Some spoilers for the Get Junior quest, and the follow-up to the ‘confrontation with an eternal fire preacher’ bit


Actually played!

What did I do? I went to Jr.’s arena and did that whole bit. Then went to his casino and did that whole bit (but could not beat one of those dudes in gwent. My shame.) Freed the halfling spy. Dykstra told me to go find Roche, but, as I was there, switched to the treasure one and did the whole bit with the sewers, and looking for the bomb parts, and eventually getting a name of the person that used the pool.

Not a bad day’s work.

So now I’m at a (main quest) crossroads: Either to the mansion of the dead person who used the pool, or off to Oxenfurt to see my ol’ buddy Roche.

As you probably did all this the same way, what do you recommend?

Also, did the dudes who were sent by the preacher you humiliated find you yet?


I went to the mansion first and took care of the treasure plot, before meeting Roche and pursuing Jr. I think that worked well–the Jr. plot has more of a dramatic payoff, so getting the treasure out of the way first lets you concentrate on that.

I did run into the dudes sent by that priest…kicked their butts, of course. Way to be holy, eternal fire people!


Ok. As long as the thing doesn’t lock off the Roche thing. I’ve been looking forward to getting back with Roche. We had some good times….good times….

Perhaps tonight.

Again, too, church hypocrisy. We had the body pit drug dealin’ priest, and now the priest that is hiring other “holy” folk to be vengeful thugs. (Indeed, note the similarity between the church and all these other thug gangs: drug dealing, making money on vice, tons of thugs…. THEMES!)

Now, in the Get Junior quest log, “Beat all three players at Gwent” is failed. Failed! My shame. It burns.


No, no, you’re going to do everything in both quests no matter what. They intersect a lot, but they don’t block each other.

Church thugs are the worst thugs. And the first time I saw them I even tried being peaceable (I mean, I out-worded the priest originally instead of just attacking him, I was trying to be nice), and was like, “OK, fine, take my sword.” Yes, I’m a sucker. Then I got killed trying to punch them to death, and obviously didn’t try THAT again.

I not only failed to beat everyone at gwent (didn’t even try), I somehow failed at “destroy the casino” on that quest. I guess I was supposed to burn it to the ground or something? I dunno. Anyway, I share with you the pain of failure.

What I really hate is accidentally stumbling on some part of a quest and then getting a ‘failed’ marker for some earlier part that I didn’t even know I was supposed to do, like ‘talk to so-and-so.’ I feel like I should be able to go back and talk to so-and-so anyway, you know? I like to talk! Don’t fail me for wandering!

I did some stuff last night, but found a couple of sidequests that seem to be glitched (or else I’m not clicking in just the right place…maybe a little to the left of the person I’m supposed to talk to who’s calmly ignoring me?). I need to consult the internet on this.


Ah, good. I like Roche. 

Oh no way, man! My Geralt does NOT part with his swords. I am ALL Charlton Heston cold dead hand with the swords. Nope. That’s what got those elf archers killed.

Which, again, is communication skills. I mean, Geralt should say “Hey, look man. I helped out what is possibly a very evil spirit. I painted a picture for a cannibalistic troll. I CAN be cool, indeed, I am USUALLY cool….as long as you let me keep these. So let’s not make the swords a deal breaker, mkay?”

Wait…what? I didn’t see that ‘fail’. I didn’t destroy the casino, either. I mean, I killed everything that walked, but didn’t destroy it. I don’t think I got that as a marker.

Did you go upstairs? Cuz I got “Play dudes in Gwent” which I did, won two out of three, then they “invited” me upstairs. Now, I heard them beating on that dude downstairs when I first came in, and them threatening to “take him upstairs,” so I just said “No thanks. Done playing. Not going up.” And they insisted, and I noped noped noped, and then all hell of fighty fight broke loose. Killed ’em all, talked to the halfling tied up upstairs, off to Dykstra. No destroy.

I do feel like that was duplicate work, too. I mean, I found the note at the arena that said that Junior was working with Redania, so when I talked to halfling who said “He’s working…..WITH REDANIA!” it was a “Yeah….and?” moment. Did I miss something? Cuz I feel the narrative payoff was the same in both places. Was this a game convention of “give them a fighty choice and a gwent choice to get to the same place?”

Yeah, “failed” when you miss an earlier step seems very harsh on that front. Maybe they could say “skipped,” or something less judgy. Failed means you had it to do and you didn’t do it. Failed does not mean you never knew about it.

Though that would be funny if you could go back.

