No spoilers about anything…except how great it is to support your local library!


Dude, this library thing is great. I donated TR, AC4, and TLOU. But they keep everything, they don’t give it out for interlibrary loan, and it’s a three week, free check out just like books. So I get a tax break, I preserve great art for all to use, and I can go back and check it out again if I get the hankering to replay some part of it. Perfect!

I don’t know how many PS4 games they have, but they did have Unity and Killzone on the shelf. The PS3 collection was pretty good. WAY too much Wii shovelware. Some stuff need not be saved. Or is that sacrilege to a librarian?


That might be sacrilege to an archivist, but not to a librarian. Librarians ditch stuff all the time. People think we just loooooooove books, which is true in a way, but it’s also true that we throw away more books than most people own in a lifetime, just because you never have unlimited space, and after a while books get out of date and no one’s checking them out and you have to clear some shelves to get in the new books that people DO want to check out. “Weeding” is a big part of collections management.

So yeah, they could totally toss stuff that doesn’t need to be saved, but it’s all based on usage as well…maybe the Wii stuff is incredibly popular. You never know.

Good for you promoting the cause, though! I would totally promote a video game collection in my library, but I have a feeling it would be a pretty hard sell. What with the lack of relevance to a modern education in the specific field served by my campus, and all.


Well, it’s basically one little shelf. And they have a shelf for the 3DS. Of course, they do seem to separate out stuff into the kids, young adult and adult sections. The Wii garbage was in kids. Who knows what’s where? They did have a sign on the adult ones (which were kind of in the corner) that said “Some of these are rated M and may contain graphic sex and violence.” I see that. They want to avoid controversy from the townsfolk. But do you think they put that sign up next to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? Or in the mystery section? Or next to their extensive collection of DVDs many of which are rated R (which they don’t seem to point out)? Hmmmmmmmmm?

With the cognitive bits of gaming at the forefront of research, I think it’s totally relevant.

But admit it: you just want to sneak free Vita games so you can play them when you’re supposed to be working.


I admit nothing.