No spoilers here! Just good, wholesome advice.


I played a little last night. Toodled around the hinterlands…..uh….white orchard.

Take. Your. Time. Here. Do everything. You’ll need the XP (which are hard to come by).


Take your time, eh? Pretty much the opposite of what people were saying about the actual Hinterlands, where it was “move on and do something interesting! Don’t get bogged down!”

But XP were not particularly hard to come by in DAI.


It is the EXACT opposite. Cuz you start this game UNDERPOWERED. And you don’t really get a lot of XP from killing shit. Mostly quests.

I hate that about sequels. “I am a mighty swordsman/mage/space marine who has saved the world twice now…..but right now I get killed by wimpy randits. Bear with me.”


That is always a logical issue with sequels. I mean, unless they want to start the sequel with you fighting dragons and gods and stuff. Is there any kind of explanation? Is he just recovering from a long illness or something?

Like with ME2, you kind of just got reassembled after being dead, so it made sense that you’d have to work your way back into your former fighting shape. That was a plausible explanation.


In the second one, he had amnesia and stuff because….well….I never got that bit. But this one, no, not really. And he has shitty weapons! Dude! Where was that jazzed up one I made for you back in 2012?

You could do what bioware did in Baldur’s gate 2 (which was based on 2nd edition D&D). They started your character on level 10. Boom. Worked.


That’s the worst! I HAD GOOD EQUIPMENT, you reckless fool–what did you do with it?!

They could at least start with him walking away from the smoking crater of the person who robbed him and melted it down for scrap, or something.

Tough, though, with the sequels. How to start from the beginning without starting from the beginning…


See, TW2 was pretty deft with this. Pretty early in the game, after a QTE (not deft), you (I’m going to refer to Geralt as “you” from here on) stick your sword into a dragon who then flies away with it in his mouth. Thus, you have to go get a new one, and, as money is always tight (BOY is it, already broke, I blame gwent) you pretty much start at zero.


Already the monster Gamblor raises its ugly head.