“Hey, innkeeper. I’m hungry and wounded.”
“Why? What happened?”
“I just killed a massive monster in yonder woods.”
“Oh. Cool.”
“By the way, my quest log says you have something to say to me…what is it?”
“Oh that? Ok…here goes….THERE IS A MASSIVE MONSTER IN YONDER WOODS!……uh…..or there was.”

Some of these glitches aren’t really glitchy, they’re just annoying. See Wild Hunt hound in the basement. And last night, I did have to check the webs, cuz I got this weird thing where the quest was working, but it was leading me to the wrong place. I hit the reuven’s treasure one, and I KNEW I had to go down that secret ladder in the tub room, but the little dotted line kept taking me to the wrong one. So I’d search and search this full pool, thinking “shit, there’s no lever, glitch,” but no. Once I found the right pool, all was well.


I’ll part with swords, man. They’re just swords, and I’ve still got signs and punching. My Geralt is not defined by his tools.

Also, interesting point in your Geralt’s cold-dead-hands speech: that troll was arguably NOT cannibalistic, since he’s not human, so eating humans is not eating his own kind. On the other hand, we could certainly argue that in a world with multiple intelligent species, cannibalism should be redefined as “eating an intelligent creature” rather than “eating a member of your own species,” and I would go with that. I think if we lived in a world with, say, intelligent talking sheep, we should probably not eat the intelligent talking sheep, and from a moral standpoint, consuming another intelligent being could be seen as equivalent to cannibalism.

Plus, the troll is humanOID, though not human, so maybe we’d argue that it’s OK to eat…I dunno…Black Beauty, but not drowners?

Anyway, sidetrack.

Hm…yeah, come to think of it I don’t actually remember intentionally NOT playing people in gwent, so there probably were two different paths to that. Probably one was “beat ’em at cards” and the other was “tear the place apart!” In my case, I just got into a fight with the guards outside, killed them all, went inside, killed everyone there, and then went upstairs to find the halfling. With the reveal: he’s working for REDANIA!!!!!! Which was similarly unsurprising to me. More of an “OK, fine, makes sense” moment.

Yeah, the internet says in one case I just need to look in a different place from where the quest marker is, but in the other case it’s a glitch.

So I’ll just give you the following tip: when you go talk to Roche, he will at some point give you yet another side quest, called “An Eye for an Eye.” Do that side quest right away. Otherwise, when you go back to do it later you’ll be all “here I am! what’s up?” and he’ll just stand there and stare into space. With an exclamation point over his head, even, like “hey, this is the next step in the quest!” but no option to X on anything.

It’s unclear if this will have a significant impact on the later game (I don’t want to read any spoilers), but you’ll probably want to do his side quest, so just take care of it on the spot even though it means a distraction from Getting Jr.

It’s too far in my past at this point to bother reloading an old save, so I’m just going to hope they patch it at some point, or else that it’s not critically important. But you knew Roche (or at least, you remember knowing Roche–I guess I knew him too), so you won’t want to miss a chance to hang out with him.


But I’m so bad at punching! I’m just happy that arena bit wasn’t boxing. I was scared it would be boxing, without the ability to chuck bombs. Phew.

Though I REALLY need a thing of bear fat, and did that bear give me bear fat? No. How can a big FAT bear not give me bear fat?

No one sells friggin’ bear fat.

Yeah, I wondered that as I was typing it, if ‘cannibal’ applied to the troll. I guess I was using the definition of cannibalism as “eating people,” which, really, should be broadened in worlds with multiple intelligent creatures like The Witcher and Curious George. I certainly don’t think that the troll thought he was eating his own. Indeed, it’s sort of an interesting relationship: You’re sitting there, kinda looking down on poor Trolllolololo because he’s a tad slow, but then, he’s looking at humans as dinner, so who’s looking down on who? And, as he has, like 28 of them FOR dinner, who is superior to who?

I’m just glad that in this world, pigs don’t talk. Yum. Pigs.

In the casino…Ah. I Axiied my way in, so there wasn’t anything to that. The fight didn’t break out until I didn’t go upstairs.

On the fighty bits, in the arena, how come Junior just so casually said “Kill the witcher?” What did I do? Does that become clear?

Get a second opinion on the glitch. The research I did into the whole “where’s the ladder in the pool?” bit, the first several places I looked said “glitch,” and I KNEW it couldn’t be cuz the game sites would have burned down if there was a game breaker on the main quest.

Hmm. Good to know about the Roche quest potential glitch. 

Go back and check things out now if you can. Cuz there was a bug that he wouldn’t appear correctly, and it seems they may have patched it. 


