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Spoilers for Elusive Thief contract, random encounter involving elves and humans


Ok, so, as I told Buttons, played a lot of gwent, went to a brothel (cough cough…ahem….what? I find it kinda funny that the map icon for a hooker is a heart. Can you really buy love? Can you?)

I also did the “Elusive Thief” contract all the way through. If you have, let’s talk. If not, I won’t even begin for fear of spoilerage, and it’s too good to spoil.

I also broke up more fights for ungrateful elves and stared down a street preacher.

Not bad.


Is the Elusive Thief the one with the imp? I did that one last night, so good timing if so. If not, I haven’t done it yet.

And I did kill some dudes who were beating up an elf (I would have thought maybe I could just beat them up, but no), and he thanked me but grumped that it didn’t improve his lot in the long run…which is no doubt true. Especially once someone comes around to investigate the disappearance of the dudes I killed.

Then I went off to wrap up a couple of treasure hunts, poked into a couple of question marks, and called it a night.

No brothel–although I stared down that street preacher a few days ago. I liked the “what good are you?” question, which juxtaposes interestingly with the elves’ question of Geralt himself. Preaching damnation on the street, threatening/beating up jerks on the street…are either of us REALLY helping? Maybe I should stick to killing monsters for money.


That’s the one. The “imp.” Yes.

MAN good lines abounded. Speaking of which, have you gone back to oxenfurt and talked up that troll?

Yeah, those dudes and the elf are there right after you do the “imp.” I told them to get out of Novigrad, they were all “You hate us too?” And I said “Um, no, they’re gonna burn you” and they didn’t listen. Silly elves. I TOLD them I was at Rivia, didn’t I?

Where are you getting these question marks? I haven’t seen any in Novigrad proper. It’s why I’m wandering about finding brothels, cuz it seems things don’t pop up unless you find them. Trying to open up the map here.

It is a nice juxtaposition, you and the preacher and the question of how much you’re really helping. Though, that preacher hadn’t done shit for anyone. Sure, I may not be helping the elves per se, but I’m sure I killed a dozen monsters in my day that were killing elves. So there.

Speaking of which, what did you do with the “imp?”


I liked the imp quest because the guy explained that “it’s stealing small stuff, mostly–a piece of a fish here, an apple there,” and I thought “that sounds like me!” I was half expecting the description to be “scar-faced dude in armor with white hair,” which would have been awkward.

I told the doppler he should get out of Novigrad, and he gave me some money and ran off. I couldn’t see killing him for petty theft, even though “small businesses are the backbone of the economy and all that.” Heh.

I assume if I’d killed him instead, the merchant wouldn’t have given me only half the fee and refused to do business with me, so I’m wondering if he might have had some awesome thing I could have bought but now can’t buy…but whatever. Again, I can’t justify killing a guy for stealing apples, appropriate though it might be for the legal system of the time period on which the game’s world is loosely based.

I hesitated to tell the elves to leave Novigrad, even though it seemed like a good idea, because I figured if they had somewhere better to go they would have gone there already (it’s not as if they’re unaware of the bad things about their situation), so I just said “take care of yourselves” and then he got all huffy like “how am I supposed to do that? Never leave my house? Step off the sidewalk when the humans pass?”

These are good questions! They speak to a vast systemic injustice that I, badass as I may be, am powerless to address! Which is themey!

I didn’t have an answer, just sighed and said ‘farewell.’ I’m sure we’ll find that elf horribly murdered at some point.

I feel like there were a couple of question marks in Novigrad (one way in the northeast end of the city?), but last night I was doing ones along the coast that I hadn’t gotten to before. Once I’d left the city to talk to the troll and collect some ‘treasure hunt’ loot, I figured I might as well keep exploring. You’re right, though, Novigrad really just keeps continuing to unfold as I wander around it. I keep discovering new gates and signposts. There are all sorts of things you seem to have to walk right past. Obviously, since I haven’t found the brothel, I haven’t explored it in its entirety yet. I’ll do more of that once I’m done in countryside…top of my personal list right now is to go back and see if I can destroy those bow-dudes by the water, for whom I’ve so long been saving up my vengeance.



Hey man, it WAS you in the end! Geralt v. Geralt! You see? That’s the point, dude!

So many good lines. Any hero that, when encountered by a monster that has just shapeshifted into his double reacts with “Damn I look old,” TO HIMSELF is absolutely awesome. I hear ya, Geralt. I hear ya.

