More minor Witcher 3 spoilers


OK, I installed all the free add-ons I’d been ignoring (now I can trim my beard!) and traipsed across half the map to Oxenfurt, an actual town. Fought a few wandering monsters along the way, destroyed a nest (nekkers…hate those things), got some nice loot. Continued along the questline I was pursuing aside from these minor digressions, but STILL couldn’t wrap it up, since now I have to go halfway back across the map and talk to the baron again, and oddly there doesn’t seem to be a fast-travel signpost in Oxenfurt. (You’ll like it, though: several people to play gwent with.)

Next time I’ll finish! I hope! Then I can go talk to some witches.


Why the hell did you go all the way the fuck to Oxenfurt? I’ve decided not to do that sort of thing without a reason.

I finished up the part of the witch thing I was doing, which led to something that I think the baron will lead to anyway, and her wanting me to “drop by.” Wowswers! Later. Work to do.

This bit takes place underground, so came out from underground in the middle of nowhere, so, instead of taking the convenient boat right next to me, decided to explore. Charged towards what I thought would be a town with a fast travel post, but no, it’s a quest for level 30 something with ghouls with numbers so high I couldn’t even read them before I died. Found a couple other camps that killed me, and took the hint and got on the boat that I was supposed to get on in the first place. Managed to get three guarded treasures, then stumbled back to the Blackforge or whatever that town is just south of where Henrick bought it, and spent a good long time repairing, selling, brewing, upgrading, etc. The witch quest, if you explore, is very loot/formula heavy, so I dealt with all that. Got two new oils and a bomb I can actually make! (Though one of those oils was from a guarded treasure.) And called it a day. Baron’s next. Unless I get distracted.

Find the witch in Maidscope when you finish with the baron. Not the…..other…..ones….. There be good plot there, and loot. And boobs.

There’s gotta be a signpost in Oxenfurt. I’ll find it when I get there. Later.

Did stumble on a particularly themey little side bit. A lynch mob. Find it? (Not really a spoiler.)

Nekkers. Man, those were the level one little gobliny things in TW2. They toughened up between games something awful.


The quest led me to Oxenfurt, my friend. The quest led me. One day it will lead you likewise.

And yes, there’s probably a signpost somewhere, it’s a fair-sized town and I didn’t take the time to wander all through it because it was getting towards the sleeping hour (for me, not the town).

I want new oil recipes so bad!

Haven’t seen a lynch mob. Did help one guy and then have a sinking feeling of “yeah, I wanted that to be a good deed, but in this game he’s probably going to go murder an entire town now that I’ve saved him…”

You second-guess yourself a lot here. I just want to be a basically OK person!–but it’s not always clear that’s actually the best move in the long run. Maybe I’d help more people by being a heartless bastard. Something for the “who’s the real monster” theme: maybe acting like a monster is how you do the most good? It takes a monster to slay monsters, etc. The sympathetic human response is, you see someone in trouble you help them, but being a sympathetic human is not what Geralt’s all about.There are even conversation bits about it: variants on “I thought witchers had no human feelings,” or whatever. I fear the impulse to just be nice and helpful like a normal person is going to come back to bite me sometime…or if not me, a town full of innocents.

Sigh. I just fall back on “you can only use the information you have at the time.” My superpowers do not include foretelling the future, so I do the best I can with the limited knowledge I have.


Ah. The quest. Yes. The quest.

See, I don’t do shit in a new town until I find that signpost.

“Hey, what’s with that white haired dude?”
“Dunno, he’s just running all over town.”
“Hmm. He stopped at the signpost. Odd. Ah, well, now he’s playing gwent.”

These quests are LONG. I’m used to chewing up a story quest in a single session, maybe two sides in a session. This….less so.

Dude, oils are so key. As are bombs. Crafting? Meh. Bombs? Potions? Oils? Like Christmas. I found the formula for the oil that works against people, but MAN does it need a whole lot of shit. Can’t make it yet.

That guy you helped will probably go after the town full of innocents. That and I have a feeling that some of these decisions are burning bridges that we don’t even know are bridges. I mean, some you can tell. I reloaded the save at the inn and didn’t fight the baron’s men cuz I thought that pissing of the baron, who is obviously important, before I even knew his name was probably dumb. But I have this sinking feeling that 82 game hours from now some dude who’s help we’ll need to save a village or something will say “No way! You killed my second cousin back when you were level 4!” and we’ll be all “Who? Wha……oh THAT guy? Uh…..sorry?”