I need bear fat too! And NO ONE has it! Even bears don’t have it! Siiiigh…I have multiple recipes here just waiting on bear fat. Who knew that would be the ingredient that caused all the trouble? I would have guessed, like, powdered meteorite or something would be hard to find, not bear fat.

This is odd, because when I went to the arena I just fought my way inside (again, immediately with the fighting), and then there were just some people hanging out underground. Nothing very interesting. Certainly no formal fighting, and I never even saw Junior there.

Again, I guess there must have been the “attaaaaaaaaack!!!!” path and the “beat them at their own game” path. Hm. Usually I don’t jump to ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! first thing, but maybe once I did it at the casino they weren’t about to give me a chance to not do it elsewhere. Did you go to the arena before or after the casino?

I just checked the Roche quest last night–nothing doing. He just stands there, sort of smiling, as if to say “welcome, my friend! I am thinking deep thoughts. Please enjoy my hold music, composed of muttering soldiers in the background.” Several forum mentions say it’s a glitch. I’ll investigate further, maybe there’s a workaround or something.


That’s the continent for you. Meteor strikes every day, very lean bears.

I’m also in desperate need of monster eyes. You’d think that something that vague would be common. I fight monsters all the time. They have eyes. It’s not like it’s “big bahamamama nekkerdrowner eyes.” Nope. Just “monster” eyes, like any eye will do. And yet….nothing.

As for the casino, Dude, you have axii. Go for the soft sell.

I went to the arena first, and here’s how it went:
Axiied my way in. They told me to go find Igor. Igor is this big dude chilling in a big chair. I’m playing cool, so I say “Here for work.” I convince him witchers are badass, and would make good bodyguards. He says “You’ll have to prove yourself in the arena.” I say ok, and off to the arena. I fight some dudes, then a wyvern, and then crowd starts chanting “Boris! Boris!” and the announcer goes “Shall we give him BOOOOOORIS?” And the crowd cheers, and out comes this HUGE (yet strangely lean) bear. Killed Boris, crowd is cheering, then Junior comes out all slow clapping. Tells me who he is, how he’s impressed, etc. Then someone runs up to him and says “Cleaver’s men are attacking!” And Jr. goes “Quick! Seal the gates (or something)” and then, very casually, “And will someone please kill the witcher?” And walks away, and I’m just, like, “Wait…kill the whatnow?” And all hell breaks loose and I have to kill my way out.

Good luck with Roche. You say this will not happen if I do it right away?


The people on the forums who say it’s a glitch, say it won’t happen if you do it right away. That’s the best I’ve got.

Maybe Junior just figured out you were after him, and decided in the midst of a big fight would be a good time to get rid of you? As noted, I didn’t get any of that dialogue, or bear-fighting, so I don’t know. Maybe once you finally catch up with Junior, he’ll say something to clarify. He didn’t say anything to me that would seem related, but then, in my world the first time we met was…well, that time that we met. Later.

The bears are probably off their feed from anxiety due to all the meteor strikes. Could happen to anyone.


What was really odd is that no one seemed to recognize me at the casino after the arena fighting. “Must be some other grey haired witcher wearing a kettle. See them everywhere these days “.

I’ll be pissed if I don’t get my Roche in. And Ves. Geralt and Ves were. Um. Close.


Ha! That’s awesome. “No way that can be the same white-haired kettle witcher as last time…Junior said to kill him, so I’m sure he’s dead. This must be a different one. They all look alike to me, anyway.”

Good luck with the Roche. Hope it works out right for you.


Ves, too. Ves was…um….well, maybe with Triss and Yen already around…and…um…..this is getting complicated.


And now Keira…and that girl in the brothel…this IS complicated! Especially if they all wind up at Kaer Morhen, comparing stories.


Oh shit I forgot about Kiera!

See, Triss must have issues with Ves, cuz Ves already HAD tattoos, and the first thing the PC modders did was give TRISS tattoos. She probably feels inadequate.

And Shani is coming back in the expansion….

Oh dear….


Yup. You’re going to get back to Kaer Morhen and have a lot of explaining to do. Or else they’ll all have been partying with Letho and Vesimir, and will just shrug and say “join the orgy.”

Hm. I could see that, actually.


As could I, but I hope I don’t. You stick to your Letho/Vesimir eye candy.

I’ll stick with the following:

“I lost my memory!”
“I thought you were dead!”
“She used spells on me!”
“You were trapped in a little statue thing!”
“She’s a hot sorceress!”

All of which are true. So there. But then, if none of those work…..

“I thought I banged her in the OTHER save file!”