No spoilers


Started Transistor. I need a small palate cleanser before more big fantasy with TW3. I think I like it more than you do. Only beef is I never know when it’s saved or when it isn’t.

Having you lose a power when you “die” is a cool mechanic.

Needs more nudity.


Yeah, really no nudity or flirting. Precious little snappy banter, either, although the transistor has some OK lines. Pretty, though! And yes, losing powers one by one as you battle your way through something is a good way to handle that.

I found the story interesting as well, just not really GRIPPING I guess. But you can see how it comes across to you.


I’m just getting into it. Just got to the goldbanks district or whatever. Still early. I like the aesthetic, though, and the combat mechanic is pretty cool. As is the soundtrack, but that’s sound, and you don’t DO sound.


Just wait until you find the room with the hammock so you can mull some ideas and bounce the ball!


That’s really why I’m playing. I’ll take a virtual hammock if I can’t have a real one.