No spoilers, just admissions of poor character


By the way, are YOU playing anything?


I’m not playing anything right now…thought about going through Life is Strange again now that I have two episodes, to get them in quick sequence, but…might as well wait until I have them ALL.

Honestly, I could not get into Grim Fandango, so I’m unlikely to finish that. Sorry.

Might try that Uncharted on the Vita, if I get desperate. We’ll see. At the moment I’m using the free evenings to catch up on blogs and such.


Not…..playing…..can’t even type it.

Not into Grim Fandango? Well, nobody’s perfect.


There were things I really liked about it. The art was gorgeous, the story was original and cool, the dialogue was funny. But actually playing it was just…I couldn’t. It was an exercise in constant frustration.

Manny walks soooooooooo…sloooooooooooowly…and given that you have to explore quite large environments to discover and solve quite complex puzzles, you have to cover a lot of ground, and it just takes…soooooooooo…loooooooooong…I would literally be trying to read blog posts and stuff on the side while walking from place to place, just to pass the time, but it didn’t work because you can’t even just push the stick ‘forward’ because the camera angle keeps shifting on you (which is kind of cool as an isolated mechanic), so even moving in a straight line requires repeatedly adjusting the direction you’re angling the stick.

It just took too damn long to do anything, was the bottom line. Yeah, I’m too impatient and don’t appreciate the meditative slow-paced aesthetic of the game, etc. I accept that. Old people these days, blah blah. The fault is in my character.

It’s not the game, it’s me!

But speaking for me: come back when Manny can run, Grim Fandango.


Hmm. Maybe I’d feel the same way replaying it. I mean, back in 1998, we didn’t notice such things cuz shit was slower. Maybe it’d drive me nuts today. But since I’ll never finish DAI, I’ll never know.

Someday I’ll finish DAI.