No particular spoilers


So yesterday just mopped up question marks. Cleaned out a monster den that was red skull when I first got to Novigrad. The memories. Got a troll liver and a diagram. Figured that was a nice completion to the Novigrad circle. I am now standing NEXT TO THE CAPTAIN who wants the money to go to Skellige, so I’m ready. But watch: I’ll give him the money, and there’ll STILL be three hours of quest, won’t there?


More like 5 hours of quest once you actually pay the captain!

Nah, just kidding. It’s actually pretty quick. You’re on the brink of Skellige! It’s going to happen!


Dude, I realized, after I saved, that that was a distinct possibility. I mean, how many other times has this game scuttled my carefully laid plans? I’m half expecting to have to kill a monster to get a sail, and need a lure for the monster, then have to track the monster, then come back only to find he stole my gold and sailed for Korvir.

Because this game is like that.

I really am starting to think that Skellige doesn’t exist.


The Skellige is a lie! The cake, on the other hand, is delicious.

You’ll be fine. You’re more than high enough level to handle the reason they tagged this as a 16th level quest. Go! Go to Skellige!

The kids are out of the house! Do it now!!!!!


Don’t tempt me.

I would’ve done it last night with them around until I realized there might be topless mermaids. One always must be prepared for topless mermaids.


Yes…in Skellige, one must. Also smuggler’s caches, and the constant looming worry about whether Triss or Yennefer will be more angry with me once they find out I’m running around declaring love for both of them.


You two timing little thing.

See, I TRIED to be all open ended. “Stay with me,” instead of “I love you,” and it didn’t work so I reloaded. Don’t judge.

So really, game, you forced my hand, cuz if I had missed that….uh…..the blog would’ve suffered. I did it for Femmy.


You RELOADED?! You cheater! Ha.

Yeah, “stay with me” won’t cut it. Triss knows a second-rate declaration of affection when she hears one. Me, I went with “I love you” from the start, figuring that if she left after that, it wasn’t to be. And she did leave, and I thought “ah well, she’ll probably be safer well out of this, and I wish her the best…” and then she came back! Oh, the drama!

Seriously, though, we could have gotten just as much blog fodder out of comparing two different outcomes, you know. Maybe more. You can’t blame the blog for this one.


After wikiing it (my shame), there WAS a way to get it to work with “Stay with me,” but it was tricky and needed a very specific set of dialog choices with Sigi. I didn’t do it right.

Hey, if we’re going to compare outcomes, YOU get the outcome that doesn’t involve sorceress sex. Not my fault you charged ahead.


Yes…in retrospect, I probably should have. As it is, we’re going to end up doing exactly the same thing and having exactly the same ending. Ah well.

I’m going to put it down to “great minds play alike.” Because that’s the most flattering interpretation I have.