Spoilers for that monster-attacking-military-supply-caravan side quest


My plan is Merry Widow, then Jenny of the Woods, and then….we shall see. It’s going to take great restraint to move on to Novigrad before I beat that innkeeper in Oxenfurt at Gwent. Later. He’s a marked man. For now, I’ll take pride in the fact I FINALLY beat that woman smith at Crow’s Perch with the wicked monster deck. (And got a bullshit clear weather card for it! Jeez.)

By the way, not a whole mess of elves yet. Those dudes were IMPORTANT in 2. Odd. There was just that one contract…that I’ve found.


I did Merry Widow just recently, and failed to defeat Jenny o’ the Woods (brutal, I tells you!). Oh–I also killed the Shrieker, but it turned out I had stumbled on its lair before I talked to the guy whose contract it was, so I was able to go back and get payment from him after killing it, but he never told me anything about why he needed it killed in the first place. I’ve done that before, just happened on one step of a quest before I did the official first step of talking to someone, and it won’t let you go back, so I always wonder if I missed something. Was there a story there?

I’ve done one contract that involved elves, but I’m not sure if it was the same one you did since you mentioned archers, and this was not archer-heavy. Supply caravans? And I met and talked to an elf in Novigrad, with quest-related results. But yeah, we haven’t seen a lot of them so far.


Oh man, it was the first one I did, the elves….I think it was supply caravans. The archer bit only happened if you decided you wanted to cross them. Bunch of guys in trees at the top of a hill. It was like level 6 or 7.

Shrieker: You talk to this dude in the “slums” of Crow’s Perch, who has taken in an orphan who saw his father (boo) disemboweled and hung in a tree like a shrike hangs prey. This a) upset him and b) upset the guy who took him in. More “bad things happen when you care about someone,” because, unlike many others, this dude seemed like a good dad. And there was the feeling awful for making a kid tell you the awful traumatic details of awful traumatic things. I was able to axii him into calmness when he got really upset, but more upset kids and dead fathers. Fun.


Yeah, that sounds like the one I did with the elves. The military guy wants you to look for a monster that’s waylaying supply caravans, and you investigate and it turns out to be a bunch of elves? Did you finish it?

Also, have you finished with the “righting fallen shrines” quest?

Because I finished both of them, and they both involved interesting questions, which we will not talk about now if you haven’t gotten to them yet.

Aww, man, though. Definitely some missed story in the Shrieker, then. And yeah, you feel bad about a good father, and a traumatized orphaned child. Interesting to compare that to the traumatized children in the swamp with the woman who turned out to be Anna. It’s not just monsters who kill parents and leave children orphaned…although monsters are certainly part of it.


Yeah. The traumatized kid thing was very similar to the one the kid did in the village. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes.

I did finish the elf-related quest. Basically, I killed the elves. I didn’t really want to, but they didn’t give me a shot to back down. Plus, I WAS kinda not with them in 2. Maybe they remembered.

I have not done the shrines. Did the elves. Not the shrines. But there’s me, thinking the shrines is as close to a skyrim check the boxes quest as I’ve seen. Shows what I know.


OK, I agreed to surrender my weapons, and went to talk to the elves instead of fighting. They had a woman leading them who said they were raiding supply caravans because they supplied an army that had raped and murdered elves (among others, no doubt, although this was not her chief concern).

I was like…yeah, you’re not wrong about that…and I am supposed to not pick sides…although I do hate bandits, and you’re acting like bandits (his argumentative reply dialogue was “you’re common bandits,” but that’s actually not true, since attacking military supply caravans is not the same as attacking civilian merchants or random travelers, although they may do that as well)…so in the end I was like “fine, do whatever you want, I’m not getting involved.”

And they gave me a diagram for a fancy sword or something (nothing I actually used, but hey, it’s a nice gesture), and I went back and told the commander I couldn’t find the monster and he was like “well, get the hell out then, you worthless scum,” so…yeah. I’m sure the elves will later turn up pillaging a town full of defenseless children and old people, and I’ll feel terrible, but I just couldn’t see caring enough about the army–which I’m not actually a particular fan of–to kill a bunch of elves to protect their caravans. Monsters, yes. Monsters are my job. I would have killed a monster to safeguard the caravans, and taken the money without regret. But elves are a sideline, and one I don’t necessarily want to get into.

So we’ll see.


Oh right. The weapons. I knew there was a reason, cuz I don’t think I would have just yelled DIE ELF SCUM. I was like “Hey, man, I’m all for talking, but these swords stay put” and they attacked me.

Yeah…..the scoia’tel….aren’t nice. We’re trained to believe that elves are peaceful, archer folk, but these dudes? They’re not nice dudes. I mean, sure, they’re fighting years, centuries even, of oppression, but they’re, really, terrorists.


Well, they’re guerrillas, all right. I haven’t personally seen them be terrorists, in that they haven’t to my direct knowledge attacked civilian populations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Probably next time I see them, because I left them alive. Maybe you saw that in TW2. Or maybe it’s in the codex I didn’t read.

At that moment, I was just thinking “from what I know, are they worse than the army they’re attacking?” and I couldn’t say yes, so I stepped out of it.


Yeah, you do see more in TW2. In the whole “you mess with kings” in that one, the leader of the elves is a major character (who you can side with in act 3). And he’s one of those people who really are ruthless crazy people who make a great deal of sense. Iorveth. Key dude.

And THAT question, which side is worse, was pretty front and center in 2. Here, too.

If they had let me keep my weapons, all would’ve been cool. I had nothing against them in 2. There’s a fork in that one where Triss gets kidnapped by Letho (you met Letho). At that point, you either have to follow Roche (who’s a Temerian commando) or Iorveth. I chose Roche not so much because I preferred him to Iorveth (or humans to elves), but cuz I thought he’d get me to Triss faster.

Really, humans, elves, both nasty.