I already can name two instances off the top of my head that I fear may come back in that way.

In a lot of ways, I like that a whole lot better than the DAI highlighted options that tell you “The chargers will die/The chargers will not die.” Let ’em figure it out on their own. (Although, in DAI’s defense, the whole election of the divine bit was appropriately kept in the shadows.)


They ARE long. Which is OK, it lets them tell a lot more story and we like story, but you do have to adjust your expectations. I keep thinking “I’ll finish up with this baron bit soon,” and then no, there’s more. And it’s in Oxenfurt. But it’s cool: you get around, you see more things, you kill a few monsters along the way. You just wait a long time for your quest-based XP, is the real thing.

Picked up a few more high-level quests last night, just to reassure me we’ll be keeping busy far into the future. Crafted a nice pair of trousers, then found I can’t even wear them until 11th level. Sold them right back to the armorer, at a significant loss no doubt, but hell, by the time I’m 11th level I’ll probably find something better, and if not, I can have someone craft them again. No point clogging my inventory with them for the next four and a half levels. They weren’t THAT good.

I agree, there will definitely be consequences for some of these choices, and we have no idea what they’ll be. I mean, one of the load screen hints tells you as much in so many words. But which of our seemingly-innocent decisions will swing back to haunt us? That’s the question.

The god statues, possibly. The deserter in White Orchard, plausibly. This random dude I helped last night, very plausibly. (He had a name. This struck me as ominous, considering it after the fact. I MUST be going to meet this guy again, if he had a name! On the other hand, I met a cat with a name too. Is Nibbles going to turn up again somewhere, when I least expect it? Could be overthinking again.)


Yup. I got MAD XP last night for wrapping up the witch bit (I don’t want to say “wrapping it up with the witch,” cuz, ahem, we’re going to see each other, ahem, again). Made level 6. That’s certainly the way to level: them quests.

Whoa, really? 11th level pants? I only found one thing I can’t use yet, a crossbow that’s level 7, which’ll be soon, so I’ll keep it.

On the whole armor/weapon front, I do find that I’m rolling in glyphs and runes these days. I sold a pair of pants with a glyph, and had three more waiting for the next one. Use them things.

How high were the quests?

Indeed, regarding decisions coming back. Which and when. Not if. But then, maybe it won’t be all dire. Maybe some dude will say “hey, you helped my first cousin way back on level four. Here’s something great.” Ya never know.

And yeah, names are like that. Like the dudes in Star Trek who don’t have last names. They’re dead. Names mean shit.

Like yesterday, in that lynch mob bit, this dude, apropos of nothing, just started talking about his family and TOLD ME THEIR NAMES. Not “My wife,” no, “My wife, Beatrice, had a daughter. I named her (shit, already forgot) after her grandmother.” Now, I didn’t ask. He just said that. I’ll bet a dollar that shit’s gonna come up later. Specific details in conversations? Red flag.


Yeah, I actually bought the diagram for these pants…was talking to a blacksmith who had ALL KINDS of diagrams and figured “what the hell, I’ll buy something.” There’s not an obvious indication on the description saying what level it’s for (it’s probably in there somewhere, but, you know, I skim), so I just sort of picked a thing I could afford, and then it turned out to be these 11th-level trousers.

The other thing they don’t clearly indicate before you buy them is what components they need or whether you have any of them, so it’s kind of just a random grab. “I’ll have…that, I guess?” I was actually pretty psyched when I happened to have all of the components, although as noted it didn’t really do me much good.

The moral is: don’t buy diagrams.

At least not unless you’re willing to dedicate more time to figuring out exactly what they are. I guess on the plus side, if I pick up more components in my travels I can just make and sell these trousers everywhere I go…got 300-ish gold pieces for them, which is not bad, and is way more than it cost to have them crafted. So that’s my business plan going forward: trouser salesman!

I do have a lot of glyphs. I’ve actually sold a few duplicates. Pants with glyphs? I haven’t even found pants I could put glyphs on! Unless I missed the little circle icon…I should burn more bodies, I’m missing cool loot.

How high were the quests…in the 20s I think? And a couple lower, maybe a 10 that will be reachable before TOO too long. And true, some of our decisions could have good results–“You saved me earlier, so now I’m here to help you with this deadly battle!” Not all repercussions are bad.

Names are definitely a flag. It’s like talking about your plans for retirement. Never do that! Don’t tell the witcher your wife’s name, that’s just asking for trouble!

