Note: absolutely no spoilers for anything, except perhaps the PS4 display


Man, the fuck is up with all these PSN sales? I thought I left the temptation of cheapassed games I have no time to play behind when I gave up steam. Stop it! Stop it PSN!

Especially cuz the cheap indies I WOULD buy on a steam sale (and am tempted to buy on these sales) will likely be freebies with PS+.

At least with Steam you knew when the sales were going to hit. Ah, the summer sale. June, how nice you were with the ex. But this PSN shit? WHAM! Out of nowhere! Cheap shit (that I don’t need) to tempt me!


Yeah, the random cheap stuff can be dangerous. “What the heck, I might play that if I ever had the time, and it’s just $5…”

Stop! Stop! We can’t be downloading random stuff we’ll never get to! Having it all piling up on the system just makes me feel guilty.


Probably for the best you never hooked up with my ex.

At least PSN doesn’t do what Steam used to do: Bundle. I wanted to play bioshock. Ok. It was 20 bucks. But then there was a sale: Bioshock one AND two for 15 total. I mean, save five bucks AND an extra game? SWEET.

I still haven’t even opened bioshock 2. And I never will.

I read somewhere that something like 40% of the games sold on steam have never been played. Like, at all. Not “not completed,” never played once. 40%.

At least with Steam you didn’t actually have to install something you bought. You got it, it sat in your library, you installed it on whatever machine you were going to play it on, so you could amass a ridiculous library and not fill up your drive.

But the nefarious thing they did? Just put week long trials or something in your library. So you’d log on, there’d be this new game. Just there. So you clicked…..


Well, if you’re getting things in bundles that you never really planned to play, I guess the fact that you don’t wind up playing it isn’t terribly surprising. Nice that it can be ‘yours’ without you needing to actually install it, though. Because then you still could! Someday! When you’re incredibly bored! BioShock 2 will be waiting.


But they mock you. They sit there, saying “you COULD be playing….” it reinforces the whole “I don’t have enough time for all the games I want” thing.

You do not have this problem.


That’s why I try to never look at the ‘library.’

Although with the PS4, recently downloaded things show up right there on the load screen, nagging you to open them.

I will, damn it! I will…later.


I know! Luckily, now the stuff you haven’t opened in ages gets off the screen, and goes to that other folder. I think of it as the graveyard. It’s like the PS4 is saying “Look, dude, sell the disc. You’ll never play this again.”

Though I’m thinking that I might donate the old discs to the library. Two nearby towns are trying to create a game collection, and that’s so cool I feel I should support it. I can part with AC4. And I’ll never play TR again, really.


Ooh, definitely, support that! That’s a good cause. And yeah, realistically you’re not playing these games again, even the good ones. Too many new things to play!

Besides, if you do ever want to replay TR, by then it’ll be on PS+ for free.