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No spoilers for anything


So Limbo hit the PS4 a while ago. You recommend it?


Hm. I haven’t actually finished it, which may say something (although it also says something about my lack of enthrallment with the Vita). I like its creepy visuals and little puzzles, though. It’s reasonably violent, so consider what they’re up for if you’re looking for something to play with your kids. It’s all black-on-gray silhouette violence, but the little boy character gets beheaded, drowned, crushed, impaled, etc. in potentially disturbing detail.

Overall, I’d say it’s cool, but not engrossing enough that I’ve managed to get around to charging the Vita and playing in within recent memory. It might be more compelling on a regular console, though.


Hmm. I’m getting the sense that the lack of enthrallment with the vita is contributing to a lot of negativity. I mean, shit, I’m redoing FEZ on the PS4, and just the jump from 21 inch monitor to 47 inch TV has made a HUGE difference in my enjoyment of that game. It’s not just “it’s prettier,” it’s easier to see, manipulate, etc. Puzzlers kind of demand that you….you know….see the puzzles.

By the way, how did Mr. O’ end up liking AC Unity?


Yeah…I kind of want to like the Vita, but…it just doesn’t really do it for me.

He’s still playing Unity. I think he likes it OK, although he comments that it’s still quite buggy (going to assassinate a target and finding them stuck unreachably halfway into a wall, etc.). The Paris setting is nice, and you can run through and explore random buildings in a way you couldn’t in previous games, which is fun. Climbing down from buildings is also easier, since they largely automated it…so you don’t climb way up, realize you need something back down, and then die falling (not that that happened terribly often…but getting down IS the less interesting bit).

There’s also a female assassin character about whom he said “why couldn’t they just use her as a model for the multiplayer? They already have all this animation done.” So he even further disbelieves the whole “female characters are SO HARD to do” argument for not including any in the multiplayer.

He hasn’t seemed so bowled over by awesomeness that I’m inclined to make much effort to play it once he’s done. (Single save slot, what the hell is that even about?)


Weird, weird little machine, the Vita. Too powerful for its own good.

Down did pretty much suck. I was a big fan of the jump, get hurt, hide until better trick. Just like I’m also a fan of the “jump off the mountain then take a regeneration potion” bit in DAI. Another way to tell if you’re dating the player character: does she jump off mountains?

Yeah, ubi, ain’t no one buying that “too hard” argument. I also thought that Mary and Aveline were ok. Stop it, ubi.

Not being bowled over sums up AC for all time. Hell, maybe ubi for all time. They’re quickly making themselves irrelevant. Well, at least to everyone except the millions of people that play their games.


Making themselves irrelevant all the way to the bank. Ha.

But sooner or later, especially releasing 15 games a year, they’re going to overload their market. Or not. What do I know. They’ve already overloaded your market, and alienated my market with the decision not to allow multiple saved games (I might have started playing it when Mr. O’ did, because it was there and I had time, but I’m unlikely to care enough to play it after he’s done), but we’re only two people, one of whom doesn’t even represent a lost sale since our household already owns a copy.

Maybe the millions of people who continue to play will continue to be happy to play it.


Well, it’s hard to get a read. AC4 came out across multiple platforms and sold 10 million copies (wow). Last year, Unity (which only came out on PS4 X1) and Rogue (which only came out on PS3 and X360) sold ten million combined. So….what is that? The same (five mil each gen?) Or half? Or not? It’s hard to say. Does it mean that there are die hard fans who bought both and five million people stopped the franchise? We’ll never know.

Ubi ain’t going anywhere, and neither’s their formula (see also hits in Watch Dogs, Far Cry, etc.). Money. It do talk.


It’s certainly hard to argue to any business that they should stop doing a thing that makes money. Especially when you have to start referencing art and the future of games and other vague, non-monetary concepts.


What’s weird is that they do also put out the occasional innovative title (Valiant Hearts, Grow Home). It’s just they seem not to do anything particularly important with their tent post franchises, like EA does (DAI, ME) or Bethesda, or Blizzard (Diablo), or 2K (Civ, Bioshock) or or or. The other big boys have their maddens, dooms, CoDs, NBA2Ks, sure, but they use that to support other BIG things. C’mon, ubi, you can do it.


If their innovative titles don’t instantly make a billion dollars, they’re out! Look, they’re focusing on 8 different variations of AC, how much more creativity do you want?


They don’t put the budget behind them like DA or Fallout. Valiant Hearts? A digital game made for cheap.

Shit they even scrimp when they don’t scrimp. Cast Troy Baker as your villain, give him like 20 minutes of screen time. What?