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Spoilers for ‘Black Pearl,’ Lambert’s quest to track down Karadin, Cerys’ footrace, and a Yennefer romance option


Finished the Black Pearl. Was rather sad about that. Effective. When you find out that he was doing it to help his sick wife and not just impress her, that was unexpected, and affected me more than I thought it would. Well done. I’m still pondering how it fits into themes.

Finished Lambert’s thing. Told him to leave the witcher/merchant/father be. Just wasn’t all that convinced. Junior? Convinced. This guy? Not so much. It’ll haunt me, it will. Also, pondering themes.

And did all of The King is Dead, unicorn and all. Do like me some black haired sorceresses.

So many themes. So little time.


You know, I missed the freaking unicorn. After all the hype! I mean, I saw it in her room, but we never…DID anything with it. Not sure how that happened.

I agree, the Black Pearl was sad. I felt bad for that poor guy. And it’s an interesting point, theme-wise…sort of with the leaving/being left idea, but in a different way.

I also told Lambert to leave the other witcher alone, since it didn’t seem conclusive that he was completely at fault. Plus, witchers are rare, and honestly this guy’s living the dream…ONE of us should be able to be ‘normal,’ if that’s what he wants. It’s not going to be me, right?


You had to say “I wanna kiss you” before you teleported, then watch her change.

It was quite a scene. Disappearing bra with sparkles. That’s better. Very rated M.

Yes, the Black Pearl was very leaving/being left. And similar, in a weird way, to the baron. The baron was trying the whole time to do thinks “that they like” to get them back. Of course, this guy was more sympathetic, as it wasn’t his fault he was being “left,” but the theme of not being able to reclaim what was lost is consistent. I have a feeling we’re gonna see that with Geralt re Triss/Ciri/Yen/everyone.

There’s also a theme there of “missing the good stuff.” The Baron and this guy both spent a lot of their youth away. When things were good, when they were young, they were gone. They missed, through choice, mostly, the times that they could have had, and now can’t get back. I have a feeling THAT is going to come up with Geralt, too.

One other thing that’s cool about this game is that it isn’t so much ONE theme or even one theme per quest. There are levels to the themes that don’t really reveal themselves until later.

No, no it isn’t going to be me living the normal life.

But it IS interesting, doing those quests right on top of each other, that they guy who chose to MISS the good stuff comes across MORE sympathetic than the guy who has built himself a life domestic bliss. That dude COULD have chosen to stay on the road witchin’ and killin’, like, you know, GERALT, but he didn’t. Yet the game makes sure we know he was a killer and slaver and general bad guy. We LIKE the dude that missed it more. The game makes sure of that. Wonder why.


Ah. Well, that was my missed opportunity. Always choose the heart option!!!! Ha. I guess my Geralt was still thinking of Triss. I’m glad you got it, though. I know you were pining for those sparkles.

The non-Lambert witcher (Karadin?) was an interesting guy. A really weird example of witcher-ness, actually, having gotten all involved in business and so forth, and with all these ambitions for wealth and a family life that most witchers seem to have given up on. If he’s a symbol of what someone with this type of power COULD be, is he a sort of “look, Geralt, you could do this if you wanted so it’s your choice not to” lesson, or is he the exception, the one witcher who escaped his normal lot in life? Is he something other witchers could aspire to, or a totally foreign concept?


That wasn’t the heart option! That was the “Let’s have a moment of physical fun before we die” option!

Sparkles and taking her panties off with his teeth. He’s a subtle one.

I think Karadin may well be a lesson. I mean, he’s plunked in the game relatively early if you do that quest right through. I wonder how we’d’ve felt if we had done that right through BEFORE we did the Triss bits. Today, our well liked post talked about how the future talking between Triss and Geralt in the love scene was so tragic cuz no WAY it could possibly happen, but now we see this witcher for whom it DID happen. If we had seen this first, would that love scene still be tragic? Or when he says “Us, lots of kids, etc.” would we have been nodding along?

Oh and I forgot to mention: I raced the woman who wants to be king up the hill and beat her. I was considering letting her win, but figured that might bring shame to her or something so I played it straight. Again, that’ll bite me.


