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No spoilers because we are very careful


Without going into any detail…
Got to a point where I thought it was my last chance to go ‘oot and aboot’ before being swept to the end game, took advantage of it and cleared all I could/wanted to. I found one last red skull thing to run away from and I doubt I’ll be levelling up enough to engage it before endgame.
Eventually took care of everything I wanted to, and I think I’m going to fail the gwent quest because I’m going to be unable to play with one person.
At any rate, I was wrong about having a ‘last chance’ to go wandering; had a few other opportunities, but by that time I’d made every potion I could and crafted my finest armour and swords and so…

I finished the game.

Won’t talk about the ending until we’re all ready to.


But…but how much gold do you have? That’s the critical question! Ha.

I think I’m not too far behind you…I got the (first?) message about “we recommend you make a manual save here, some side quests may not be available after this,” did the Battle of [the place where there’s a big battle], then dealt with those [creatures you have to deal with], and went back to [the place you go back to] where I’m now working on doing the various quests to prepare for a rumored final battle.

At 26th level I finished up all the treasure hunts, including the ones above 30th level that were still in red (they were not particularly difficult), and then even went to tackle the Missing Brother and the Beast of Oxenfurt Forest (your quest-breaking arch-griffin, Butch), which I figured would at least get me some XP, since all the quests at my level were netting me about 2. It took me about 8 tries to kill the arch-griffin, but I managed, and got…290 XP. Which is OK, but for finishing a quest 7 levels above me? The XP is really not in side quests in this game.

Then finally got around to wrapping up a couple of minor other quests in Skellige, thus clawing my way to 27th level so I could use some of the witcher gear I’d collected while following up on the main quest…which immediately started throwing levels at me as if they were free samples, so that I’m currently at 32. “Here! Have another level why not, take two even, we just have so many of them lying around!”

Oh–and I got to Skellige’s Most Wanted, which I thought was a pretty interesting way to make your previous decisions come back on you, but it’s broken on consoles right now (internet rumors say it’s a result of one of the patches), so I couldn’t finish it. Maybe one day soon they’ll get it fixed.

And I have about 88,000 gold. Which is the critical question.


Ok, I have nothing to add to any of this. But Mrs. McP’s back in school, so maybe soon.

Expansion’s out October 13th, so you’ll have something to do.