No real spoilers for anything except the awesomeness of Lara Croft’s hair animation in the PS15 version of Tomb Raider


Before I forget!

We were talking about the Order 1886 and how short it was and how maybe Mr. O’ had actually finished it already but didn’t think it was meaningful enough to mention.

So: he did indeed finish it. He reported being disappointed by its shortness, especially given its full ‘major game’ price. He said that it was pretty, and an interesting concept, but ultimately didn’t do much with it and was not very good. He said it was really linear, with little opportunity to actually DO anything at any point other than in combat. And he said that in order to feel he halfway gets his money’s worth, he’s going to try to get the platinum medal, because he might as well have SOMETHING to show for it.

So there you are. The Order: not something we’re going to play.


He sounds like the reviews. He hasn’t really deviated much from reviews in many of the games he’s played of late. Ah, well. Platinum be platinum.


Yeah, we do need more super shiny trophies to display in our digital velvet-lined case.


Get Madden.


I said SUPER shiny. Is there even a platinum in Madden? You must have to play for 8000 hours to get it if so…


Oh there’s a platinum.

It’s very sad that I STILL only have three golds, and one is for trading cards in madden.

Three. Golds. 

But I’m new to this PS stuff.


Hmm…this guy says platinum in Madden is not actually that hard. You should do it!

I just assumed if they were throwing gold around for trading cards, there must be about 700 trophies total, but according to that rundown, it’s not so bad.

Go get Madden Platinum, dude! Your trophy case is counting on you.




Suit yourself. I guess I’ll just have to gloat forever.


Hey it just occurred to me: PS4 games can be loaned and stuff! I could GIVE you my copy of Madden and sit back and watch YOU plat it, because you like plats, and I’m your friend, and I care.

That’s how generous I am.


That’s so nice of you! Send that right on over and I’ll…get…right on that…as soon as I finish all the other games I’m playing…and any other games I think about playing in the meantime…you know what, I’ll be sure and let you know as soon as I’m ready. Until then, you better hang onto your copy in case YOU decide to seek platinum.

Which, according to the link there, is only available through online play, which we hate on principle, so…it might be a while.

The lending is a good point, though. Just let me know when you feel tempted to try the Order, and I can hook you up!


I aim to please. I do. It’s purely because I care.

Though I did win the “win an online game” trophy. I did. It’s the only time I’ve ever done online shit. I played five online games with my gold medal team. Lost four, then finally beat someone going by the handle BloodKillahX. Seriously. Go look at my trophy case.

Making that PS+ subscription pay, me.

Thanks for the generous offer of The Order which we just agreed we didn’t want to play. I’d return the favor, but you play so fast that the only thing I have that you don’t is Madden. I should have saved TR so you could’ve seen the hair. Sorry about that. Someday I’ll have something you don’t. Maybe. Though you live with Mr. O’, so probably not.

I mean, the order, Watch Dogs, Shadows of Mordor, Far Cry (right? He did Far Cry, didn’t he?), Unity….. I got Madden!


Far Cry, no, but yeah, that other stuff you can totally borrow! Just let us know as soon as you have tons of free time!

I’ll keep Madden in mind. Though to be honest, it’s more likely I’ll want to replay Tomb Raider and enjoy the hair.


Sorry, I donated TR to the library. I’ll be more careful next time.



Nah, it’s cool. Local teens should get to appreciate fine hair graphics. Odds are I wouldn’t get around to it until the home anyway, and by then we’ll be on the PS15 and the hair will be even better. It’ll actually reach out of the screen to brush your face and get tangled up in your quadrifocal eyeglasses and antenna-implant hearing aid. Can’t wait.