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Spoilers for the Blue Boy/Cave of Dreams quest


Was going to do a level 22 quest, something about a spirit in the woods (which I haven’t touched), so went to a town, notice board, level 17 contract. Ok, cool, thought I. I will do that quick. It was the one with the lighthouse, the pentinent. Ok. Fine. Wasn’t so hard. I have superior moon dust. But of course….

Then those dudes show up, kill the nice guy, I get arrested. Because this game.

So then I have to go to the cave of dreams, right? Because this game.

And I did the cave of dreams, which I liked. I like those trippy kinds of quests. I liked the fade bits in DAI, too. Games need balls, mysteries and trippy bits.

THEME BIT ONE: So at the end of that part, Geralt faces down the king of the wild hunt (who, I imagine, he will have to face again). The king then shows Geralt his biggest fear, when he says “I’ll never let you have HER” or something. But he did say HER. Not Ciri. Now, it would be easy to ASSUME it was Ciri he meant, because. But it’s left undefined. Geralt is afraid of losing HER. Could be someone else. Triss? Probably not. But he DID lose Yen to the hunt before…. Very telling that THIS time he didn’t hear someone say “You’ll never rescue Ciri.”

Ok, so then I was lost there, so found a treasure.

Then figured out the Gwent guy is the DRUID. How the hell am I gonna play him?

Then figured that I’d try the “advanced alchemy” bit because I was close to it. Got the guy to make it rain, upgraded some potions, hit save.

Played two and half hours and didn’t even START what I wanted to do. Because this game.


Yes! I hated that, those guys killing the nice dude, and me getting arrested. I tried to save him, even reloaded to try again, but I think they always killed him. Jerks.

So yeah, trippy cave of dreams. Did you do the trippy bit with Yennefer in the castle where you were fighting the…things, yet? I agree, messing with your perceptions is always an interesting way to shake things up.

“I’ll never let you have her” is a bit vague, you’re right. The obvious reference is to Ciri, but it’s true that the Hunt also had Yennefer…they’re chasing Ciri now, and don’t seem particularly interested in Yen, so again, Ciri is the more obvious person for him to be thinking of, but then, it’s his drug-induced confrontation with his worst fear, which may not be rational. Hm. Overall, I don’t know if I buy that Geralt’s worst fear would be Yennefer trapped by the Hunt…if it involved losing her, wouldn’t it be more likely to be she herself telling him “I don’t love you”? Their relationship seems defined more by her being in control, than by him worrying about her being stolen from him by an outside force. Even when the Hunt did have Yennefer, they didn’t take her FROM Geralt, really, they took her and Geralt together. They were effectively separated, in that they weren’t in control, but it wasn’t a situation where one of them was taken and the other left behind.

Whereas with Ciri, his surrogate daughter, there IS potentially that parental fear of someone taking your child away from you, ‘not letting you have’ her. Still an interesting bit of non-clarity.

Ah, Advanced Alchemy. I didn’t stumble on that quest until almost the end of the game. It was kind of interesting. And at least now you know who you have to beat at gwent! Did you get the nearby quest about trying to make the silent guy talk? It’s about 20 feet away from the Advanced Alchemy one, so you’ll probably see it next time you play.


I reloaded, too! With different dialog options! We’re such bleeding hearts.

If you mean fighting the stuffed animals, yes. That took me a minute to figure out.

Still haven’t met anything anywhere near as weird as the bit in 2 where he winds up in a forest of giant mushrooms ruled by a giant chicken. This was really a thing.

“Not letting you have her” was a nice bit of non clarity. It may well have been Ciri, sure. But that wasn’t…entirely clear. And that’s cool. And he did say “Her” more than once, so it wasn’t an accident.

I’ve had advanced alchemy for a while, so long I forget where I picked it up. But I’ve kinda hit an alchemy wall (though I did upgrade a couple of potions I never use last night). So what the hell.

Haven’t done the silent man, but last night I DID do the bit where you have to help/get rid of the fighting ghost that never wins. Which I liked. I also liked that I figured out to let him win right off the bat. That was a fun little side bit, that.


Yeah, the stuffed animals. I didn’t want to say stuffed animals in case you hadn’t done it, but there’s really no other way to put it. That was pretty funny.

We just want to help people! If different dialogue options might do it, we’re all over that! But no…poor guy.

The fighting ghost that never wins…man, that doesn’t sound familiar at all. Nice work finding something weird that I didn’t! Maybe I’ll find it while wandering around doing expansion stuff.


The stuffed animals bit was funny. I have a feeling Geralt likes drugs. The sigh he made when they told him which herbs….”We’re in for a hell of a ride.”

I liked the nice guy in the bar. I did. He was doomed, though.

The fighting ghost is a quest you get from a random ! guy in the town of Hov, which is on the same island as Cerys’ stuff. The arena’s been cursed by the ghost of Uve the Unlucky, doomed to fight and lose for all eternity. It’s a fun little side bit. 2 XP, 20 crowns, but fun and strangely moving.


Geralt’s probably done a little of everything. I mean, you know, witcher…you gotta try stuff, see if it might make a good potion…purely from professional interest of course…

Maybe I’ll wander over that way when the expansion comes out and look for poor Uve. Having no actual quests to do, it doesn’t really seem worth it to load the game up just for 2 XP and 20 crowns I don’t need.


You watch. Those 20 crowns are all you need for the money trophy which is probably one of the hidden ones.


Good point! I am a bit shy of 100,000…


And won’t you feel silly if you miss it.