And a game that has the self awareness to have a line, in about the sixth contract you’re doing of “It’s always the same old shit…..” Somewhere, Edward Kenway is saying “preach it, brother.”

“Small business are the backbone of the ecnonomy and all that.” That was also awesome. I love this game.

I let the thief go, mostly cuz I really don’t mind dopplers. They seem like nice enough folk. They’ve just been given a rather odd lot in life. Shit, as I said, I HELPED the poor dude who just got burnt at the stake saying “I just wanted to live like you!” They’re ok. Stealing? Sure, whatever. Right, it’s just like Geralt. I mean, it’s not like these dudes are gutting farmers and stealing kids. Leave ’em be.

I told the elves to get out. Frankly, I’d tell that to everyone.

There’s also a city elf/country elf thing working here, a la DA. The Scoia’Tel, who I haven’t seen much of, are pretty dalish. Face paint, wear a lot of green, bows that sort of thing, and they aren’t fond of elves who live in houses and live like humans. So they can’t even really go find the scoia.

Eventually, I got to where you ended up. They basically said “Why should we get out? Screw you.” And then I picked the option you picked and said the thing you said.

Have you TALKED to the troll? Please talk to the troll.

Yeah, Novigrad seems to need actual, physical exploring. No hints as to where stuff is. I’m hoping that my quest related wanderings open things up some.

Kill those archer bastards twice for me. And enjoy what is probably a level three sword that they are guarding.


Their level three sword will be MINE!!!!

I did talk to the troll. Gave him some paint I already had, that I picked up somewhere early on and have been carrying around for who knows how long. Didn’t have a problem with him eating his comrades, which is where I think I could have decided to attack him. (“Big stew, always good.”) Desperate times and all. Advised him to paint his own Redanian shield, which wasn’t half bad. He was happy. I’m happy.

Now if only we could find this kind of peaceful resolution of potential conflict with the treasure-guarding hags!


And you should carry that cheap sword always as a trophy. Maybe hang it on Roach.

Love the troll. Breaks the boats to make fences to protect the boats. I painted the shield for him. Just shrugged and said “Ok, I’ll give it a try.” He loved it. I love trolls. So matter of fact. “Guard, boats. Need fence.” They aim to please.

There was a great side quest in TW2 where there was a bridge troll. You know how trolls live under bridges? Well, in witcher land, bridge trolls maintain bridges. So this village was upset that the bridge troll wasn’t doing it’s job, and you had to investigate. Turns out he was drinking all day. Things went from there. It got dark, but let’s just say the troll lived, people died. Geralt likes trolls.

Get the trolls to talk to the hags!


“Hey troll, there’s this hag, hangs around a box I want to see inside of. She seems to think I want to take over her territory or something, but I really just want what’s in the box. Don’t see any need to bother her at all, really, as long as she’s not eating children. Could you talk to her and get the box for me? Maybe offer her some drowner brains as a goodwill offering? Take some for yourself, too! I’ve got plenty.”

You could enlist trolls in YOUR service, have them fetching guarded treasures for you from all over the map. That would be so awesome. More than them serving the Redanian army, anyway.


Yeah, but they’d mess it up. “Trollololo talk to hag. Hag say take sword! Me pat hag on head to say thanks. Hag lie down. Other hags mad at trllololo. Trolllololo throw sword. Sword go far. Trollololo no find sword. Trollololo sad that he let white hair man down. Trolllololo drink bottle of dwarf water he find in box to get happy again.”

No good’ll come of it.


That’s a good point. Trolls may mean well, but they seem to lack somewhat in the execution. (I also like that his name was Trollololo, which is a nice play on ‘troll’ and ‘tralalala’ given that he’s singing when we find him. Assuming it’s a him…I don’t actually know how you’d tell, given that they probably all look about that ugly regardless of gender. Probably a female would have breasts, though. Everything female has breasts. It’s a law of nature.)


Well, I’m trying to think….The reason the bridge troll (who was a LOT bigger than this troll) was drinking was cuz asshole humans killed his wife for fun (I’d drink, too). They had her head mounted, and her head did look a little different.

I killed the fuck out of them, the troll got closure and fixed the bridge and swore off vodka.

I can’t tell if Geralt’s affinity for trolls and forgiving nature of dopplers is consistent. Dopplers, certainly, cuz they cause no harm. But that troll killed a bunch of people and ATE them in such a way that made it seem that wasn’t the first time. I painted him a picture. I didn’t paint for the shrieker. Or the werewolf. Is that consistent? Not sure.


