Note: spoilers for early events in The Witcher 3


Update: I went to the manor, met Letho, followed him to the camp to fight Louis (red-skull! I let Letho fight him while I killed the other dudes, then shot Louis a couple of times with my crossbow as my contribution), followed Letho back to Lindenwold, and got the bounty-hunter dudes to take off with his medallion instead of his head. Then he woke up and I told him to go to Kaer Morhen. So long, Letho! What a weird accent you have!

Then it was, again, nighttime in Lindenholme so I couldn’t talk to anyone, but I told Dolores her monster problem was taken care of, and went back to look for the treasure she told me I should find. It didn’t seem all that exciting once I found it, but whatever, I like loot. Killed a few bandits along the way, killed two small endrega (those claw-tentacle things I mentioned before), and ran the hell away from the big endrega. Found a treasure guarded by a red-skull bear, but just sneaked around it to loot the place. You don’t get a lot of XP in this game for just killing random things, so why even bother fighting if I can take the loot without? Sadly, most treasure-guards are not this agreeable.

Made my way back to Lindenwinden in the daytime, at last, and sold some stuff, had the blacksmith craft me that witcher sword you keep talking about (nice), and that’s about it.


Louis was red skull? He wasn’t for me. I waded in there. But what DID make that sequence a bitch was that I didn’t want to meditate mid stream, cuz it seemed kinda urgent, so I was totally out of bombs and potions by the end. THAT sucked. I have gotten to the point where using that last grapeshot is a big deal. I LOVE grapeshot.

Ok, we have a difference: When Letho went down, he fooled me, too. I was even pissed at the game: “THAT’S the end they give Letho?” Not to mention, we have a history, y’know? So I waded in and killed everyone. Letho came to, and was pissed cuz now there are no witnesses to spread the word that he’s dead and I screwed up his plan. But I still talked him into going to Kaer Morhen, so at least our Lethos are both there.

There must be something in the witcher code that they all have to talk like stereotypical characters in superhero movies.

Any questions re: Letho? He was kinda a big deal in TW2.

Ah yes, endregas. Endregas were all over the damn place in TW2. I met a couple of those. Di you meet them outside a monster den? I went in a monster den. There were a bunch of level 7 wraiths, and I was trucking through them feeling good about myself. I blew up a tunnel full of gas, feeling sassy. Then, in the big room, that most certainly had the good loot, level 16 red skull thing. DAMMIT! Well, got some ok stuff before I turned back.

Did you note what endregas are vulnerable to? A potion called “golden oriole.” No shit. “Golden oriole.” Go ahead, ask me what it does.

Ok, I’ll pretend you just asked me. I have no fucking idea what Golden oriole does. None. I don’t have the formula, I forget from TW2, and that name is not helpful. Fuck golden oriole. Call it “potion of something” please.

Nice sword, ya? Nice.

I think all I’ve done that you haven’t was found a sleepier village than Lindenston, found a place of power, and found that wraith place that you might have found cuz that’s where I met my first endrega.

Then the inn that’s the next quest marker for the main quest, and one more main quest thing thereafter. (Neither of these things takes all that long) Then I switched over to the “lost hunter” bit that we got off a message board early on. It’s a secondary quest. Level seven. You have it, I’m sure. I’m on my way to start that one. You’ll be caught up soon. Which is good, cuz after the two main quest things I did, there’s two different ways you can go (I THINK it’s one of those “you have to do both of these, but which one you do first is up to you” deals.) I’ll let you pick, mostly cuz I can’t decide myself.

Cuz I also played three different dudes in gwent, which took time, but my deck is getting badassed.

Oh, and following up on potions and whatnot: Made my first decoction! A griffin one. I’m not sure what it does. I do know that it has 100% toxicity, and lasts a LONG time, and comes in a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it, so I’m a little wary of….you know….drinking it.


I’m still only level 3…maybe that was why the red-skull on Louis.

I remembered that Letho was the assassin from 2, and that I left him alive, so I was kind of like “meh, I got nothing against the guy, but he’s not my best friend in the world–I’d fight on his side (and did), but if he’s already dead (as he appeared to be at the time), it’s no skin off my nose if some guys get credit for it. People gots to get paid.” Which worked out well since then they went away with ‘proof’ of his death and he was satisfied with that.

I did notice the ‘golden oriole.’ Also ‘insectoid oil.’ I have…neither of those things. Still managed to get a couple of little ones, but the big ones looked too scary, so I ran off when they came over. It was nice that they spread out a bit so I could pick off the little ones that way–there was kind of a swarm of them, and I only managed to get any because they split up a bit when they started running after me and looking in different directions.


I just BARELY cracked level 5 yesterday. By two points. Two. (Main quest bits pop more than nine points. Not much, though.)

I think pacing on this is a little odd cuz we see a quest that’s like two levels higher than ours and we, being used to DAI, say “Shit, I’ll be there, like, tomorrow.” And then it’s two weeks and 104 XP later. I look at the quest log and see four quests within three levels of me and think “I better go magpie. That’s nothing!” But then…then….it’s not nothing.

