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Spoilers on some conversation options with Triss, the play, and the location of that cat school gear under the Novigrad tower


So yesterday: Finished up with the ball. Then went to talk to Triss about Phillipa’s crystal, but, of course, the ball triggered “Now or Never” which I wasn’t ready to do (I think, narratively, that’s a good one to do when I’m ready to bolt to Skelleggy myself). So when I got to Triss’ house, there were guards, and I said “Guards. Not good,” or Geralt did, and all of a sudden “Talk to Triss about the crystal” disappeared. Don’t know if it’s “failed,” but I can’t do it. So I went to Radovid, told him Phillipa was dead but I had no proof (cuz I wasn’t telling HIM about the crystal if I don’t know what it is), he said “Then we have naught to talk about,” and that was that. Quest completed. What did you do with all that?

So then all I had left besides Now or Never was the play, so I went and did the play. Which was also a whole mess of wonderfully awesome awesomeness. God I love this game.

I cast the veteran actors. And there was comedy. Which I think avoided a fight, cuz at the end some dude was all “They love dopplers! Burn them!” and his pal was all “Don’t you see it’s a comedy? Lighten up!”

Great scene.

Then talked to Dudu (heh heh…du du) and now I’m off to meet Zoltan in the ravine. And I hit save.

I revise my earlier statement: All games should have balls and plays.


‘Now or Never’ is a big plot point. I actually did that and then continued to putter around Novigrad for a while, but yeah, it does have a nice “I’ll do this and then skip town” sort of feeling.

I was never able to talk to Triss about the crystal either, but I went to Radovid and told him I didn’t know what happened to Phillipa, declined to mention the crystal to him, and he was like “fine, then get out” (or whatever) and I left. I think I still have it. I saw rumors on the forums that you might be able to ask Yennefer about it later, if you didn’t get a chance to ask Triss, so we’ll see. That hasn’t been an option for me yet, but maybe I’m waiting for a quiet moment to bring it up.

But basically, we did that part pretty much the same way.

Although I did the play earlier, and I think mine was a drama: it DID end with a big fight, which I felt bad about (killing your audience: not great for the reviews). I cast the veteran actors, and messed up some of my own lines because I hadn’t bothered to read the script (I hadn’t looked at that inventory for a while and didn’t realize it was there!–also, damn it, I’m a fighter not an actor!). So possibly the fight was just because I personally was terrible.

But the point is, it drew out…that guy with the name…and I was able to proceed with the ‘rescue Dandelion’ objective.

I didn’t do anything last night except witcher school treasure hunts. Figured out how to get to that one under the tower that we were talking about–without completely giving it away, you basically just go to the tower and then take the stairways you find in that general area that go down, and you should find the way.


Yeah, I sort of got that. I mean, she’s trying to get all the mages out, and out leads me to think ‘out’. I don’t really have that much puttering to do. I thought maybe I’d try to do a question mark or two last night, but that didn’t go well at all. It was a treasure hunt. One of those red body ones. So I searched the guy, got a red skull quest, and the first thing was “read the letter.” I said, “Well, I’m not going to read THAT letter right no…..WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT I’m dead.” Don’t attack me yet, thing! I didn’t read the letter! So I reloaded. I thought, “Man, I hope I’m not an hour behind where I was,” and was relieved that I spawned right in the boat I was in before I got out and found the treasure map/letter until WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT I CAN’T GET OUT OF THE BOAT I’m dead. So at least the third time, I got out of the boat and ran like hell. I somehow wound up with old friend trollololo, who is still singing. Decided to fuck the question marks. They’ll be there later.

Re: megascope. Hmm. Strange, cuz it sounded important. Maybe it will be. Megascopes. Megascopes always matter.

Oh I didn’t read the script either. I think I did ok though, except for the “Maybe he hid somewhere around here….maybe in…a….barrel of beer…..” That fell flat.

Comedy saves lives. That’s funny that that mattered so much.

No, give it away about the cat gear. I’m so pissed about it, you might as well tell me.


That is kind of awesome/weird that comedy vs. drama made such a difference. I went with the “let’s tug at peoples’ heartstrings and try to get sympathy’ kind of approach, but apparently ‘play it off like a joke’ is the way to go. Hm. So people don’t have heartstrings to tug? People have no sympathy to spare for outsiders? But humor is always welcome?

That would kind of fit the general mood of the game. Silly me, thinking I could make people think about the essential similarities between themselves and others! (Although some did–some were shouting positive things about Dopplers, and some negative, and hence the fighting.)

OK, so you go to that tower where it looks like the only way to reach the yellow quest marker is to go over the cliff (which we both tried), and then go AWAY from the cliff behind the tower and find a place where there are stairs down to another level of houses, and go down. Do that for two or three levels. It sometimes seems like you’re going in the wrong direction, but you should be able to keep turning back in the direction of the yellow spot: basically just go down whenever you can and toward the marker whenever you can, and you’ll kind of loop down and around. Then you’ll come to a place where there’s a little ledge out along the cliff face, and if you walk along that you’ll see a cavern entrance. Definitely off the beaten trail.


I don’t know. It is rather interesting that this game, as dark as it is, has more laughs in it than the average game, from Geralt’s one liners about small business, to Trollololo, to the play, to the pigs. Sure, most are black comedy, but still. Laughs are laughs all the same.

Which is odd. Cuz we’ve played more lighthearted games (Arguably, DAI and AC4 come to mind), and we’ve played dark games with no laughs at all (TLOU), and now this. And it works.

Cat gear…Shit. I hate when it’s so counter intuitive. The little dotted line spoils me, it does. But I guess a little dotted line in a treasure hunt would sort of make it less a treasure hunt and more a “go get treasure.”


Yes, TW3 definitely has a lot of funny parts, even while its overall view of humanity is pretty dark. Black humor is a classic and valuable coping mechanism, so it makes sense, really, that comedy would be a good way to relate to people in these uncertain times. People make jokes about things, even when things suck: it’s a way to manage horror and stave off despair. Sigh. I badly misread my audience, thinking they’d want melodrama and romance.

But what can I say, I’m not great with people. I’m sitting there thinking “I love grand, possibly doomed romances! [Touching Yennefer’s letter for luck] Obviously this crowd will too.”

The dotted line doesn’t really spoil me, because I usually ignore it…it’s always politely suggesting, “hey, this is the most sensible road to your destination, if you want to step right this way,” while I say “hell with that, I’d rather run straight toward the marker across 10 miles of swamp, desert and monster nests!”

Or, in a city, through 10 blocks of randit-infested alleys and random backyards.


Make ’em laugh! Always make ’em laugh! Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!

I’ll stop now.

Me am what me am.

Possibly doomed romance for sure. But I gotta say, the Triss bit did show me that maybe we have something more than I thought…. you always see the other side of people after too much rose….

I am a slave to the line. The line led me past a level 33 treasure map evil thingy. TWICE!


Yeah, I’ll definitely run right into the territory of the 33rd level evildeaththingie while ignoring the line. But those are the chances you take when your regular exercise routine is EXTREME JOGGING and sword fights to the death.

Also yeah…I’m kind of into Triss right now. Although lately I’ve been spending more time with Yennefer, off in Skellige, so who knows.


That’s geralt. Sorceress in every swamp.