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Mild spoilers on the Get Junior story


Don’t have time for a detailed report right now, but I read your stuff about Junior a bit ago.

Junior was a monster. Geralt kills monsters when paid to do so. He also kills monsters he comes across in the world. He came across Junior.

You mentioned returning to the subject of Geralt’s morality later on… I suggest re-opening the topic after you complete ‘Skellige’s Most Wanted’.

Level 32, 55,000 crowns, 154 hours in, all treasures, contracts, and side quests are noted above my level. I just hit up a blacksmith for enhanced weapons and armor, drank an ekimara decoction, and am now sweeping through Velen cleaning up question marks.


I don’t think I’ve done Skellige’s Most Wanted yet, but we’ll come back to it.

I was also strangely troubled by the decision in “The Woodland Spirit” or whatever it was called, with the ancient…thing. I’ll say no more for fear of spoiling people who haven’t been to Skellige, but…why was that choice so hard for me?

I think because it pitted my interest in finding non-killy ways to relate to monsters (as we all know, I never met a scary tree spirit I wouldn’t help get into a horse) against my interest in letting people make their own decisions (which actually matches up with Geralt’s ‘code of non-involvement’ for once). Perhaps we’ll discuss this later.

But yeah, I’m with you on Junior. I really didn’t see any reasonable way to not kill him, distasteful though it was. Walking away and leaving him alive would have felt WRONG, whether or not the game ever penalized that choice in any way.

I just hit level 25, have 67,000 gold (I just finished Master Armorers so now I can blow some money on fancy armor!), and I’m currently at Kaer Morhen doing…Kaer Morhen things. Have fun with those question marks!


I’m still on level 18 and broke and haven’t been to skellege. But I’m rum tipsy at one in the afternoon and am rocking a great tan.


I’m sorry I missed rum-drunk tanned Butch. I think I may have seen those separately but never together.

And Junior was a monster. I didn’t even try to look for a way not to kill him whereas most other times I might already have my mind made up but I’ll still examine the other options. Not for him.