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Follow along in rapt attention as we discuss our taxes for some reason!


So I was thinking about getting the Order, but it got panned. Absolutely panned.

I still have a good 50 hours of DAI left, you?


Transistor, Grim Fandango, Uncharted for Vita if I get really bored. I’ll be fine.


There ya go.

I also bit off a good hour of FEZ last night with Jr., and that is a better game than I remember. Trine 2 was fun, too. You’ll be fine.

Still, how do you take a steampunk Victorian London in 1886, fill it with the knights of the round table and werewolves and make it boring? Sheesh. Boring. They all used the B word. I was rooting for it not so much cuz I wanted to play it, but cuz not everything can be war, zombies, war and zombies and high fantasy. Even the good ones (TLOU, DAI, TW3) are in that vein. It’s why I really wanted AC4 to be eight ways of awesome (it wasn’t) cuz, you know, pirates. The more things that aren’t zombies and war fail, the more zombies we’ll get. Sigh.


That is extremely unfortunate about the Order. As you say, I don’t know that I would have played it anyway, but you do root for different kinds of things to succeed. Only thing is, in order to succeed you kinda have to be FUN. A pity.

Maybe Life is Strange will kick ass in sales. Totally non-war, non-zombie. Very refreshing. I’ve done my part, already pre-ordered the full run of episodes. Oh–so there’s that, too, how could I forget, I’m already playing that!

I’ll be fine. Worse comes to worst, I’ll read a couple of books or do my taxes some evening.


Yeah. Kotaku: “Do you like video games? Do you like movies? If you answered “yes” to either of those, you should skip the order.” Ouch. Apparently, it tries to blur the lines of movies and games and screws them both up in the process with VAST amounts of unforgiving QTEs. With bad, boring, turkey shoot action scenes.

But, one of the interesting things about games at this point, is how experimental they are. When you’re there, you have to live with the fact (and be interested in the fact) that some experiments will fail. I mean, I can kinda see what they were doing, but I can also see how that would go wrong.

I think it’s a peril faced with a new console generation. Power=better graphics, so the temptation is to go nutsy on the look of things. Put in letterboxes! Put in a 24/sec frame rate and blur so it looks like a movie! Put in facial hair! So that it LOOKS good, it LOOKS next gen, but then you have to put something behind that. For all the joking we did about Lara’s hair, it was built on a good, exciting, well written game.

As for Life is Strange, smaller budget, needs smaller sales to succeed. The Order was big budget. It doesn’t look good.

Taxes. I’m done! Whoo hoo! (Another good part of donating games to the library. Get more back from the man than Gamestop would give you).


Ouch. I DO like movies and video games! Too bad.

Taxes…I started, set up the account with our info, but haven’t finished yet. Still have to sit down and fill in the W2s and 1099INTs and so forth. Meh. I’ll get to it. There’s time.


It does not sound worth playing from anything I’ve heard, and it’s been out for a while. Favorable reviews should have come forward.

But doing taxes sooner means you’ll get your money faster! You can preorder TW3! I hear extra boobs as a preorder bonus!


Extra boobs…tempting. More tempting than a bog unicorn, anyway.

Ha–seriously, though, promise “more nudity” and the preorders would go through the roof. “I hear if you preorder you can set it on ‘Naked’ as a difficulty level and the entire game is nude! OMG!”


I mean, the lack of armor makes combat tougher, but…nudity.


Totally more tempting than a bog unicorn.

Well, combat is only tougher in TW, cuz you have to play as a man. If the protagonist was a woman, she’d be virtually indestructable.

What’s sad? One of the first mods every PC game gets from the vibrant mod community is the one that makes everyone naked. People. Free time. Sad.


Good point. Naked woman with, like, a shield-shaped bracelet or something? Untouchable.


Amulet. So the monsters see it and run away. That’s where they’re looking anyway, right?