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Spoilers for Wild at Heart quest in The Witcher 3


I was thinking–I said yesterday that I try to be nice to everyone, and I want to qualify that. I try to be nice to everyone except bandits. I hate those bastards. I think my Geralt kind of takes bandits personally…like, it’s a monster’s JOB to kill people, or at least it’s their nature, so I’ll try to kill them back but at the same time I sort of don’t hold it against them, you know? But bandits are humans and we should be nominally on the same side, so I get put out when bandits rampage through villages killing peasants and such. Aren’t there enough things in this world dealing out death and destruction to the innocent, without this? (Back to the other big theme: who’s the real monster?)

On another note, I finally got around to going back to finish up with that werewolf in Wild at Heart. Not nearly as hard at level 10, with Beast Oil handy, and the conclusion was much as I suspected. Tip: don’t hire a witcher to find your wife if you’re the werewolf that killed her. Although I guess werewolves in this game are the classic variety, and don’t remember, when they’re in their human form, what they’ve done as wolves.

Which makes this another tragic love tale: he obviously did care about her, enough to grieve for her and hire someone to find her, all the while not knowing that he himself killed her. Interesting that the sister knew and was trying to cover for him, hoping, I guess, to avoid meeting a similar fate someday. There’s some story there as well.

Love. It sure doesn’t conquer all.


Nope. It sure don’t.

Still don’t think this one ends with Geralt holding hands.

The werewolf… Another side quest, another story, another hard decision. So do you think the sister got her killed on purpose? Cuz I got the sense that she wanted to be with the hunter, and was sorta happy that she was dead. And what did you do? Let wolfie kill her or did you kill the wolf?

That quest did have one icky design flaw. The first five times I did it, I fought the wolf, got very low on health, got to the cutscene, said “Can’t let you do that,” and before I even had a chance to think WHACK I’m dead. Like in a split second. And I’d have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.


I did get the feeling the sister wanted the hunter and was kind of happy her sister was dead, but I didn’t have a strong sense that she’d been involved, although I certainly wouldn’t put it past her. And I just killed the wolf–got to a point where she ran in yelling “no, it’s Niall!” but I was already mid-whack and just said “get back” or whatever and killed it. What do I care if it’s Niall? I already knew it was someone, and he was the most likely candidate, and werewolves running around isn’t good for the villagers.

I didn’t get that design flaw, or else maybe I had enough health left to take the final blow without dying, because I didn’t have a problem at that point. Fortunately, because that sounds really frustrating.


Ah, another branch! She ran in and we chatted a bit. She got all “I’m sorry! I love you! I want to be with you!” and he got all “YOU brought her? This is YOUR fault! This will be new….choosing to kill someone.” (really the line, who’s the real monster, etc.) and you have a choice to say “Can’t let you do that (fight)” or “She’s all yours,” which I guess would’ve ended the quest without a fight, but in this game, who knows? I picked “Can’t let you do that,” cuz yeah, bad for doing that lady, but werewolf, kills on instinct (though he WAS trying to get better, really, with the isolated cave and all). So she wanted the hunter. She made that clear. And HE certainly thought she got the sister killed on purpose….. or at least knew it was a very strong possibility.

Two for two on different (sorta) endings lately, us.

I was always down to one little smidgen of health in that last fight, and, even if you get that swallow in, it takes a while, you know? It was very, VERY frustrating. Ergo the turning down of the difficulty. I could get there without turning it down, usually, but after three deaths before the conversation and hearing the conversation FIVE TIMES, it was time.


I missed werewolf-den conversation? Siiiiiigh. I’m just losing out on all kinds of stuff. But that does suggest that the sister was complicit in the woman’s death-by-werewolf. I do feel bad for the guy trying to contain his werewolf-self, but how long could that really last? He’s a danger to everyone in the area. We did the right thing. Probably.

Although I guess one could imagine a situation where he becomes the village’s local werewolf, roaming the woods that everyone knows to stay out of, keeping the nekker population down and gnawing on bandits who didn’t know they shouldn’t be there…maybe that’s what happened if you just let him kill her. Maybe in the long run this village prospered under his protection, and now that he’s gone they’ll be overrun. We’ll go back to find it burnt to the ground and everyone slaughtered because they didn’t have a werewolf.

You just don’t know.


It wasn’t clear if she was complicit. She did say sorry, and swore she didn’t mean it, but the wolf wasn’t having that. Well, it was unclear if the wolf wasn’t having it or the hunter, or both, but he was gonna kill her had I stepped away.

You don’t know if it was the right call, but man Witcher werewolves are tough fucking werewolves. Mean, too. I did not meet any benevolent werewolves in TW2.

You are missing stuff. Gotta pay more attention. All those “Angry! Sad! Tough!” icons in DAI made you soft.

Fucking nekkers, man. Learned yesterday that I’ve been using the wrong shit. I thought they were necrophages, but no, they’re ogroids. This explains at least some of my terrible deaths in nekker valley.


Ogroids, man! Horrible, horrible ogroids. I hate those things. Almost as much as I hate randits.

Speaking of oils, I have the previously-discussed Golden Oriole now, but I’m unclear how werewolves et al. are ‘vulnerable’ to it, given that it appears to be (spoiler alert! don’t read on if you want to preserve the surprise!) a potion that protects you, the player, from poison. I guess maybe ‘vulnerable to this’ is here code for ‘this is a good thing to use,’ in that if you drink it you’re less likely to suffer the debilitating effects of the werewolf bite or something?

Because that’s not how I usually use the word ‘vulnerable,’ but I’m really not sure how giving a werewolf a potion clearing poisons from the bloodstream is going to help me. Unless it turned them human again? Are we supposed to be making them revert to human form, the better to talk to/kill them?

