Spoiler, everyone: rumor has it there’s going to be a Fallout 4. Correspondent Butch McPuncherson reports. 


Well, the web has ditched the Jenners already.

FO4 teaser site went live early. Next gen and PC only, new game engine, set in Boston. Trailer in an hour.


Box art and everything.


Boston! Nice. Many’s the time I’ve longed to see this city in post-apocalyptic ruins. The Last of Us only whetted my appetite for destruction.


Well, here’s your first look: Fanieul hall and the USS Constitution, amongst other things:



Sweet lord.

You can already preorder FO4.

I’m all for this game, and I’m going to play it, but jeez, Bethesda, it’s a little soon for that.

And people are already bitching about this and that and this and that.

Whatever. We’re (yes, we, Femmy) are going to play it.


I’ll wait until I find out whether or not the pre-order comes with stickers. Or a bog unicorn.

(Come to think of it, unicorns could easily be mutant goats or something in the Falloutverse. This could work!)


Well here’s some more details:


Looks like Fenway and Kenmore feature. I want bombed out Red Sox stuff. (Insert joke about Sox being in last place right now and nukes here. I’m too tired).

Or I want my own Mr. Handy. I could use Mr. Handy.



Well, that’s something.

A big ol’ thank you to Microsoft for making Tomb Raider 2 a timed exclusive. If all this holds, we should be finishing up TW3 with time to kill a couple of indies before our loved ones get us FO4 for Xmas, which’ll take us right up to getting TR2 for….um….must be somebody’s birthday.

Perfect. Let’s hope.


Thanks, game companies, for looking out for us this way! I love a good schedule.


It’s that combination of not worrying about a drought and having motivation to finish. When one worries about a drought, one can take too much time not moving shit along.