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Minimal DAI discussion


So I caved and got Jr. Minecraft with a Toys R Us gift card that he got for his birthday. We just spent an hour doing the tutorial.

Please ask Mr. O’L what in the twelve fucks makes this game so appealing. It’s…..like chores.


Ah! That’s it! Trophies!

Had the notifications turned off, as I don’t like my DAI time interrupted by bings. So imagine my surprise that in the 50 minutes that we played the tutorial Jr. won SEVEN trophies!

To put that into some perspective, that’s three more than I got for playing and completing TLOU AND Left Behind.

See what Mr. O’s missing playing it on PC?


Trophies! That explains a lot.

Although Mr. O’ plays on the Mac, so I don’t know what that means in terms of prizes and awards and sweet, sweet validation.

I dunno, though, I think he mostly just likes building things.


But it’s so….

Chop wood. Ok, now use it to build a table. Ok, now go get more wood. Chop it into planks and sticks. Ok, now make a pickaxe. Ok, now use it to get stone. Now use the stone to make a furnace. Now use the furnace to make charcoal. Ok, more wood for that. Now you need torches and walls. Guess what? More wood. That’ll need another axe cuz yours just wore out. So get some more wood and get back to that crafting table.

OK! You can build a small little hut. Nice hut.



It’s like building your house in Skyrim! Only there you can at least buy an axe and some stone.

I dunno, man, I’ve never played it myself and probably won’t, but there’s no accounting for some folks’ taste. Maybe people like to do chores. Or I don’t know, maybe the chore-ishness contributes to a feeling of satisfaction when you finally complete something big.

Like, I WORKED for that castle! It took me 200 hours of chopping wood and quarrying stone to make that thing! Plus shearing sheep and carding wool for the tapestries, of course.


There is no accounting, it’s true. But I must admit I was preparing to be blown away by the sheer creativity unleashed when I booted it up, and I wasn’t. I mean, this thing is a fucking phenomenon. It isn’t just Mr. O’. The whole damn world loves this game. And they have for some time. It isn’t like this game has been out three months and is a fad. Three YEARS people have been nuts for it.

But in other games, I keep toodling around the graves trying to find smuggler’s notes and people for Cassandra to kill. Found a grove with about a million giants (I grabbed the note and ran), and now I’m in a old tomb looking for emerald pendants. (“Why is elfy shit always ruins? Oh, right, because elves.” -Sera)

I feel like I’m getting to the point where it’s about time to get on with it. I’m running out of things to do other than close rifts. I still haven’t killed a dragon, though.


I remember the Grove of a Million Giants. I wound up with only Vivienne left alive, being chased by one remaining angry giant, and her casting attack spells then running away desperately and trying to hide behind trees until her spells recharged. She did eventually prevail, but it was close, and I was at a pretty high level by then.

I know what you mean, though…that was pretty much how I was feeling by the time I went to the end game. I’d done basically everything, might as well go ahead and finish up.


I think I’m pretty much there. I could hunt dragons, I could collect shards, I could close rifts, but….meh. I want to do the companion quests, though. They’re good.

I’m not missing something huge, am I?

There’s a trophy in the main quest trophy bits called “On Burning Wings” that’s “recruit a powerful ally to even the score.” I’m not there yet, am I?


No, that’s later. It’s not guaranteed to even show up, though, depending on a choice that you make earlier and that you also haven’t gotten to yet. I didn’t get it, because…something something choice something. Mr. O’ got it, though, so we’re good when we go back for platinum. (Ha.)

Other than fighting dragons, I don’t think you’re really missing anything major, so…yeah, go for it! The end game is quite long and has several parts, so it’s not like you’re going to be wrapping it up in one session even once you go that way.


Ah, the old something something choice something.

Ok, we’ll talk about you and Mr. O’ and where I stand later. Though really, I stand with Morrigan, which makes me think that I won’t get that trophy, cuz burning wings, powerful, that sounds rather Flemethy, doesn’t it?

We’ll talk. Later. There, said it for you.

Quite long, huh? Hmm. Ok. I was expecting like a couple hours.


Nah, it’s got…hmm…OK, one lengthy bit, another moderately lengthy bit, then the final battle (that’s not a spoiler, there’s ALWAYS a final battle) then some post-battle wrap-up…I’d say at least three sessions of a couple hours.

Which is good! Lots of solid content! You’ll like it!


Excellent. I still have at least two good sessions helping out cassandra (gotta get out of this tomb, find the guy in the graves, find the guy in the plains), gotta talk to Cullen about his letters, etc.

Hey, way to spoil the fact there’s a final battle. Sheesh.

Should be able to get it done before TW3.


I can’t help it. I just love to spoil. Here’s another one: you’ll have to fight Corypheus himself!!!!!!!

Yeah, you can do it. TW3 isn’t until May 19th, right? Almost a month.

I was hoping to finish Valiant Hearts this weekend and get to the second chapter of Life is Strange, but I forgot my glasses at work, so I didn’t play anything. Rookie mistake! I’m embarrassed to admit it. But I’m in the last chapter of VH, so I can’t have too much longer to go. Maybe I’ll wrap it up tonight.


No! No! Stop it! I wanted that to be a surprise!

Indeed. The 19th. But I still have a ways to go, and I am slow, remember. I’ll try to get some in tonight. Terrible tactical mistake giving Jr. something to play on the PS4.


Yeah, I’m surprised at you, voluntarily signing up to share your console. What were you thinking?

At least the person YOU share with goes to bed early. Now if you ever convince Mrs. McP to play something on the PS4, I’ll know something’s terribly wrong.


He wore me down, man. And it ain’t on the WiiU. I’ve made it very clear he is not to touch the thing without me around. He does something to my DAI disc I have no son.

As for Mrs. McP, I’ve convinced her all gamers are weirdos. We’re fine.


Whew! That’s a relief. Too bad I’ve already lost that battle with Mr. O’, given that he was the one who initially purchased the PS3. It’s going to be a long, hard road to convince him he doesn’t want to play games anymore. At least he sometimes has horrible work-related stuff to do at home!

And THIS is the true moral failing of games: not making me violent, but making me delight in the misfortunes of my poor, beleaguered spouse because it frees up the console for me.


Yeah, he’s the one who made the mistake, really, getting his wife into games. But then, when you know you need nine fewer hours of sleep a night, then you really aren’t giving up that much.

It’s true. Undermining the American family, games.


True, he had the chance to convince me games were all GTA and CoD, and I probably never would have touched the thing. Instead, he brought home DAO. It’s been nothing but bitter fighting over game time ever since…at least until I fall asleep at 10:00 and leave him undisputed master of the field.

So perhaps, as you say, his sacrifice was not as great as it might have been.