Spoilers for what types of armor we’re currently wearing


Played a bit more after the treasure hunt. Swam across the river at that broken bridge, stealthed a hidden treasure from a red skull dragon (LOVE that), cleared a nest, found the REAL bridge, and then found this castle thing that wasn’t even a question mark but had a fast travel post, had MAD loot (enhanced hanged mans venom!) and bloody tracks that I’m following next.

Novigrad is……farther away than I thought it would be. And SO many opportunities for the magpie.


Nice work! I haven’t been there…now I suddenly feel the urge to abandon Novigrad and go look for dragons to steal from. But I’ll get there. All things in due time. Although not right away, because I didn’t get to play last night. Tonight! I will accomplish things!

I have many people to talk to in Novigrad. Only one of them, so far, a sorceress in a cleavagey green outfit, but who knows?


It was a pretty nice suit of armor that I can actually wear! That’s odd. “Hey, here’s a level 10 suit of armor! That’s guarded by something that’s still red skull on level 12!” So sneaky is good, but MAN I’d be pissed if I came back at level whatever to kill that to get this level 10 armor.

But what a sorceress! What. A. Sorceress.

She looks even better out of that outfit.


Wait–armor you can wear? And actually WANT to wear?! Madness!

I was wearing some decent and pretty fancy armor for a while, with a ruff around the neck and everything, but then I found a better suit that’s a lot plainer. The plainer stuff feels more like Geralt anyway, but I must admit I was kind of digging the ruff. Ah well–it’s a fast-moving world out there, and armor needs to adapt to keep up with it!

I also can finally wear the assassin trousers I bought a pattern for, so I’ve also got those on right now. They’re not too fancy.

If you came back at level 20 and found the level 10 armor, you’d just sell it. You know you would. I don’t particularly resent or even notice when I pick up loot I can’t use: just toss it in the saddlebags, and sell it later!


I know, right? Weird! Though it may not last, as now that I have the diagrams for everything in the griffin school, I may go that way. Don’t you get a bonus if you have the whole set?

The bounty hunter stuff (which I had, and now I still have cuz the new stuff was just better bounty hunter) has a patch the shape of the Temerian seal that’s been ripped off? I mean, that’s such a throwaway detail that probably took a lot of work. And it works in the context of the story. So cool.

I would just take loot and sell it, except, for the first time, I’m starting to bump up against the maximum weight. I need a merchant, bad. I kept drifting towards what I thought were towns, only to find monster nests, not merchants. And damned if I’m fast traveling all the way back to Linden by the sea for that.


Yeah, I just recently started running into the weight limit too. A few too many broken rakes and bottles of dwarven spirits. Having to decide whether to dump some stuff or fast travel to a town (and first getting to a fast travel point, which sometimes is not easy) is always tough. Because that’s my LOOT! I don’t want to leave it! And yet, I don’t really feel like making a long trek out of my way, when there are enticing question marks close by.

Then I fortunately found some better saddlebags, which has alleviated the problem for now.

I believe you do get a nice bonus from having a full set of witcher gear. I don’t know, I’ve never even come close, but I think Mr. O’ is working that angle now.


You didn’t do the treasure hunt? You must’ve done part, cuz I found that enhanced recipe while doing it, in a lighthousey thing.

I’m still on the first set of saddlebags I found in White Orchard. I really haven’t done a major upgrade of anything really since then. I mean, new armor, some, but I need a really badassed sword or two. And moon dust. And devil’s puffball.

I wish I knew which set of witcher gear did what. Nate seems enamored with the cat stuff. I just got griffin cuz it was the lowest level. I mean, gotta be good, right? A witcher needs witcher gear!

And impractical sorceresses. We need those, too. More of those, really.

That whole thing kind of amuses me, as, in TW2, Triss, when she was dressed, really had the most practical outfit I’ve ever seen a sorceress in in any game.


I’ve been doing treasure hunts as I find myself near them, mostly by accident, not really actively chasing after them. I should, I do like treasure, but…so much to do. I did the queen whoever’s treasure one, on the coast of wrecks. That counts for something!

Sometimes I’d like a quest list I could sort by location. What’s close by? I’ll do that.


Yeah, I stumbled on the pants thing by accident, and, last night, while looking for a merchant, found a quarry with an exclamation point I didn’t get to see cuz ghouls killed the dudes with the point before they could say anything. Still, found a diagram for an enhanced feline sword! So…..yeah. No merchant, though, and dead quest givers. But check off the treasure map!

Ooo! That location-based sort WOULD be good! Cuz really, saying “Velen” isn’t really helpful.


Right? I want to be able to highlight every quest location within 20 miles (or whatever distance unit they use) of my current position! Or just list them in order of how close they are like a ‘find nearby’ search on Google maps, I don’t care. It’s just annoying to decide to follow up on a quest and then realize that it’s RIGHT next to where you were a little while ago, but no longer are.


Oh man I hate that.

That and the underground thing foiling a good plan.

“Ooo! This is right next to that! I’ll do this one in the cave first……..ok……done. Now, where am I? Wait…..WHAT? The fuck am I doing HERE?”


Yes…or weird symbols on the map that you can’t figure out.

Did you get to the place where there are these little whirly symbols? I THINK maybe they mean a flying creature might attack you on that spot…? But I don’t know. They puzzled the hell out of me when I first found them. And mostly still do, except that a flying thing was kind of circling over one of them, so I thought maybe they mean that.

I cannot, obviously, be bothered to actually look this up. Puzzlement is easier.


I did find one of those! Like a whirlpool or something. I was gonna ask you what it was.

Did find a place of power last night. Such a nice surprise.

Ooo! And I did figure out what ‘vulnerable to quen’ means. I got that explode when breach thing? Chews through endregas. Killed three at once!


No, you got me on the whirly things. Let me know if you figure it out. I think it’s either something in the air, or something underground, because there was nothing there when I stood on it.

Good to know about quen! I’m trying to remember to cast it before fights, but I don’t always. And usually it’s gone with the first hit these days. Still, better fending off one hit than nothing.


Yeah, but that’s what rocks! Cast, whack whack BOOM they’re all dead.


I can see that being awesome if the monster is vulnerable to quen explosions. When it happens and the monster just shrugs…meh. But I will TOTALLY try it on endrega next time I meet some.


Chews through the endregas. Killed three and a warrior barely took a hit. Boom!