No spoilers here


I’m level 24 and have done a bunch more. I’d like to talk about it with you but… even if I mention innocuous things that have no meaning, Mr McP calls out spoiler. What’s going on in your Witcheriness?

And I’ve broken the economy; I’ve over 30,000 in cash and I’m running out of merchants to sell to.


I’m level 16 and haven’t gotten Junior yet. I blame gwent. And haven’t completed Count Reuven’s treasure.

Have a bitchin’ gwent deck, though.

Man, how are you guys doing it with the money? I found a halfling herbalist and spent all my money. Got down to 242 gold. For real. I just found that person in distress that Femmy couldn’t find (he’s in Marbyville) and he had a witcher diagram that I COULDN’T AFFORD and it was like 688. Embarrassing.


I’m now 21st level and puttering around in Skellige, but can’t say much. I do have about 30,000 gold, and it’s a struggle to find people to buy the stuff I loot. And yet there’s so much stuff to loot! Just picking up smuggler’s caches gives me so much stuff to sell. I guess we’re supposed to also be buying a lot of stuff from people to keep the money in circulation, but no one has anything I want! Aside from the occasional formula or rare alchemical ingredient.

That’s my only advice for accumulating money: loot everything, sell everything, don’t buy anything. I got to 30,000 one cheap blackjack and pathetic suit of armor at a time, my friend.

I need to find that halfling herbalist so I can spend some of this money. I hope he has mandrake cordial and cherry cordial. I need those.

Also, Mabryville, eh? I’ll have to swing by next time I’m in Velen. Which I will be. Because there are still high level quests there I haven’t done. Ooh, I just the other day did the quest that involves the ‘chort lure.’ Have you been carrying the recipe for ‘chort lure’ around since about level 3? Because I had, and I never had any idea what it was for, but there’s a quest where you have to make it. And I did that quest.

Spoiler: it involves luring a chort.


So we both have like 70 hours in. 50 of mine are gwent and 50 of yours is selling stuff.

That halfling dude has EVERYTHING. He has cordials. He has Paula Deen’s fried chicken recipe. He knows the Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

Chort lure: YES! Yes I have! And it needs “fiend dung,” does it not? I picture some poor merchant there, jar of fiend dung stinking the hell out of his shack, thinking “c’mon, c’mon, get to that quest already so I can get rid of this….”


Yes! The fiend dung. Which I would look for with every merchant for a while, figuring that surely I was going to need that chort lure soon. Eventually I quit looking, because I never did need the damn stuff. Until I eventually did just now, but that’s another story.


I also figure that I should buy the stuff, cuz it’s probably ruining some poor dude’s business, and no one will smell it in my bags, surrounded by rotting flesh, drowner brains, nekker eyes and noonwraith heads.

Help the dudes out, you know?


You’re a true hero of the community.

“Yeah, he did kill a few horrible monsters and what-not, but what I mostly remember is that he made it safe to set foot in old Bill’s shop again! Named my firstborn after him for that, I did.”

I am getting such a horrifyingly vivid picture of your (my) disgusting saddle bags right now…


Hey, someone’s gotta deal with the stink. I aim to please.

Maybe that’s why so many merchants want to buy the trophies. “Hey! This decayed griffin head will SO distract people from the fact that I’m selling raw chicken without a fridge!”