Some gwent spoilers, if you care about that. Also the singing troll bit. And the shrines quest.


So took care of a bunch of random stuff that’s now really low-level for me and made my way to Skellige. Wandered around, defeating all merchants, blacksmiths, and innkeepers at Gwent (except for 2 with really difficult monster decks) and took care of ‘Black Pearl’ and that Lambert stuff and one or two quests I actually got in Skellige.

The Lambert thing… there was something about his American? accent that threw me right off. I didn’t enjoy him at all, nor his bit of story. It’s an interesting alt on the witcher-verse (I won’t get into detail because I don’t want to spoil anything for you) but I did not like him, what he wanted me to do, nor much about him. I wonder why.

BTW; did either of you do ‘The Volunteer’. Made me smile. Especially since I’d inadvertently picked up the related quest item in Oxenfart in a previous selling-spree.

Still enjoying it, but Skellige scares the crap out of me since I expect every question mark to be a red skull. But so far they haven’t been so that’s good.


I haven’t gotten to Skellige, but we’ve met Lambert. I agree that I don’t really care for him. I don’t think it’s his accent for me, I just don’t like his face. Something about him looks sneaky and unreliable. Plus his whole, “here, come with me to get the money from so and so…ha, now I’m just going to kill him” thing. But he’s a fellow witcher, so I suppose we have to stick together, sometimes.

Buttons and I both did the Volunteer, and talked about it at one point. It was a fun change of pace. Like you, I already had the paint handy from somewhere, so it was easy to complete…although I told him to paint his own picture. He did a pretty good job, actually.


I dunno why I’m sticking with these witchers. Between him and Letho, not a great bunch.


Yeah, witchers are jerks. No wonder people fear and despise us. Huge bastards with big swords and super powers! Everyone’s favorite guy to have around.

And then when Geralt tries to improve the profession’s image by caring about children, all hell breaks loose.


Re: the shrines quest; I ended up telling those dudes that it wasn’t ok and therefore they attacked me and I had to kill them. Quest complete. It seems like whenever there’s an opportunity to ‘back down’ from a confrontation you two either back down or use Axii and I end up killing everyone. Makes me feel bad sometimes; but much less so when it’s presented as ‘Geralt’s attacked’ by them, rather than ‘Geralt can’t let them do x’.

Level 21 with over 20,000 gold (go witcher tax!) I’m going to stop taxing people. It’s leaving me with no merchants to buy from since I’ve already taken all their coin.


Level 21.

Dude…..you play fast.

We’re lovers not fighters, man.


Yeah, you’re on fire! And so much cash!

Sniff…I remember about a week ago when you were a wee little penniless witcher just starting out…’sunrise, sunset’ is playing in the background now…

We were just talking about our tendency to let things go. You probably did the Deadly Delights quest in Novigrad, with the brothel? How did you resolve that?

If you say you killed the person involved, I’m going to start calling you Bloody Buttons.


For some reason, “Bloody Buttons” skeezes me out.


Bloody Buttons does have a ring to it, although there is also something… erg about it as well.

I haven’t found/done Deadly Delights yet (I think). I checked my current and completed quests and didn’t find it.

Wait–I wiki’d Deadly Delights to find out how to kick it off and I’d already done it. Yeah; I didn’t end up killing everyone on that one. Deserved another chance since it wasn’t intended I thought.


So we all went the same way on that one. OK, it MUST have been the right call! And will definitely not come back to haunt us in any way. Ha.