No spoilers, except possibly on the enticing nature of in-game card games


First hour: Usually, you don’t like side games. Neither do I.

That being said, play Gwent. Gwent is awesome. I am already addicted to Gwent. I am going to bankrupt myself buying Gwent cards.

Was pondering so much last night, but found myself really pondering Gwent strategies.

Oh, and here’s a tip: Do the tutorial bit (duh) and then you’ll get to a place called White Orchard. This is like the hinterlands, in that it’s a self contained little “Why don’t you practice?” place, but it doesn’t do a good job letting you know that. There’ll be a temptation to follow the main quest objectives. Don’t. There’s a lot more there.

Also, in TW2, there is an optional side quest where you play drinking games (I think we talked about that) which, like drinking games do, get harder, and, if you lose, you wake up naked. Well, I also forgot: you also wake up with a tattoo. That stays on. The whole game. Other players make fun of it. Even hookers. Well, turns out, THAT carries over into TW3.

Bravo, CDPR.


Niiiice. So if “drinking game” is a choice during setup, I’m going with no. Ha.


Gotta agree with that. Even though Triss laughed at it.

I tell you, gwent makes caravan look silly.

I’ve already bought five cards. Still don’t know how to access the world map, but I bought five more cards.


Well, who needs the world if you can play cards? Ha…kind of a commentary there on games in general. Why go out and do stuff when I can stay here and play games?

Can you win money? If so, you have the excuse that you’re building up a little nest egg for when you do go out adventuring.


I don’t know…..I was so into beating this dude…..and there’s a master in Novogrod….gotta find and beat him….


Another commentary on games! “I don’t know or care if this is profitable, I just need to play more.”