Yeah, you played it right. Letho, remember, is also kind of a terrorist witcher. He wanted to get paid by Nilfgaard, then kill the emperor (ergo the bounty hunters) and use the money to bring witchers back and then some. He’s a little so so on Kaer Morhen because he thinks the wolf school (Geralt, Vesimir, et al) are too passive, too willing to let witchers be in the shadows, basically wimps. The fact it was so easy to frame Geralt in TW2 did not dissuade him from that opinion.

More game reminding you you are not the pinnacle of respected.

I also think this little bit was the game scolding me. I mean, Letho DOES say “Don’t get involved no matter what you see,” and I blatantly ignored him to be a hero and fucked stuff up. “Silly player,” says the game, “we TOLD you, but you assumed you HAD to be a hero because games.” I have a feeling that the next time I have to decide to be a hero I’ll think more.

At least we can be pretty certain what insectoid oil is. I’m guessing it gives us a bonus against insectoids. Golden Oriole? No clue.

I don’t have it either. I have spectre (handy), necrophage (VERY handy) and cursed, which I haven’t used yet, cuz haven’t met any cursed things. I know from a book I found that means werewolves and whatnot, which, if this is anything like TW2, are fucking nightmares.

I have recipes for about 27 decoctions I can’t make, and don’t have recipes for oils, bombs and potions that would be VERY handy. Shit. Hope I’m not missing anything.

I DO have a couple of treasure maps. Check every merchant. Merchants have cool stuff like that sometimes.

And while we’re on oils, have you figured out how long they work? Other buffs (food, potions, places of power) you get that handy little countdown timer. I’ve seen no such thing for oils. Is it until you use another one? Are they permanent? I don’t get it.


GOOD question about the oils. I was wondering about that too. I kind of assumed they lasted through a fight, but yeah, what if you don’t get in a fight after all? Do you still have necrophage oil on when you fight insectoids later? Can you just put insectoid oil on top? I dunno.

I feel like I JUST picked up an oil that’s good against normal things like humans, but maybe I’m making that up. I remember thinking “hey, that’s cool, I fight a lot of humans,” but then I kind of moved on. I’m…lackadaisical about loot. Should pay more attention, I know. “Yeah, I have have a bunch of stuff I picked up. Recipes for…things, I dunno. Whatever.”

I look at the alchemy screens to see if there’s anything specific that I can make, and the crafts (when I actually meet a blacksmith/armorer) to see if there’s anything THEY can make, but otherwise I don’t really keep track. I have SO MANY decoction recipes, and don’t have the ingredients for any of them, so I have no idea what any of them are. I’ll make them whenever they turn green! But if I can’t make them right now, they’re no good to me, and I got no time for ’em.

Living in the moment, that’s my Geralt. I’ve got hundreds of hours of game to start actually planning things. Ha.


HA! I do that. Every so often, open, scroll quick to see if green stands out, no, close. If I had a recipe for something I really wanted, I’d pay closer attention. The only time I really went through was when I was at the herbalist in White Orchard (you missed that) who was selling stuff I needed to complete like four things. If you find another herbalist (and I haven’t), do that.

Question came up last night. When I was in wraith cave, I slathered up with spectre oil (handy). Then a LONG TIME later, after meditating, doing the whole inn thing, etc., went a little magpie (didn’t mention cuz I died before anything interesting happened), saw a necrophage, went to oil up and what do you know? Still had the little oil droplet on the sword. Weird. So maybe they do last until replaced. I can’t tell. Do they stack? Maybe they stack.

Shit I need an oil against humans. Badly. Grapeshot’ll have to do.

Man, it sure feels like we’ve got 100 hours to start planning. Even after doing some main quest stuff last night I STILL don’t feel like we’ve scratched the surface.

My clock (there’s a clock!) says 16 and a half hours so far. And I haven’t scratched the surface.

Of course, a good 12 hours of that is gwent.


OK, the wiki says:

All oils have a duration of 24 hours, or “long”.
Only one oil can be applied per sword at a time. The effects do not stack. Using a new oil on a sword will replace any current oil and its corresponding effects.


Ooo! Neat. Well done.

Hey here’s another thought for what is shaping up to be a long post on oils and potions:

Don’t you find it funny how powerful alcohest is (it’s basically giving you ALL your shit back) and how common and random it is? I have 12 now. That’s like 12 portable supply crates in DAI. And you find the stuff in random barrels and huts and shit, just anywhere, like it’s a broken rake. Imagine playing DAI, finding some random urn, and finding 28 potions in there. That’s what alcohest is. Seems a bit overpowered for random hut loot.


Maybe they figure that since they make some things really hard (highly limited XP, lots of extremely deadly monsters you can run into at low levels), you deserve to at least find a supply crate in every other hut. Really, without plentiful alcohest we’d be kind of screwed. More so, I mean.

I do need to find an herbalist. I’m sure there’s one somewhere in this enormous region. Mr. O’s played about twice as much as me, and he’s still in Velen. So, it’s big.

Where’s the clock? You mentioned it, so I looked for it, but can’t immediately see it.


There is that. Still, so forgiving. It’s really powerful stuff when you think about it.

I also officially coin the phrase “random hut loot.” It’s fun to say out loud. Try it. “Random hut loot.”

Herbalist has its own icon on the world map, so there’s gotta be plenty. I haven’t found one in Velen yet.

Clock: Go to the “character” screen (the one with the ability points). Hit R2 for “player stats.” It’s at the bottom of that screen.