Note: No spoilers, except of everyone’s fun


Just killed me a dragon. After three tries. On casual. But kill it I did!

So proud.


Good for you! Which one? Was Bull with you? He LOVES killing dragons.

I finished Valiant Hearts last night. Really a very interesting little game. Since we were just talking about the big spoiler of “there will be a final battle” I thought it was very interesting that in VH the ‘final battle’ equivalent (there really aren’t battles as such) is actually a medic trying to save a guy’s life. They were definitely going for some intriguing stuff there.

Nice work, Ubisoft Montpellier! Now if only the rest of the company would be inspired…


I think I’ll take a crack at that next. It’s either that or Transistor. But these dragons….

The Greater Mistral in the Graves. Had ice breath. It really was a magpie moment, as I was meaning to take cassandra to kill a guy, but saw that these ashes I had to scatter were right over there, so I went and did that, and then Bull was all “This is dragon country….” and I said, “oh, why not?” And then it was ON. And a half hour or so later, I won, and got some nice armor.

Bull does love it, doesn’t he? The dying five times.

At this rate, that’s five hours of gameplay JUST KILLING DRAGONS.

I STILL didn’t kill the guy for Cassandra.

Then I have to ponder who to sell that elven history to. I’m leaning towards the elves. That and the last guy Cassandra wants dead is in the plains.

So taking forever to finish this.


In my opinion, Valiant Hearts was more engaging than Transistor, though Transistor is beautiful in a dramatic, color-rich way that VH is not.

Yeah, my first dragon kill was kind of a “why not?” as well. I figured I’d die, but we’re right here, might as well try. They are LONG fights, though.

I gave the history to the elves. Seemed like they deserved something, you know? Since I didn’t support Brialla as the power behind the throne and all.


Man, aren’t they long fights? Especially when you die and have to start over.

Plus, I sorta feel bad about it. I mean, I did it just cuz I was there. It wasn’t bothering me. No one asked me to do it. It was just there minding its business, eating a halla, bothering nobody at all, and I just out of nowhere kill it cuz I can. That wasn’t very nice.

Yeah, I think the elves deserve something. That and Sera told me to give it to them. I like Sera.


Wait until you get to one of the dragons that calls a flock of dragonlings to help halfway through. Fighting FOREVER.

I agree, though, I felt a little bad about killing the dragons that were just hanging out. I told myself they were probably eating people most of the time, and I just caught them at home, but yeah, it had a “let’s slaughter the local wildlife!” feeling that was not totally comfortable. As a general rule, I’m not really into hunting just for trophies, and that’s basically what dragon-slaying felt like a lot of the time.

I mean, we already know from our experience being lower level throughout the game that if you leave the dragons alone they will basically leave you alone (the exception being that one in the Hinterlands that tries to flame you when you come into the valley, but even that one will go away and leave you alone if you just wait for a while). It feels like a whole live-and-let-live agreement is established that you then proceed to go and renege on once you can, just for the fun/glory/treasure of it.

I feel better about killing things that are trying to kill me, you know?

Sera told you to give the book to the elves? Interesting. She’s not generally into promoting elvish history and welfare and what-not. Well, you’d better do it, then.


Man, fuck that. I still haven’t upgraded the potions for god sakes. Before the BIG FINAL BATTLE I’m going to have to spend hours picking herbs. I’m not wasting time with dragonlings.

Dragon hunting as trophies–I know! This one especially! He was way up at the end of the map, nowhere near anyone. I mean, the thing was like “Dude, what more do you want me to do? The MAP ENDS. I can’t get any farther away from you. Just let me eat the halla, mkay?” But no. Killed it.

Hell, I didn’t even wake the one in the wastes. Now, what, I’m supposed to go back there and kill it for….what? “Hey, dragon. Yeah, I know I already got everything useful here from that tomb behind you, but, um, I get a silver trophy if you die, so, you know, wanna fight?”

I generally feel the same way about not killing things that aren’t trying to kill me. Or at least messing with villagers or something.

I was kind of surprised by Sera saying that too. Cassandra wanted it for the Chantry. Sera basically said “Pfft, give it to the Dalish. They’ll do something something with it.” Ok, why not?


Yeah, so true. I told myself they were probably messing with villagers when I wasn’t looking, but it was just rationalization. We never actually SEE them harassing humans at all.

Wait, except for the one in Crestwood–didn’t some people there talk about getting attacked by a dragon? So maybe that one, we should kill. (Or maybe even that was just a rumor. Again, we didn’t witness anything.) The rest of them are all hanging out doing their thing, maybe fighting with giants or something, but generally not bothering anybody. I mean, there were a couple of comments in Emprise du Lion about how the dragons flying overhead were making the soldiers nervous, but again, we have no evidence they actually attacked people who didn’t wander directly into their nests. (Those people were usually me.)

Is “making humans nervous” sufficient grounds for a death sentence for a majestic wonder of nature that must play an important role in the food chain (the halla population is going to get completely out of control now)?

The morality of dragon-slaying is more complex than people realize.

I was with Solas when I found that book, and he obviously wanted to give it to the Dalish. I like Cassandra, so I considered her argument as well, but basically, as I said, I just felt the elves deserved SOMETHING. It’s little enough to give them, certainly.


Why no, no making humans nervous is not enough reason to kill dragons. I mean, these dudes in DA are nervous about freakin’ everything.

Hell, I think maybe having dragons around might be helpful. I mean, they attack aggressive people. The Venitori are aggressive, right?

Who’d’ve thunk “dragon-slaying” would have moral greyness?

Well, yeah, Solas would care. Sorta surprised Bull had no opinion.


It would be pretty awesome if later games had world-state settings like DAI, and you could account for the number of dragons you’d killed, and if you killed them all, it turned out Thedas was totally overrun with halla and giant nugs, just devouring all the crops and stuff.

You can’t mess with an ecosystem without consequences!


Giant nugs! I’d play a game with giant nugs.