Although actually it’s more a sign of trouble for me, than for them…their trouble has already happened, this is just a sign that I’m going to get involved in it. Now picturing Geralt covering his ears when someone starts mentioning their family: “lalala, I can’t hear you!”

Or, if he’s feeling a little low on interesting quests, perking up suddenly. “Yes, troubles, monsters, I see [yawn]…wait, you say your child has a name? Tell me more!”


I haven’t seen level in diagrams. And items suffer from the same vagueness as potions. I mean, can we call them “pants of arrow¬†deflection” or something? Instead of “Gabriel’s fancy track pants?” Or whatever.

I’ve pretty much given up on diagrams. Formulae? You bet. Treasure maps? Hell yeah. Diagrams? No.

Although Ooo! Investing! Nice. I never thought of that. I suppose I could turn all those leather straps into something and make a profit. But I won’t. I’ll stick to winning at gwent.

I have pants with a glyph! I do! And they’re not that nice, so maybe yours do, too.

Here’s a thing, tactically: So I’ve talked on my bitchin’ silver sword, which is witcher gear. Said sword has one rune spot. Ok. So I found this “magic relic” sword, which has GOT to be cool cuz it has a cool name (“Moonblade.”) Moonblade doesn’t do as much damage as the bitchin’ sword (about 18 less, I think), but it has THREE rune spots. I can’t decide if this is a net gain. I mean, they say things like “5% igni intensity.” Well, is that worth it? Does that make up for the damage? Against everything, or just monsters vulnerable to it?

Hard to say. And I don’t want to waste three runes on it if it isn’t going to be cool (runes, I’ve found, are rarer than glyphs.)

As for quest levels, even though 10 turned green when I hit level 5 (what’s with that?), given the near impossibility of that level seven werewolf quest, I ain’t buying the green shit. I’ll stick to good ol’ numbers. Hell, even in the witch quest (level six), there were a couple of REALLY hard fights, even AFTER I hit level 6. I mean, HARD. (Of course, stayed on blood and broken bones, so not really reaper moment fights, but certainly die a few times fights.)

Sage advice: See a witcher? Just say “I have no family. Or friends. Or lands. Or alliances. I never talk to anyone and I have nothing.”

Which is how I interact with most people anyway.

I get the sense, though, that pretty much everyone in Velen’s got 99 problems.

Ha! There should be an option. Like dialog choices: 1) Farewell. 2) So….what’s your wife’s name?


Yes! And if the character responds to “what’s your wife/child/friend/pet’s name?” with an incoherent mumble or a vague “oh, it’s nobody you’d know” or a “why, ‘peasant,’ of course, like the rest of us!” we can safely disregard it.

I had the same debate regarding the witcher sword (currently using) vs. the Moonblade. Because yeah, Moonblade is an awesome name! Must be cool! And THREE rune slots! But it’s not as good without runes, and I hesitate to stack it with three runes if they’re not going to do something REALLY AWESOME in a broad way (not interested if it’s REALLY AWESOME against one monster and meh against everything else). So I sold it. You can tell me if you pile it with runes and it turns out to be a superweapon and I sorely regret my rash decision.

You win at gwent. I’ll sell pants. We must each follow our own path.


I dunno, man. The bitchin’ sword is working for me.

Where did we find the moonblade? Where the hell have we both been? It seems too good for White Orchard loot. I lose track.

The problem is that the max bet for the wimps around Velen is 10 orens. I’d have to play a lot to match your haul on one pair of pants.


I lose track too, but I believe the Moonblade was in that underwater chest, near Lindenwold. I recall being very excited to get it because I hadn’t yet had the witcher sword crafted, so it was my first silver sword upgrade. I used it for a while, until I finally made it to a blacksmith and had enough silver to make the witcher gear one. It served me well, in its time.

The pants do sell for a fair sum, but remember, you can play many hands of gwent during the time it will take me to accumulate all the components for another pair in my random looting out in the world.


Ah yes. That’s the one underwater one I’ve done. Gotta look in the water more. Maybe take a boat out and dive from that.

I used the ol’ moonblade in one fight cuz the bitchin’ sword got damaged. It was good.

There is that–gwent is faster than quests. But don’t give me another reason to play gwent so often.

You do get a little something extra. I mean, the first time you beat a dude, you get the money and a card. Subsequent wins against the same dude get you the money and something. Once I got five linen. Yesterday, four coal. That sort of thing. Still, not enough for fancy pants.