Hmm…no indication of that in the wiki. Probably overthinking.


Ogroids is a pretty terrible word. Sounds like something you get when you get old that you don’t want to talk about in public.

“Ugh my ogroids are flaring up!”

Yeah I got Golden Oriole, too. Thank you tower of mice! Also where I got the ogroid oil.

I don’t know about ‘vulnerable’. I think it’s “good to use.” I’m also not clear how some things are “vulnerable” to the quen sign, which seems to be defensive. Is there a way to upgrade it so it hurts people when you have it on?

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use golden oriole.

Though I have figured out decoctions. They’re like superpotions. Mad bonuses. The descriptions are right there on the screen, I just missed them. Seriously powerful. But they all have 100% toxicity, so it’s like “Ok, you get mad boosts, but that’s it for you.” Interesting.

I’m going with “good idea to use.” I mean, they have to put SOMETHING on there, right? I mean, if you went to that page and it said “Vulnerable to…..well…..nothing, really” that wouldn’t be very witchery.

One other part of badassery I haven’t figured out is how to upgrade swords and shit. I don’t mean runes. I mean, I keep getting a load screen tip that most witcher gear is upgradable up to three times, but damned if I’ve figured that out.


My ogroids are pretty constantly flaring up. Every time I walk by a cluster of the damn things, in fact.

Yeah, probably “good to use”–because you’re right, quen is defensive. Although by that argument, EVERYTHING could have quen listed… Maybe it defends better against some things than others? You can upgrade it so that it makes an explosion when it’s breached, which does some damage, and maybe it does more damage to some creatures than to others.

Yeah, decoctions! I figured those out, and then forgot to mention it. I have griffin and…something…wraith maybe. Took them a couple of times, but yeah, you’re pretty much limited to that, and I like to have my options open for at least a swallow or two mid-battle, so I haven’t really gotten into them.

I also don’t know about upgrading. I see the tip, and I see ‘reverse upgrade’ on the crafting screen when you talk to a smith, but I don’t know how to upgrade in the first place. Maybe it’s like enhanced potions, and you need to get a separate diagram and then you can have someone craft you a new pair of viper pants or whatever, using the old ones. (Viper pants. Sounds comfy.)


Maybe that’s it then, quen as damage. I’ve only upgraded Axii and Igni, both handy. I’ve gone the “max things out” route instead of the “balance” route.

As for decoctions, there’s that “white honey” potion that I haven’t used, that I know wipes out toxicity, but does it also wipe out effects? Cuz it would be awesome to quaff a decoction THEN white honey and keep the effects.

Probably that’s right, you need diagrams for upgrading. I do have one for enhanced griffin pants, now that I think on it. But not one for the pants themselves, which are a needed component.

Why would you undo that, though?


Maybe you have to undo it if you want to take apart the item for components? If it had rare materials in it, you might decide you’d rather keep those and put them into a DIFFERENT type of pants, or something. I dunno, though. Haven’t done it.

Nah, white honey wipes out good effects as well–I looked at it and I think even used it once (I was piling on the potions and overdid it a bit), but I generally don’t touch it, because duh, I’m taking these potions to get the effects! Nice just in case, though. Better to cancel the beneficial effects than die of toxicity.

I suppose it would be too easy, otherwise. You could totally stack powerful potions, and we can’t have that.


Yeah, reversing upgrades means monkeying about with the crafting. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even want to pick up diagrams of stuff that isn’t witcher gear, cuz all it does is clutter up the list when you go to the smithy. “Where was that?” Scroll scroll scroll scroll….”damn did I miss it?”

Yeah, true, you’d be overpowered stacking potions freely. Oh well. Or maybe it would be good to switch decoctions, like oils. Cuz those things last a while. Half an hour, in fact, unless you meditate. If you want to switch up, need that white honey.

Gonna get some good time in tonight. Mrs. McP’s got the class. Hopefully finish things up with Keira (I mean, hot sorceress. She is pretty hot. She’s growing on me), then finally off to the bog. Is that a much longer thing than I think it is, like, you know, everything else in this game?


The bog is rather lengthy, yeah. You knew it.

I’m getting overwhelmed with the number of diagrams I have, just having picked up a ton of the things. Always scrolling through this endless list to see if there’s anything interesting and/or anything I have the materials for. Usually the answer is no. Although the assassin pants sometimes serve me well for making and selling. 24 gold to craft, 200-300 to sell (depending on the merchant). Also, I guess I can wear those in another level, but I’m not sure they’ll be better than the handsome griffin trousers I have now.

On the mechanics side, I DO appreciate how they light up the things you can do in green, so at least it’s easy to find them on the list.

Good point about the white honey…I could see wanting a decoction for some portion of a quest, then erasing it and taking another for the next fight or whatever.


You got the griffin trousers? I don’t. Only the diagram for ENHANCED griffin trousers! I so need some new gear. I haven’t gotten any new witcher gear since White Orchard. Need gear.

I pretty much scroll without reading until I see a flash of green.


Don’t even remember where I got the diagram for the griffin trousers. It’s out there somewhere in Velen, though. You’ll find it.


Damn, it isn’t one I have buy, is it? Cuz when I see a merchant who has like six rows of those little scrolls, I can not be bothered to read them all. No way. Life’s too short.


No, I never read the scrolls for sale either. Not since that one time when I bought assassin trousers. This was definitely something I found. The only thing I look for among merchant scrolls is potion/oil/bomb recipes.



What ARE all those diagrams for, anyway?

You know, given CDPR’s self awareness, probably, in some random road merchant’s list of 58 diagrams for useless swords, is like the “armor of invincibility” or something. And no one has found it.