Ain’t no spoilers goin’ on in here



So after my local gamestop had sold out on the witcher 3 (all the PC copies had been pre-orders) and I was too lazy to drive to the next town over, I downloaded TW3 from Steam. I should have gone to the next town over; the DL took 5 hours. Time to reexamine my arrangement with my cable provider.

In the meantime I don’t recall if I mentioned it, but I finished Batman (and yes, Mr McP I agree, rarely do games linked to movies work well, but the Lego game franchise and the Batman franchise are actually good ones), and moved on to AC Unity, which I think I did mention. And I’ve really put some effort into TLOU (despite Mr McP’s advice otherwise) and it’s finally paying off. And before TW3 came out I was searching for something to play on the PC and so I picked up Pillars of Eternity. I’m… enjoying it to a certain extent.

I’ve been following the blog and I’m not nearly enough into the Witcher yet to have much of an opinion.


Dude I’m just glad you haven’t been crunched into tiny bits. Didn’t think we’d hear much from you until after E3.

Hey, I’m 18 hours in and I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around a lot of TW3. It’s. Fucking. Huge.


Five hours to load? Ouch. Well, hopefully now that it’s all there, things will be good.

Oooh, and you can offer PC-based feedback on the load times in-game, so we know if this is just a PS4 thing. We find that the game loads pretty well when moving from region to region, inside to outside, etc., but if you die and have to reload the whole thing it takes about half an hour.

OK, more like two minutes. But it feels like a long wait when you’re itching to get back into a battle. I’m curious if this is true across platforms. Counting on your report!