Oh no, that was the “I totes LOOOOOOVE you and wanna KIIIIISSSSS you because I MISSED you SO MUCH” option. Admit it.

Karadin does make an interesting counterpoint to the idea that there’s no way Geralt could have that nice normal life he imagines. Because…hey, based on this example, he COULD, if he really wanted. If he worked for it. And, perhaps, if he were willing to look at a different partner than the kind he seems to like: sorceresses who have their own big plans and for whom settling down with a nice house and some kids probably seems just as unlikely as it does to Geralt.

Could Geralt find some nice normal human woman who’d be happy to marry him and live quietly in a nice house and raise her kids with him? Likely.

Do Triss and/or Yen want to marry him and live quietly in a nice house and raise kids they get from somewhere (war orphans)? Doubtful.

I raced Cerys, lost (wandering off the trail takes up a lot of time!), then stupidly died in a fistfight before saving or something, and had to do it again. Then I won, as you say, figuring that I should give it my honest best shot, and this time not running off the path. She was pleased to win, but I don’t know if in the long run it would have made a big difference to the overall story.


Sure. Suuuuuuuuuuuuure. That option.

Well, in Geralt’s defense, it must not be easy to meet women when everyone thinks you’re a mutant freak. Sorceresses are equally feared/misunderstood/shunned, so they have that in common. Hard to settle down in Novigrad when everyone wants to burn you at the stake.


Dude. You’re the one who threw yourself gratefully into Yennefer’s arms the first chance you got because you missed her SO MUCH you just couldn’t wait to kiss her with all the desperate longing of your loving, loving heart. I think it’s sweet. Ha.

It’s true, it probably is hard to get a romance going with people who think you’re a mutant freak (quite correctly, too, I must say), but if you act nice enough for long enough, people will stop spitting on you when you walk by. Right now when I walk around Novigrad passersby say things like “Thank you, Geralt!” instead of growling “freak!”

I stand by my argument that if he wanted to settle down with a human woman, especially, say, a war widow with a couple of kids, he could find someone who’d overlook his freakishness if he hung around being polite and fending off monsters (whether supernatural or human) and demonstrating over a period of time that he wasn’t going to turn into a demon or devour them all in their sleep or something.

Not that I’m saying he should intentionally exploit the desperation of refugees and suffering civilians, because that’s gross, but, you know…these are hard times, and if you can be one of the things that makes them slightly less terrible, people will probably be inclined to look kindly on you.

Of course, he’s going to outlive any human woman he hooks up with, and probably her children too, and I can see wanting to avoid the complications of that kind of relationship. I’m not saying it would be easy to just settle down like Karadin and live normally ever after…just that he could do it, if he wanted. At least as successfully as Karadin did, and to be honest, we don’t know how well it will work out for Karadin in the long run, given that he also is going to outlive his wife and child.


True, most of the people do get less hostile. And I shaved, so that’s something.

There’s still whoreson’s henchmen around. Someone should tell them about Junior.

Speaking of shaving, why is there a barber in Skelleggy? They all have beards. Loneliest barber on earth.

Witcher settling down: More themeage! This is good. We gotta go with this as we proceed.

And he won’t outlive them if he keeps stumbling on quest breaking griffins on Blood and Broken Bones. Great equalizer, that.


Ha! But the great thing about the Skellige barber is that he’s not even a barber, he’s a tailor who’s like “I GUESS I could cut your hair with these fabric scissors, if you want…” (unless you found a different barber than I did). I don’t know how he shaves you with fabric scissors, but I guess he manages.

Speaking of fashion, which we always should, we must discuss what you wore to the big event in Skellige. I wore the nice clothes I stole from the emperor. Again. Because I like to get my unspent money’s worth. I was SO RIGHT to carry those clothes all this time! Sweet, sweet validation!

And they’re black and white, which pleased Yennefer. Also, she said she liked my beard, so there.

Just go back to that griffin when you’re level 26, and take a lot of potions. And use aard constantly. There’s 290 xp in it for you! And another disgusting trophy.