’t mean to complicate things, I just meant there’s only one save slot. They certainly don’t say you can install multiple copies at a time, so yeah, even if we did care enough to buy a second disc, it probably wouldn’t work unless we also bought a second console. Hell with ’em, I say.

Ha! Banter is the best. I sadly didn’t travel with Sera that often, because…rogue overload, you know? Also, I sadly did NOT have Bull with me when I saw statues in Emprise. Siiiiigh.

Oh, apparently Sera is the ONLY one who had an extra quest at the ball, so I missed that totally. Sigh. There’s one other “only this person gets you extra stuff” bit that I heard about (and missed), so if you want I’ll tell you. Because it’s not Sera, so you’ll probably miss it if you don’t know. But if you want to be honest, I’ll say nothing.


One save slot is stupid, lazy or both. No excuse.

Sera’s banter wins. Except Bull, at the statues: “Look up.” Pauses until you look up “A giant stone woman with huge titsicles.” Sera: “Fwahahahaha. Good one.”

Frankly, I missed Sera’s, too. Nor did I open all those doors. I got to the parts where Sera’s stuff was supposed to be, the eye with the purple cloud on the map, looked fucking everywhere, found nothing, gave up. So I don’t even know what I was supposed to find. Do tell, if it doesn’t spoil something later.


I hate wandering around the purple area finding nothing! But I don’t feel as bad about not taking Sera to the ball, I guess. I only got about half the ‘rumors’ there, and I never did get that halla statue off the beam in the kitchen…the ball was full of unfinished dreams.

OK, here’s what I read: if you take Solas to the siege of Adamant and the aftermath (that’s probably the next plot point you have?), he knows extra stuff that no one else can tell you. So, you know, XP or story or whatever.

I know you don’t like Solas, plus he’s a mage and you don’t necessarily need more mages in a fight, so you may not want to put up with that just to get his extra info, but there you go.

Ha! Oh, Bull and Sera. Both with such awesome crude humor. Sera and Blackwall were actually kind of fun together too…he had this sort of tolerant “NOW what?” thing with her, as if he was bemused but also kind of delighted by her. I remember one time she told this long-ish risque story and he just sighed at the end and said “I love you, Sera.” It was a nice moment of in-party camaraderie. So often they’re snipping at each other (which can also be funny, don’t get me wrong). See, Blackwall’s not ALL gloom and brooding! Just about 99.4%.


I got that Halla! Took me forever. But I still didn’t get three or four doors. We shall never know what lurked behind them. Probably good bomb schematics.

I must ponder your information. I really dislike Solas.

Ok, now I have to run with Blackwall a while. Last night:
Sera: “Cassandra, are you really named (whole long string of gibberish)?” “Yes, I am. We have a long tradition.” “How do you remember all those names?” “I have them stitched in all my underwear.”

Too bad Cassandra’s straight.


I got that bit about the underwear! Awesome. Cassandra comes off as stiff and humorless at first, but she’s actually very dry and funny at times. Straight, though, as you say, so it didn’t do me any good.

I didn’t get most of the halla doors either. The first one was so easy, you just wander around and pick up the damn things, and after that the game is like “halla statues? what halla statues? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” I bet there were halla statues behind one of the doors! If I ever play that game again, I’m just going to spend about 10 hours wandering ALL OVER the ball with excruciating slowness, listening at every door, climbing after every statue…


HA! “If I can’t bang this person, who cares?” Bioware. Instilling morals in gamers since 1997.

The ball was such a well done part, I’d be ok with spending 10 hours on it. Seriously, seriously great part of the game. I didn’t get every bit either, but I got 16 or 17.

What I do like is that the people you didn’t “take” still reacted as if they were there. I was worried that everyone else would have been “Ball? What ball?” I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

You know who I haven’t met yet and I just noticed I haven’t met yet? Flemeth. You may now say “We’ll talk…..later.”


My friend, we will talk…later.