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No spoilers here. No sir. Seriously, nothing. Why are you hesitating? 


Some thoughts regarding the imminent arrival of The Witcher 3:

There is going to be a shitload of hype here. Has to be. This is really CDPR’s big “debut.” Yes, it’s game three, but one was a niche game, 2 was PC only, this is really their first chance to have an honest to God blockbuster. This is the kind of thing that makes or breaks. Either they become a studio that can make blockbusters, or they get labeled as a niche studio that couldn’t hack the big time. They have to go all in.

Shit, I was watching hockey the other night and there was an ad for gamefly, the netflixesque game rental service. At the end of the ad, they flashed games across the screen, you know, “We have these hits!” The games? Madden, CoD….and TW3. I arched my eyebrows at that.


Interesting. Already a hit! Somebody’s expecting big things.

Well, we’ll see how it plays out. I mean, I hope it’s legitimately awesome and therefore legitimately a hit, so I wish them well. You do always get a little nervous about overhype, though. Like, “are they going to oversell this, and then there’ll be a backlash just because people want to be the counterpoint and say it’s not all that?”

We shall see.


Even before the hype started, the folks who were into TW already were already getting all keyed up. I mean, people were talking about TW2 (which came out four years ago now) as if it was perfect, which it wasn’t. Very good, but flawed. Memories of that game seem to be getting better the longer time passes. Part of this is CDPR is such the anti Ubisoft: free DLC, well patched, no DRM, etc. People so very much want to like this game. I’m worried, too. I mean, if it’s just very good, but not perfect (which is likely, cuz what game is perfect)….

You are going to play it, yes? Yes.


Ooh, that comparison with overly-rosy memories of previous chapters can be dangerous. Well, at least I won’t have that problem. I’m coming with zero prior experience.

I’ll play it…but it better be more engaging than Grim Fandango. I don’t trust your recommendations anymore! Ha. No, I feel bad: I really wanted to like Grim Fandango, I stuck it out for several game sessions, but I just didn’t have the patience. Maybe sometime when I’m sick and don’t have the energy for action games. It might be just the thing.

Speaking of action games, I started playing Uncharted on the Vita, and it’s actually pretty decent. Good use of the touch screen features without being obnoxious about it, decent mechanics. Still a little tough trying to look around panoramic views on the tiny screen, but overall it was pretty engaging and I actually wanted to get back to it in a “hey, I want to play my game” way, rather than a “well, not doing anything, might as well play my game” way.

I still don’t know that I would pick going back to this over going back to some other game I happened to be playing on the big screen, but it’s more enthusiasm than I’ve been able to muster for the Vita so far. So…more Uncharted, I guess!


Comparisons with the past can be bad. I’m trying to stay realistic as to how good TW2 really was. It was very good, it was. But not perfect.

I still think that might just be remembering Grim Fandango by 1998 standards, which were different, it’s true. Things were different back then. I’d probably wonder what was so good about it today. Some games (FO2, Baldur’s gate 2) I’ve replayed and they hold up, but I guess some things don’t.

TW3 is modern. Not a problem.

Ah ha, something worth playing on the Vita! Now, is that like a rehash of full console Uncharteds or is it a side thing like the AC games were?


There are definitely some “it was a different time” things about Grim Fandango. But there are also things about it that are cool and that I appreciated even while cursing in frustration at how long it took to walk from one side of the screen to the other, so you’re not remembering it as awesome when in fact it’s crap. It’s more that it’s just a really different pacing than we’re used to now, I think. Like Marx Brothers movies, when they regularly interrupt the comedy to throw in a lengthy, saccharine song-and-dance number, totally sincerely and with the expectation that people would definitely want to see a romantic song and dance number right then.

Whereas watching it today I’m like “what the hell is this? Get back to the funny stuff!” Regardless of how awesome TW3 turns out to be or not to be, I would not expect that kind of issue to be one of its problems.

This particular Uncharted is Vita-only, but it features the same main character as the regular games, so it’s integrated into the series, although I’m not sure where it falls on the official timeline. It does make me somewhat interested in digging out the PS3 discs for the previous games, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to it…don’t (obviously) have the time to take on a full-length game before May 19th. Especially since I only just started this Vita one, and that will probably take me a while. I mean, even if I quit my job and play 20 hours a day, it’d be tough to do in a week.

Still, maybe if there’s a dry patch after TW3…


Yeah, I can see that about Grim Fandango. And it’s a point and click, and we were into those back then (Myst, Monkey Island, etc.) and they have, like Marx Brother’s movies, fallen out of favor.

But I have hopes for TW3. I think it’s going to be good. I don’t think that’s caught in the hype.

And with UC4 delayed, you could have time to catch up between TW3 and that. Don’t chuck that PS3!