No spoilers for anything


In unrelated news, I heard there’s a Firefly game in development, but it’s online. Not sure if it’s an MMO…still probably wouldn’t play it because I don’t play on computers, but good for it for being something new, I guess.

On second thought, never mind, it looks like it is MMO. Not that I was going to play it anyway.


Ah, man! That means the IP is in the hands of MMO people.

Man, I’d play an RPG in that universe in a heartbeat.

“I don’t play on computers.” Stop, you sound 40.


Well, I don’t! Computers are for work. And blogging. And showing Peg + Cat videos to the kid. And I don’t say “PC” because my home computer is a Mac.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate, because there’s a lot of good game potential in the Firefly universe. Not into the MMO thing, though. I was confused at first because they announced voice actors for the male and female avatars, so it sounds like you have a character that you play through a story, and I thought, well, that sounds cool. But then I actually bothered to look at the site just now and it said something about “competition with millions of other players” and I thought “nope.” I guess every player has the same avatar? Or at least the same voice? So I’m playing against a bunch of other people who I pretend aren’t actually playing the same character I am, but actually we’re all getting the same voice/image when we sign in?

Meh. I’m not going to play it, so I can’t be bothered to learn the details. But I did see that the female voice is Courtenay Taylor (the woman who did Jack in ME2/3). And the male voice is Wil Wheaton (the man who is Wil Wheaton). So take your pick there.


I like Peg + Cat. I like Cat. He is pretty much the heir apparent to Quack from Peep and the Big Wide World (before your time as a parent) in the funny, slightly daft purple blobby thing.

Though what’s with that pig?

Wha??? That just sounds confusing. Who’s making it? Gotta be something big. Where’d you read about it?

That’s a pretty good couple of actors, though. Jack was great.


The pig is weird, no doubt about it. Also that toad with the mustache. But hey, to each its own.

I read about the Firefly game when someone shared a post on Facebook about a million years ago. You can check out more, should you wish, on their website, https://keepflying.com/the-game. I mean, it sounds cool, except…MMO.



Saying it sounds cool except MMO is like saying “C’mon, Mrs. Lincoln, it was still a good play.”


It WAS a good play, damn it! All the rest of the actors worked hard on it!

Sucks for them, being overshadowed by this one event that somehow became all anyone could talk about.