Minor, oblique spoilers for near-end DAI plot


I played some. Toodled around the graves getting no XP for killing wimps, then said “Why the hell am I doing this?” Started the next mission, got a great cutscene (man they made Leliana dark), and got to the first camp. At least I got that cutscene in. And the chat with Morrigan. Sigh.

And I’m playing the Zelda Wind Waker reboot with Butch Jr. It’s the first time I’ve played Zelda since I babysitted and the kids had the old gold cartridge original and I felt good about myself cuz I learned where one secret door was. It’s from 2002, and MAN have we come a long way.

And it’s brought to you by Japan. What’s with Japan and birds? Everything is birds. Even the postman is a bird, which doesn’t seem to bother anyone. And everyone has really fucking big heads.


Japan is Japan. Don’t ask questions.

But yeah…this is the point when I began to secretly live in terror of Leliana.


I think I forgot to tell you, you’re boy Blackwall, if unromanced (as mine is cuz eww) winds up with Josephine. HA!

See? Finds happiness. I pity him less.

Does my Sera wind up with someone in your game?


Seriously? The two we voted should hook up? Well, good for them.

In my world, no one ended up with anyone…at least, not that they told me. I might have been spending too much time looking around corners for Leliana to have been paying attention. I’ll just imagine secret romances instead.

Butch [later]:

Played a ton last night and have been second guessing myself since. Let Morrigan do the pool, didn’t ally with the elves cuz I wanted the pool, did the walk on squares bit. Much to say.


Yeah, I did question myself on the pool thing. I let Morrigan drink, because I figured I wasn’t a mage and she’d probably know more about it than I would. I did maintain the alliance with the elves, though…turns out you can argue them into allowing you to take the pool anyway.

Also, just FYI, since you let Morrigan have the pool, you won’t get that trophy about the wings of whatever that we were talking about before. Mr. O’ took the pool himself, and he got it.

The walking on squares was kind of fun. A change of pace.


I don’t get the on burning wings bit? I was certain that had something to do with Flemeth. Of course, the reason I was all second guessing myself letting Morrigan do that was cuz I still hold to my theory that she IS Flemeth, and do I want that? Do I?

What’s the ally I would have gotten? Or is that a big spoiler?

All told, this sequence was good, but not as good as some other story sequences. Too fighty for my tastes. But the choices seemed very meaty. I really was torn a lot of the time, and still am second guessing, so good there.

By the way, have you noticed that the new PS software update now makes it so the thing automatically takes a screenshot whenever you get a trophy? Weird.

So going to talk to Morrigan now triggers the endgame, yes?


Yeah, the burning wings thing is…I can easily explain it later, and it does make sense, but talking about it before you do mumble mumble thing would be a spoiler, so no more right now.

Going to talk to Morrigan is an important step to endgame, but does not actually trigger said endgame. There’s a point where the game basically says “this is the endgame, are you sure you want to do that?” and this is not that point. But this Morrigan bit is about the last story thing before that. You’re close!

We turned off the “automatic screenshot of trophies.” Too annoying.


Ok. We’ll talk. Later.

Good, re: endgame. I was worried that I’d hit X and get that warning.

Speaking of hitting X, when I was doing that whole walking on squares thing, Morrigan kept getting really close and every time I tried to jump she talked to me. It’s the only time I’ve ever been annoyed to talk to Morrigan.

The screenshot I got for hitting level 20 was rather dramatic. The one I got for completing What Pride Hath Wrought wasn’t. You know how those trophies always pop just a little bit after the scene ends? I have a great screenshot of a black screen with the little inquisitor loading icon in the corner. Thrilling.


That sounds amazing! You’ll definitely want to join Facebook so you can share that screencap with all your friends. Heh. Timing.