Some mildly spoilery discussion about parties, Phillipa’s hideout, and the Cat School witcher gear hidden under the tower in Novigrad


Ok, so explored Phillipa’s hideout. Then went back to talk to Triss, and she wouldn’t until I did the bit where I talked to the servant and got invited to the ball, so I got invited to the ball and didn’t talk about Phillipa. So THAT’S when I get to go in that big estate.

Then I killed the white lady, got paid, went looking for cat gear, found a diagram for a crossbow, did a couple question marks, went back to Novigrad to get a haircut and wound up BACK at that dude’s shop with the trinkets cuz I had to sell maces, bought something that gave me a quest.

So THIS quest is level 9. Ok, thinks I, I’ll go get it done, check it off, it’s out on the east part of the map, haven’t been there, there’s a couple of question marks. So I fast travel to the herbalist’s hut, decide I’ll go through the forest to get to the level 9 (I repeat, level nine) quest. So I hit a mark, it’s a guarded treasure, level 20 (hmm) horned thing. I sneak in, grab it, run. I run, and this is important, TOWARD the level nine quest. The level NINE quest. And, right by it, I get “Quest Updated: Contract: The beast of Oxenfurt forest” and I say “What? The hell is that?” and Geralt says “Hmm. An Arch Griffin” and I say “An arch what now?” And this HUGE motherfucking red skull thing comes at me. I check the quest log. LEVEL 35! LEVEL FUCKING 35! So I run. I run towards the safety of level nine.


So I find myself standing in the yellow circle of a level nine quest, running around in circles trying to avoid a level 35 arch motherfucker.

I had to run god knows where to get away from it.

Then I inched back to the nice, safe level 9 and hit save. Now I’m terrified. Thanks, level nine quest.

Oh, and did you do the cat school treasure hunt? Cuz if you did, I got a question.


Damn. That’s way too much excitement for level 9. I think I have the Beast of Oxenfurt Forest quest, but I haven’t gone near it on account of it’s level freaking 35. That’s weird planning to put it right on top of a level 9.

Focus on the positive, though: you escaped, and you’re going to a party! You can wear the nice clothes you stole from the emperor! It’s going to be great!

I…think I did SOME cat gear quest, but there are about 15 of them, so I don’t know if I did the one you’re talking about. One of them is underneath the tower in Novigrad and I still haven’t figured out how to get to it, so we can’t talk about that one.

And yeah, that dude with the trinkets will occasionally have totally new and different quest-related objects, so I stop in there whenever I’m passing through.


Granted, had I followed the road, which the little dotted line was telling me to do (more that following directions stuff) I would not have stumbled upon the hugeassedevildeaththing. But no, I had to magpie, look for a shortcut, etc.

At least I got a good enough look at it to trigger it’s entry in the beastiary. Here, I’ll sum it up: “This thing can do pretty much everything and you can’t do shit to it.”

On other topics, I even shaved for the party. And got a haircut! I went with the short with a pony tail look. Gotta clean up some, right?

Oh, for the cat school gear my question was going to be “How do you get to that one under Novigrad?” I tried it two ways: From the top, sliding down, which led to several falls to my doom, and then by boat, thinking there was a beach, I could land, I could climb, and nope. Nada. Cliffs.

On boats, I have used boats to fast travel back to novigrad when I’m all magpie. I use the harbor there. Indeed, I’ve done this so much that the last time I did, the boats started stacking. Like, three on top of each other. They are now unusable. The last time, when the load screen was over, there I was, in a boat that was at a 45 degree angle on top of another boat, completely immobile.

Don’t be so literal, fast travel. We can be next to the other boats.


That hugeassedevildeaththing sounds nice! I can’t wait to meet it! In about 10 levels.

Yeah, I also tried going down the cliffs, and then taking the boat, trying to get to the cat gear under the tower. I also thought maybe there’s an underwater tunnel you could dive to, so I swam around at the base of the cliffs for a while looking at submerged rocks, but came up with nothing.

Stacked boats is hilarious! Apparently Geralt is the only person who ever moves a boat from one place to another. Everyone else is like “no way I’m touching that boat. Witcher left it there. It’s probably cursed. Even the wind and the waves won’t stir it from that spot!”


The red skull was really superfluous. HUGE thing with a little red skull on it. You see the red skull and your reaction “Why really? You don’t say?”

Good, glad you did the swimming thing, cuz I was going to swim and I didn’t want to. Better you than me.

I was going to try to make a huge boat stack and screenshot it to you, but then I realized that it seems boats are a limited resource. Once you move them, they stay moved, which is fine if you can move them again, but not so good if every boat in the game is stacked up in Novigrad harbor. Can’t waste boats. I’m already down three.


The giant boat stack can be your almost-to-the-end project, when you figure you only need to keep one boat available for emergencies. You know that would be a good screencap for the blog!

We don’t do pictures, and we really should. It would perk up these wordy posts.


I also fear that, one day, I won’t be able to get out of the boat stack. I’ll be stuck in the boats. What an end.

“Poor white wolf. He slayed so many monsters. Saved the world. Even killed that archwhatever. Finally done in, stuck, starving, in a stack of 37 boats….”


“Many of us attempted to save him, but try as we might, none of us could find any ladders…it was as if they’d all been taken from the bags and boxes in the houses of all the people in the land by some sort of ‘tax collector’ who was obsessed with pathetic and broken things.”

Oh, the humanity!


Your Geralt’s greed doomed my Geralt and his lack of nautical skills.

Or is it too much nautical skill? I mean, YOU try to dock a boat on top of two other boats.


I’ll go with high nautical intelligence, low nautical wisdom: good technical skills, but poor strategic application.