It’s true…even though the troll didn’t mean to kill the people (and only ate them because he was hungry, and didn’t want them to go to waste), he still did it, and is likely to do something similar again in a similar situation. The thing is, it’s really not his fault. He was recruited by the army, with the intention that he’d defend against (read: kill) peasants trying to retrieve their boats. The army intended him to kill peasants, and if that backfired on them, it sort of serves them right for taking advantage of a well-meaning and somewhat simple-minded creature. It’s really the army’s fault the peasants are dead, not the troll’s. The troll didn’t intend to hurt anyone, and presumably wouldn’t have hurt anyone if not put into that position by a manipulative “chargyman.”

Geralt might have said something like “you know, humans are EXTREMELY fragile, so maybe don’t try to interfere in their fights again,” if he wanted to try to prevent something like this from happening again, but other than that…I feel like it’s consistent for him to cut the troll some slack. He poses no immediate danger to anyone.

Shriekers and werewolves? They are an immediate danger: they killed people essentially on purpose (if unwillingly in the case of a werewolf who’s not in control of himself, and without human-level purpose in the case of the cockatrice), and will certainly kill more people if left to it. They have to eat, and/or are operating under a compulsion.

We could definitely argue whether or not the werewolf is totally at fault, if in his human form he regrets his actions, and whether he should be forgiven, but I don’t think we can argue that it’s dangerous for the neighborhood to have him around. Whereas this troll is probably just going to sit there and sing.

Another major difference: the cockatrice and werewolf both tried to kill me, whereas the troll did not. If the cockatrice had sat down and had a conversation with me, I probably would have let it go too. It worked for the spirit under the tree, after all.

Also, yeah, I would have killed people who killed a troll’s wife for fun, if neither said troll nor said wife were a danger to them. No patience for that kind of thing.


None. They did it for sport. Uncool. Plus, the troll was HELPING the village. He was maintaining their bridge. And that’s how they thanked him.

And…Well…..yes…..but to play devil’s advocate, the shrieker was just doing what shriekers do. I mean, I always feel bad when some poor bear wanders too close to civilization and kills a dog and they kill the bear, or some tiger that some moron is keeping as a pet kills someone. That’s just what animals do. And we go kill the poor shrieker for doing whatever. So why not the troll?

I suppose he isn’t a danger. He just wants to sing. Plus, they’re funny. Shriekers aren’t funny.

I suppose the ones I have the least amount of sympathy for are the wraithy things. I mean, sure, they got a bum deal. But hey, Jenny, just because the guy you loved killed you, don’t take out your anger on poor innocent children. That ain’t cool.

The troll was just going to sit there and sing. And, as you never got to find out, that werewolf WAS going to make a conscious effort to kill that woman (“This will be a first…choosing to kill.”) That ain’t cool. I mean, don’t say that shit in front of a witcher, dude.

Geralt’s just easily manipulated. It isn’t just hot sorceresses. It’s funny trolls, obviously evil tree things that say “hey, man, put me in a horse. I PROMISE I’m not evil.”

On the hot sorceress front, I did go in and turn off Triss’ new look. You can toggle that and Yen’s at will. Kept Yen’s.


Hey, I’m tired of people calling me a freak and spitting when I go by, or attacking me as soon as they see me. If someone takes the time to chat with me instead of trying to kill me, yeah, I’m going to be kindly disposed towards them even if I really shouldn’t. It’s just such a refreshing change of pace! (And even if they DO later try to kill me, like the doppler/imp, I’ll probably forgive them if they surrender and ask for mercy. Again: so refreshingly different!)

Just promise you’re not evil, that’s all I ask. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. If the Shrieker had been able to talk, and had said, “look, I promise I won’t kill any more people,” would I have let it go? Probably.

Of course, then if it did kill more people anyway, I would have been extra upset. Just like I’m going to be pretty upset with Black Beauty if we ever meet again.


Fighting myself was pretty cool. And I did it without dying! I shouldn’t kill me. At least, not without standing in a campfire.

You’re gonna kill those archers no matter what though, aren’t you?

Yeah, black beauty kinda was manipulative, that he (she?) was. Much like Triss. But she’s hot.


Unless they turn out to be obviously evil tree spirits, those archers are doomed.