Some mild spoilers for low-level Witcher 3 sidequests


Ok! Did I do work last night!

So here’s why I never found Lindenvale. Remember that time I told you that archers killed me before I could even see them? They’re on the way to Lindenville! So this time I just spurred Roach and ran like hell right past them! Done. And I got that sunken treasure underwater and killed two drowners underwater which made me feel badassed.

Found that woman with the monsters in her estate, and, as you had mentioned that, did that particular one.

And now vagueness:

Met an old friend. Ring bells?

And that particular line took WAY longer than one would have expected, so I finished it and made dinner.

And what do you mean? Good merchant, good blacksmith. The merchant even had some great gwent cards.


See, I can give good directions! If I’m staring directly at a map while I do it.

Remember, when I got to Lindenmumble it was the middle of the night and everyone was asleep, so I didn’t meet the merchant or blacksmith, only the innkeeper (who had limited coin and items to sell). I’m glad to hear it’s worth going back to, though: I’ll be sure to swing through again when I’m done with the mansion thing.

I didn’t play last night (it was Mr. O’s turn…these are the perils of sharing a console), so you’re now comfortably ahead of me again. I’ll try to play tonight, finish up the mansion, go back to Lindengurgle to sell some stuff and so on. Maybe meet the old friend you mention, which currently rings zero bells given that the last thing I did was fight some randits in the forest on the way to…Roan Manor? Roark Manor? Something short that starts with an R. I will not cheat and look at the map again, and you know what I mean anyway since you just did it.


Yes, there are useful dudes in Lindenburg. Good merchanting. Two gwent opponents.

Reardon Manor. Did you get there or not? Cuz, if you did, then there’d be something there that you’d very much notice. Like, right away. Well, pretty much right away.

(If you haven’t gotten there yet, might want to make sure you have a good hour set aside for when you do)

You’ll probably hit that tonight. And then my next move is to a heretofore undiscovered message board a couple of blocks south of said manor, which is where I now am (had to go back for the treasure chest, after all).


No, I haven’t gotten to the manor yet, I’m still in the forest. Message board south of manor: check.


Set aside some time. It’s likely (but not guaranteed) that shit will transpire that you’ll want to see to completion. Took me a good hour.

I learned, though, that you only get a card from a dude when you beat him the first time. You play for money each time, but really, at this point, I’m all about building up my decks. (Four of them.) My Northern Realms deck is a beast, but I need some more in the others.


You know, you’re going to have to be the gwent expert here. I haven’t yet managed to beat anyone. (I also haven’t actually managed to try very hard…I played two guys once each, lost, and went away because I have better things to do than play cards with weirdos. Like get killed by red-skull randits!)

Sound and gwent: those are your special beats. I’ll take…red hair.


I will take gwent, though, given your affinity for Caravan I’m a bit surprised. I thought you’d be all over it.

You have hair and….um….being female.

I hate red skull randits. I’m a fucking witcher!


Yeah, I dunno…I can see that it’s interesting and a well-designed card game, but I just haven’t been hooked. I think I feel there’s so much to do and collect for all these critical things like oils and bombs and swords that I’m just not that excited about adding an optional collection of cards as well. Maybe it’ll grow on me, though. We’ve got hundreds of weeks of game time ahead, after all.

Yes, true, the woman beat is all mine. I speak for us, people.


I gotta say, crafting is pretty lost on me. The only thing I made was bona fide Witcher gear, which seems to be the shit, and is hard to find. THAT sword was good. But right now I have about 27 plans for things that aren’t as good, so why bother? I’ve made every oil and bomb and potion I know how to make (did you find enhanced cat? Dunno why I ask. I haven’t actually USED cat yet. Mostly cuz this game has better witcher senses than TW2. There were bits of that game where you couldn’t follow tracks or something without cat). I need formulae, dammit!

I still haven’t made any decoctions. I’m not sure what they do. I don’t have the ingredients anyway. What do they do?

Grapeshot saved my ass last night. Gotta figure out what perk makes me be able to carry more than two.


I used cat once to see what it was like. Better than not being able to see, but not as good as just seeing normally…which is a pretty good balance, I guess. And yeah, so far there’s been no real need for it, but it’s early days yet in the game, so it will probably be important later.

I don’t have enhanced cat. Or grapeshot! Need more formulae! Re: decoctions, you got me. I haven’t made any either. Probably they’ll become critical at some future point.


Dude, grapeshot fucks dudes up. I can’t remember where I got that one. White Orchard, I think. You get swarmed, boom. Problem solved. So long as what’s swarming you is wimpy enough.

Enhanced cat is in a basement in marbyville or whatever that really sleepy first village is after the hanged man’s tree. I have no idea what it enhances. Haven’t used it yet. I do know that once you get it, you can no longer make regular ol’ cat. I figure that mechanic will happen with other potions.

I’ve noticed that the decoctions all seem to want mutagens. As do other mutagens. I’ve only come across two. One I got in white orchard and used to enhance my vitality, and one I got from the alghouls I killed and I can’t do anything good with it cuz it’s the wrong color. Maybe those will get more common later on.


In the 30+ levels to come, no doubt.