No spoilers, just perfectly vague discussion of Life is Strange


As you know, the reason I’m getting a slow start on The Witcher 3 (those first 20 minutes don’t take us that far) is that I really wanted to finish Life is Strange, Episode 3, before I got into it. I finally finished that, so from here on it’s just witcher-witcher-witcher forever.

A quick review of LiS3: it’s pretty cool. Really interesting the way the pacing feels, given the episodic structure. I’m not sure what it would be like just playing all the episodes back to back–probably fine–but as it is it feels kind of like…like if you watch a TV show weekly for a few years, maybe. You get this sense of history with the characters, as if you’ve gotten to know them over time. (Well, in fact you HAVE gotten to know them over time, I guess.)

Here, it’s interesting because each episode is one day in this person’s life, each immediately following the one before (so the whole thing is a 5-day stretch of time), and the episodes are farther apart than weekly, so in theory it could just feel kind of choppy having to wait 6 weeks or whatever to find out what happened the next day, but as it works out, for me at least, it’s a lot more like that feeling of knowing characters from across a lengthy period of time. I know my history with them, and this makes their history with each other feel more solid, or something.

I think the release schedule, with the way it prompts you to play a bit and then put the game away and then come back and play a bit more, kind of mimics (or kick-starts) that sense of steadily growing familiarity with the people and places you come back to. “Oh yeah, I’ve played a game before with this person, walking through these environments.”

If I get around to it, I’ll totally play it through again in one go after the last one’s out, and see if it feels different, but it’s actually working well this way.

Oh, and also the game itself is really interesting and cool and a good blend of commonplace/eerie, interesting characters with some complexity…and the story! We could talk for days about this game. Play it if you get the time.


We may well get to compare and contrast the experience of timing, as that game is in my backlog list (even though I don’t own it). Indeed, if there’s a post TW3 drought, I might go ahead and get the whole thing. It isn’t that expensive. Though I gotta admit I’m sort of half hoping that PS+ plops it on there (I’m getting good about predicting what’s going to hit. I was right about VH and Transistor. Old habits. We PCers have a sixth sense about the Steam summer sale).

It does sound neat. And if the reviews are anything to go on, it’s getting better.

I wonder if they’ve made them all or not. You know, were they in the bag and are only getting tweaked? Or are they listening to reviews and doing wholesale changes?